Getting Closer with Alex Pall

As The Chainsmokers are getting familiar with the top of the music charts, fans are becoming more familiar with their sound. With hits like, “#Selfie,” “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Closer,” The Chainsmokers are well on their way to establishing themselves not just in the EDM genre, but as huge part of the pop music scene. Although longtime fans should not be surprised that the duo is continuing to evolve their sound, they may be delighted to hear a not-so-familiar voice on one of their latest releases. Andrew Taggart himself sings alongside Halsey on “Closer” and fans can expect more unexpected and changing sound from the band of two.

The Chainsmokers, also known as Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, came together in New York City. At the time, Alex was DJing with another partner and the two ended up going their separate ways. Alex continued to throw himself into his passion of dance music and his manager thought Andrew may be a good fit as the newest member of The Chainsmokers. When Andrew moved down from Maine to New York City, they began working on making music right away; it was a perfect match in both work ethic and sound. They began working on their sound and artist identity, something they continue to mold and evolve with each song.

The latest releases begin to really meld the sounds of multiple genres. Fans can expect to hear dance music, electronic, hip-hop, and pop. Unlike many artists in the dance-music industry, Alex and Andrew leave a piece of themselves in their music. Not only is Taggart’s voice featured, but the duo writes the lyrics inspired by their own lives, heartbreaks, and struggles. Writing their latest hit with Halsey, “Closer,” on the back of a tour bus, they produced it as well and the song is very intimately The Chainsmokers. While Alex and Andrew reveal more of themselves to fans, they feel that social media has allowed fans to do the same. They want to use both platforms to connect with their audience more than ever.