The Mighty Redcar S01E02 WEB h264-TVC

Season 1, Episode 2
James is being mentored by local businessman Ray to help keep him out of trouble. When Ray discovers James has been arrested for a crime he’s adamant he didn’t commit and could ruin his chances of starting a new life, everyone is hoping James gets the verdict he needs. Sixteen year-old Kaitlyn has a big few days ahead of her: she’s about to get her GCSE results but what’s making it difficult is the prospect of her and her mum, Kat, having to move house again. Safy is 15 and has been identified as one England’s rising netball talents, and her local club is trying to get her a scholarship at a leading private school which focuses on netball. It’s a massive chance for Safy but her mum, Aicha, knows that if Safy gets this chance it’s going to put huge pressure on the rest of the family.


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