Vincent Parascandola & His Fascinating Career at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola serves as the Snr. Executive V.P of the prestigious AXA Advisors, LLC. The company is renowned in the financial industry for investing in high net individuals. While at the firm, he oversees most of the divisions including productivity, management development, sales, and recruiting. He is also responsible for the firm’s attraction and retention of financial experts. Vincent brings to the firm more than 25 years of experience in the field of finance. Vincent’s career kicked off in the year 1987 where he served as an agent. His outstanding performance led to his honor as the National Rookie in the same year.

In the year 1990, Vincent Parascandola joined MONY Life Insurance firm and was in charge of several divisions. His knowledge and skills enabled the company experience growth. In the year 2004, Mr. Parascandola joined AXA Advisors where he was appointed the president of The Advantage Group, a division of AXA. He was later promoted to be a divisional president. The Advantage Group is accountable for ensuring that the company attracted and retained the best talent in the financial market.

Being a guru in the financial industry, Vincent Parascandola has been lucky enough to receive various awards. His great leadership skills, knowledge, and prowess has seen him scoop awards such as the prestigious GAMA’s Career Development & Master Agency Awards. His knowledge has enabled him to be one of the most sought speakers in the industry.

Vincent Parascandola used to chair the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee, and he is still a member of GAMA. At one point, Vincent was the president of the chapter. Vincent enrolled at the prestigious Pace University based in New York where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He has always put his best foot forward when it comes to making decisions regarding financial matters.

Vincent Parascandola is a registered investment advisor with SEC. He is also a registered and certified broker with FINRA. Vincent is keen to listen to other financial experts in the industry which enables him to be on top of the game. He also continues to say that companies that uphold financial expertise are always in a better place to achieve their goals.

The Australian Branch of Equity First Holdings Relocates to the Heart of Melbourne

In late 2016, Equity First Holdings Melbourne offices announced that they had moved to a location where they would better serve their customers. The new offices are centrally located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. The management said that the new site provided ease of access to clients and associates. Additionally, due to the expansion and growth of the institution, the organization was seeking to settle in a place where there was enough space to accommodate their expanding staff and clients. They set up shop at 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Customers seeking to reach the institution can do so through the telephone number +61 3 8688 7191.

Besides their offices at Melbourne, Equity First Limited has offices in Sydney and Perth in Australia. The organization provides loans based on the stock to businesses and individuals of high net worth. The advantage of stock loans is that the capital acquired through this method is not restricted. Therefore, clients can use it in whichever manner they deem fit. The loans are also non-recourse. Equity First Limited has several offices across the globe including in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. However, it has maintained its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Their LinkedIn Profile.

Equity First Limited has continued to develop alternative lending solutions mostly by the use of stock. Organizations and high net-worth individuals’ stands to benefit from the services of institutions like Equity First. Stock-based loans provided by this organization comes with a fixed interest rate unlike in conventional lending institutions where the rates keep on fluctuating. Equity First Limited has an experience of 15 years and has executed over 700 transactions.

Sawyer Howitt’s Unique Experience will Benefit the Meriweather Group

Since a young age, Sawyer Howitt has been working with his father on different things for the Meriweather Group. While he was not officially employed by the company until just recently, he does hold a lot of experience from learning about the different things that his father does on a regular basis. It is something that Sawyer has been able to bring to the table as an employee and something that has helped the Meriweather Group tremendously with connecting to the younger set of customers that they have within their clientele. Sawyer Howitt has been a great asset to the company and continues to be someone who is able to help make the company better than what it was in the past without any input from the younger crowd that he has been a part of and that he continues to help with.

When Sawyer Howitt first started with the Meriweather Group, he was working as a project manager. He was able to make connections with a lot of the young clients and this helped him to make sure that he was doing all of the right things for the company. It also helped him to make sure that the company is able to cater to the younger people so that they are able to make a big impact with them. For Sawyer Howitt, a successful Meriweather Group is important because it is his father’s business and will one day be his own too.

Now that Sawyer Howitt is working with the Meriweather Group and the entrepreneurs who are a part of the group, he plans to make a big impact with the company. He knows that it is going to be easy to help people out because he is also an entrepreneur. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) plans to bring some major innovative ideas to the company and to make it better than what it was in the past. He hopes that working with the Meriweather Group will give him a chance to be successful and make some major changes so that he can do more for the company that his father owns.

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John Goullet’s Career History and the Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned from His Career Journey

John Goullet is mostly known for his role at DIVERSANT, LLC where he currently serves as principal. Now based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, Mr. Goullet has made an immense contribution to the American IT industry for the last three and a half decades. Goullet is an alumnus of eminent Ursinus College.

John’s Career History

John Goullet made his debut in the IT industry in the early 80s. In his first decade in the industry, he worked for organizations, such as The Constell Group, Computer Sciences Corp., 3d Information Services, and Tsr Consultants all based in New Jersey. Between 1990 and 1994, Mr. Goullet was employed with Cap Gemini America as an IT staffing account executive. As a brilliant and ambitious young man then, he used that job as a stepping stone for starting his company, Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994. He has since then led the company as CEO, and he has managed to raise its profile to global standards in the world of IT.

Ideamensch interview

Ideamensch interviewed John Goullet on the 3rd of November last year. He mentioned that it was his IT staffing experience that compelled him to establish DIVERSANT, LLC. He acknowledged the motivation he got from veterans in the industry, saying that he used their success stories to write his story.

Goullet’s daily routine involves a gym session from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. From the gym, he prepares and heads for office. His office routine runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m, apart from when dinner appointments alter the routine. As an entrepreneur, Goullet has to remain at the top of his game to stay at the top of the highly competitive industry. He pointed out that the pressure put on him and his company from other company makes him more and more innovative. He expressed optimism that the future of IT is bright and particularly for the benefit of DIVERSANT. He attributed that to the growing demand for IT experts and the key role IT is playing in America’s economy. Mr. Goullet had a word of advice to share with his colleague entrepreneurs. He advised that it is wise for an entrepreneur to keep track of what his competitors are doing. By so doing, he said that one could copy positive strategies from the competitors and in the same breath improve on his shortcomings.

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Focus on the Legal Practice in Brazil and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Legal professionals are well respected and admired in the society and this has led to more young people opting to pursue a career in law. In Brazil for instance, there are about 620,000 lawyers practicing in the country. A large number of these lawyers practice in the major cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In order for you to become a lawyer in Brazil, you must undergo training in school for five years and then sit for the bar exams (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil).

Prominent Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the most venerated lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has over the years managed to make a huge name in the country and even beyond. His law firm, Tosto e Barros Advogados, as well as legal practice is well known in the whole country. Ricardo Tosto has represented a number of big personalities in Brazil thus propelling him to fame.

Although Ricardo Tosto is successful today, he did not achieve all his milestones by just sitting down. He put in a lot of effort in his studies for five years and passed his bar examinations. He built his career from scratch having worked for a small law firm before eventually building his brand. Ricardo Tosto is the go to lawyer in Brazil and is famed for the way he treats his clients with a lot of care To know more visit @

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is among the top strategists and leaders in the Brazilian legal profession. He has defended a lot of public companies and personalities on a national scale. Mr. Tosto has offered legal counsel to a number of Brazilian companies and multinationals, politicians and the national government on diverse ideological views. He is among the pioneers who have seen the adoption of a number of legal high-status mechanisms that are conventionally used within the Brazilian law community.

Tosto offers guidance to his current partners, some of whom were his interns in the firm. Ricardo Tosto fulfills his duties of overseeing the handling of the most crucial cases, offering innovative strategies to the firm and leading the firm. Brazilian Lawyer has made a remarkable mark in the Brazilian legal profession as his law firm is one of the largest in the country.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Anything Seem Possible

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Specializing in in aesthetic breast and facial surgery she was named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar in one of their 2014 issues. She has also been selected for honors in publications such as Texas Monthly and American Way. On the come up, she studied under some of the best cosmetic surgeons the city of New York has to offer. She is fellowship trained in the field.

Since she was young Walden has been determined to be successful. After finishing her exclusive post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, she began her own practice in Manhattan. Her practice quickly became a success. She eventually moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas after giving birth to her twin sons.In Austin, she exceeded expectations and started all over again. It was hard to restablish her business after having her two boys but she found a way. the Westlake Medical Center is proof of that. It is thriving and continues to grow.

Dr. Walden is one of a few female cosmetic plastic surgeons in the world. She hasn’t let that stop her though. She currently serves on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She is the only woman to ever serve on the board.No one can dispute the fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leader and pioneer in her field.

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Bruce Bent II of Double Rock Corporation Offers Financial Management Tips through Money Market Funds

With investment being a critical venture for most investors, money market funds come in handy in the current generation. A money market fund is an investment docket that is not only safe but also yields more profits compared to banks. The primary objective of a money market fund is maintaining the service option of generating interests for the shareholders while holding onto the net asset value per share. The core purpose of a money market fund is to offer investors a safe docket for putting money. Money market funds can easily be accessed. It is an investment docket characterized by low-risk ventures and low return investment. Because a money market fund has low returns compared to banks, investors who rely on employment retirement benefits can use this investment plan as an option for long-term investment. This is because of the capital appreciation associated with money market funds.

Low Risk

Apart from money market funds being low-risk as well as highly liquid, this type of investment is attractive to investors because of the absence of loads, a fee that mutual funds charge upon joining the fund. It is essential to note that some money market funds provide investors with additional gains on tax advantages. This is one through putting resources in tax-exempt municipal securities through the federal state. Money market funds can also hold short-term Treasury securities through the United States Treasury. If the stock market experiences unpredictable trends, the money market fund provides a haven for investors. This is because the accounts in money market funds are mostly considered to experience fewer risks when it comes to volatile trends.

Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is a successful American business professional who is praised for his innovative ideas and financial techniques. He fully understands money market funds because his father was the founder of the first one.  This pioneer in the world of cash management has cheer headed many financial institutions including Double Rock Corporation.

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Tasty Treats that are undeniably Beneful!

Beneful provides quite a selection of dog treats that can be found virtually anywhere you shop for your furry companion. Beneful can be purcahsed as mass retailers such as Target and Walmart, local grocery store chains and pet supply stores. When searching for the best deals on your Beneful dog treats or food you can find coupons directly at Beneful’s website or with targets cartwheel app and

Beneful offers a large variety of dog treats such as crunchy, tender, meaty, dental healthy smile, hugs and baked delights. Dental treats are available for all types of dogs whether they are small, medium or large breed. Many flavor varieties are available for even the pickiest of canine companions. Crunchy treats come in chicken and sweet potato and chicken with carrots flavor. Tender treats come in beef, barley and apple or chicken carrots and sweet potatos. Meaty minis are available in chicken with beef and apples. Dental minis are available with peanut butter. Hugs come in a tasty beef and cheese for dogs of all sizes. Baked delight snackers come in peanut butter or cheese flavors.

Securus Technologies helps keep institutions safe through crime prevention

In the United States, few places are more dangerous than the nation’s many prisons. Although the United States has just 5 percent of the world’s population, it holds over 25 percent of the world’s prison population. This is largely a reflection of a violent society that has created a culture where criminal behavior, violence and general antisocial tendencies are viewed as traits to be modeled after.


This uniquely violent character of the American citizenry is reflected in the dangerous environment seen throughout the nation’s prisons. Many prisoners view joining one of the many organized criminal gangs that run rampant throughout the nation’s prisons as being the highest calling to which one could aspire in life. This creates criminal organizations, operating within the nation’s prison, that are highly organized, efficient and extremely dangerous. With dedicated members, who often times aspire to be nothing more in life than criminal gangsters from their earliest years, the gangs that populate America’s prisons pose the single greatest security threats to all of America’s carceral institutions.


However, companies like Securus Technologies are developing serious tools and applying them to this fight against the scourge presented by criminal gangs in the nation’s prisons. One of these systems is JLG Investigator Pro. JLG Investigator Pro consists of a suite of highly sophisticated, powerful technologies that allow for automated monitoring of all communications taking place on devices within the prison. The system is capable of monitoring all communications taking place at any given time. It uses advanced transcription technologies and artificial intelligence to monitor all conversations, alerting officers to anything that may be suspicious.


But perhaps the most impressive feature of JLG Investigator Pro is its ability to automatically prioritize threats, only bringing to the attention of officers those which pose the most immediate risk of serious harm to the institution. In this way, Securus is deploying technology that allows corrections officers to maximize their human capital, concentrating their best efforts on the most serious problems.


Do You Know Who Makes Your Juicy Breakfast Sausage?

One company that cannot go unnoticed in the world food industry is OSI Group. OSI is a privately held, an American company that supplies value-added meat products to retailers in the food industry. The company is known to be one of the most successful privately owned company that deals with food in the United States.

The company boasts of several production facilities available in different countries where it has a presence. These plants enable OSI to develop unique products that are unmatched regarding quality. The firm focuses on sources for meat products such as beef, pork, and chicken adds value to them and then distributes the products to retailers and big corporations such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks. Its custom food products are carefully made taking into consideration the taste preferences and needs of the clientele.

OSI Industries operates in 17 countries of the world and is home to over 20,000 employees enabling it to provide products that are preferred by most people. Lately, the company has focused on strengthening its operations in foreign markets because overseas markets like Europe and China provide new growth opportunities. This expansion is characterized by the recent acquisition of Baho Foods by the enterprise. Baho Foods is an acclaimed European food processing brand that has captured the Germany and Netherlands markets. The purchase of the company by the OSI Group is an indication that OSI wants to spread its business tentacles deeper into the European market. According to the President and COO of the OSI Group, this purchase is aimed at strengthening the operations of OSI in Europe.

Other notable acquisitions that OSI Group has undertaken include the purchase of Flagship Europe, another food processing company that focuses on supplying food service products across Europe. Closer home, OSI Group, acquired the Tyson Food Plant last year. The factory adds to the firm’s manufacturing network and provides the company with additional capabilities of processing more products in the American market.