Grim Dawn Crucible Update v1.0.1.1-CODEX

Grim Dawn Crucible Update v1.0.1.1-CODEX

Grim Dawn Crucible Update v1.0.1.1-CODEX

Grim Dawn Crucible Update v1.0.1.1-CODEX

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Publisher: Crate Entertainment

Release Name: Grim.Dawn.Crucible.Update.v1.0.1.1-CODEX
Size: 16 MB

  1. Update v1.0.1.0:
  2. [Major New Features]
  3. This update is primarily intended to bridge fixes and character data in preparation for Grim Dawn’s first expansion. The patch includes an update to the save format as well as various quality of life improvements and adjustments to the early game.
  4. Due to the changes in save format, characters played in V1.0.1.0 will not be compatible with earlier versions of the game.
  5. Debuff Status Effect Icons have been updated on the player HUD. They now display the Debuff’s effect, value and the remaining duration. Debuff Effects that previously only appeared on the player visually now also have Debuff Icons.
  6. Owners of the Loyalist Edition now have access to two ferocious new helms: the Pillager’s Dread Helm and the Helm of the Venerable Warrior. Both can be accessed through Kory the Keeper in Devil’s Crossing. Future purchases of the Loyalist Edition now also include these helms.
  7. [Crucible]
  8. Updated difficulty decription tooltips for the Crucible.
  9. Fixed an issue with certain player summons ending prematurely if they were intended to explode on enemies.
  10. [Mod Tools]
  11. Added PetBonus and Conversion support to Skill_PassiveOnLifeBuffSelf.
  12. Added additional entries to ItemSkillAugment.
  13. Many skill configuration options were added to Skill_Modifier.
  14. Skill_Modifier can now modify special animations.
  15. Added SkillSecondary support to Skill_AttackBuff.
  16. New weighted pet spawning options for Skill_SpawnPet and Skill_TargetedSpawnPet.
  17. Added burst pet spawn support to Skill_TargetedSpawnPet.
  18. More configuration options added to ChaosBeam.
  19. Skill_SpellChaos now travels like a projectile with a constant speed. Any existing skills using this template will need their velocities updated.
  20. Added FxPak support to Skill_AttackWave.
  21. Added a second initial skill for monster controllers.
  22. Added the option for ProjectileFireballLike projectiles to explode on a miss.
  23. [Tech]
  24. Shrines will now automatically use items from your transfer and personal stash in addition to your inventory.
  25. Improved functionality of AttackWave skills, particularly on slopes.
  26. If using Steam Cloud, character creation is now limited to 50. This limitation is a safeguard as Steam Cloud has a maximum file count per game and this could otherwise result in partial corruption of a stored character if the limit is exceeded.
  27. Fixed not being able to scroll on long skill tooltips.
  28. Fixed Lightning skills sometimes failing if the first target in the chain was an invalid target.
  29. Fixed being able to spawn pets on non pathable terrain.
  30. Fixed instances where skills were not benefitting from abilities that lower cooldowns.
  31. Lowered immunity timer for contagion type debuff skills.
  32. Fixed certain defenses being reducible by Total Resist Reduction that should not have been.
  33. Disabled scan for UPnP devices at startup if UPnP is disabled.
  34. Fixed components getting stuck in the Inventor UI when salvaging and pressing the combine components button.
  35. Fixed charge type skills from preventing weapon swapping when used on a target that dies before reaching it.
  36. Fixed an animation cancel exploit when using the controller.
  37. Fixed a DPS comparison error when using duplicate item skills.
  38. Fixed Veteran setting not being remembered in the Main Menu.
  39. Fixed skills bound to mouse wheel being able to be cast multiple times before the cooldown triggered.
  40. On the character sheet, resistances are properly capped at 100%.
  41. Fixed active buff skills not properly deactivating when unlearning them.
  42. [Game]
  43. General adjustment to early game balance (levels 1-40) on Normal/Veteran difficulty to smooth out levelling.
  44. Increased the drop rate of select Monster Infrequents from bosses
  45. [Itemization]
  46. Increased the base attack speed of 1h guns, a net DPS gain. This increase is more significant in the 1-50 range.
  47. Increased base damage of 2h melee and ranged weapons at levels 26+ by 3-15%. This increase is more significant at higher levels.
  48. Epic – Maleficus: replaced Armor Reduction with 60 Health
  49. Epic – Empowered Maleficus: replaced Armor Reduction with 170 Health
  50. Epic – Marauder’s Ammo Belt: increased % Weapon damage on granted WPS skill to 110%
  51. Epic – Empowered Marauder’s Ammo Belt: increased % Weapon damage on granted WPS skill to 120%
  52. Epic – Touch of Malice: replaced Armor Reduction with 15 Offensive Ability
  53. Epic – Empowered Touch of Malice: replaced Armor Reduction with 33 Offensive Ability
  54. Legendary – Barrelsmith’s Crossfire: increased % Weapon damage on granted WPS skill to 115%
  55. Legendary – Barrelsmith’s Salvo: increased % Weapon damage on granted WPS skill to 115%
  56. Legendary – Beronath, Reforged: Conversion to Elemenal removed. Skill proc redesigned. Now a granted toggled buff with a high energy upkeep that grants 5% Crit damage and 100% of Elemental dealt as Physical.
  57. Legendary – Boneshatter Treads: reduced cooldown on skill proc, replaced Armor Reduction with 50 Defensive Ability Reduction
  58. Legendary – Chausses of Barbaros: added 12% Chaos Resist
  59. Legendary – Dawnbreaker’s Duty: increased flat Lightning damage, replaced % Fire and Lightning Resist with 24% Elemental Resist, added 6% Cooldown Reduction
  60. Legendary – Deathbound Amethyst: skill proc now activates on Attack rather than on Kill, bonuses adjusted accordingly, added % damage bonuses.
  61. Legendary – Deathwhisper Leggings: added 12% Chaos Resist
  62. Legendary – Demonslayer’s Garb Set: replaced +3 to Blade Trap with +3 to Phantasmal Blades. Replaced % Pierce damage with % Vitality damage. Updated bonuses on skill proc.
  63. Legendary – Demonslayer’s Hat: replaced % Pierce damage with % Bleed damage, replaced +2 to Blade Trap with +2 to Heart Seeker
  64. Legendary – Demonslayer’s Defense: replaced % Pierce damage with % Bleed damage, skill proc now activates at 40% Health
  65. Legendary – Demonslayer’s Jacket: replaced % Pierce damage with % Bleed damage, replaced +2 to Devouring Blades with +2 to Nether Edge
  66. Legendary – Demonslayer’s Life-Ender: replaced % Pierce damage with % Bleed damage. Added 15% of Physical dealt as Vitality. Updated damage types on Slayer’s Blades skill proc.
  67. Legendary – Invoker’s Burning Hand: added 15% of Aether dealt as Fire
  68. Legendary – Invoker’s Shocking Touch: added 15% of Aether dealt as Lightning
  69. Legendary – Mark of the Apostate: renamed to Mark of the Forbidden
  70. Legendary – Markovian’s Bulwark: increased Offensive Ability to 38 and increased bonus Physical damage
  71. Legendary – Meat Shield: increased % Health bonus to 21%, replaced +3 to Mogdrogen’s Pact with +3 to Heart of the Wild
  72. Legendary – Mindwarp: increased % Attack and Cast Speed to 18%, removed % Cooldown Reduction. Skill proc now activates off of all attacks, lasts 3s and has no cooldown, bonuses updated.
  73. Legendary – Necromancer’s Deathgrips: renamed to Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips
  74. Legendary – Nidalla’s Legwraps: replaced bonus damage to Humans with 22% Aether Resist
  75. Legendary – Pestilence of Dreeg: replaced -% Armor on Plague of Rust with -8% Physical Resist
  76. Legendary – Pyroclasm Mark: increased % Weapon damage on granted WPS skill to 115%
  77. Legendary – Siegebreaker: reduced Health to 250
  78. Legendary – Sigils of the Executioner: reduced bonuses to Phantasmal Armor and Elemental Awakening to +3
  79. Legendary – Alkamos’ Touch of Anguish: reduced flat Cold damage
  80. Legendary – Alkamos’ Touch of Dread: reduced flat Cold damage
  81. Legendary – Signet of the Fallen: replaced +2 to Nether Edge with +2 to Phantasmal Blades
  82. Legendary – Skybreach Bulwark: replaced % Fire and Lightning Resist with 35% Elemental Resist, added 6% Physical Resist
  83. Legendary – Speaker for the Dead: added 45% of Vitality dealt as Cold
  84. Legendary – Temporal Tempest: skill proc now also reduces Defensive Ability by 50 on nearby enemies
  85. Legendary – The Final Stop: increased % Armor to 14%, increased Internal Trauma damage dealt by granted skill
  86. Legendary – The Untouchable: added 6% Cooldown Reduction
  87. Legendary – Trozan’s Ascension Set: replaced % Resist Reduction on Fallen Comet with 80 Defensive Ability Reduction
  88. Legendary – Ulzuin’s Headguard: replaced -% Armor on Ulzuin’s Flame skill proc with -6% Physical Resist
  89. Legendary – Will of the Living: significantly increased flat and % Aether damage, added 8% Cast Speed
  90. Legendary – Zolhan’s Revenge: reduced cooldown on skill proc to 1.8s, increased chance of Pierce/Stun Retaliation to 15%
  91. Relic – Annihilation: reduced Energy cost and target radius and increased the Burn damage of the granted skill. The actual explosion radius remains the same.
  92. Relic – Conflagration: removed Armor Reduction from granted skill
  93. Relic – Deathchill: reduced flat Cold/Vitality damage and chance of Frostburn damage on granted skill
  94. Relic – Gunslinger’s Talisman: increased activation chance of granted WPS skill to 10%
  95. Relic – Marauder’s Talisman: increased activation chance of granted WPS skill to 12%
  96. Relic – Plunderer’s Talisman: increased activation chance of granted WPS skill to 15%, increased % All damage to 50%
  97. Relic – Reckoning: added 8-12 Physical damage
  98. Relic – Scourge: replaced chance of Retaliation with flat Cold and Vitality damage. Increased damage, increased chance to Freeze to 100% and reduced cooldown to 2.4s on granted skill.
  99. Rare Prefix – Inquisitor: renamed to Runecaster
  100. Rare Suffix – Defiler: renamed to Venomclaw
  101. Rare Suffix – Ferocity: replaced chance of Armor Reduction with % Run Speed
  102. Faction – Adjusted values on 2h weapon-specific Augments to be double (or higher) of the 1h weapon versions
  103. Faction – (Potent) Outcast’s Might: replaced chance of Armor Reduction with % Aether Resist
  104. Component – Oleron’s Blood: recipe updated. Rather than requiring a Severed Claw, now requires 1 Chipped Claw and 1 Polished Emerald.
  105. Component – Vicious Spikes: replaced Armor Reduction with 4% Crit Damage
  106. [Class & Skills]
  107. Celestial Procs now have a shared cooldown on skills that summon multiple pets (ex. Thermite Mines, Wind Devils). The affected skills have received a buff to compensate for this change.
  108. Devotion
  109. Abomination: added 12 Acid damage
  110. Affliction: added 16 Vitality Decay / 3s
  111. Assassin: increased Pierce damage to 8
  112. Harpy: increased Pierce damage to 5-10
  113. Leviathan: reduced Frostburn damage to 15 / 3s
  114. Unknown Soldier: increased Pierce damage to 12
  115. Vulture: added 10 Offensive Ability
  116. Wendigo: added 8 Vitality Decay / 3s
  117. Blind Fury: replaced Armor Reduction with 8 Physical Resist Reduction
  118. Blizzard: increased number of projectiles to 10, reduced cooldown to 3.2s
  119. Elemental Seeker: increased the radius of the Seeker’s aura and eruption to 3.8, increased its movement speed and increased the damage of the eruption.
  120. Light of Empyrion: increased % Damage Reduction to 20% and increased Burn damage scaling with rank
  121. Meteor Shower: can once again be assigned to Thermite Mines
  122. Tsunami: reduced cooldown to 1.2s
  123. Soldier
  124. Counter Strike: added 12% Weapon damage, increased activation chance by 5% and increased Physical Retaliation scaling with rank. Energy cost now scales with rank, but starts lower.
  125. Forcewave: increased % Weapon damage to 200% by rank 16, 240% by max ultimate rank, increased Physical damage scaling with rank
  126. Rending Force: replaced Armor Reduction with Pierce damage
  127. Internal Trauma: increased damage scaling with rank. Now also adds % Attack Speed Reduction, scaling with rank.
  128. Squad Tactics: increased % Attack Speed bonus to 14% by rank 12, 18% by max ultimate rank
  129. Demolitionist
  130. Canister Bomb: significantly increased Burn damage
  131. Improved Casing: significantly increased Internal Trauma damage
  132. Demon Fire: removed Armor Reduction
  133. Mortar Trap: increased damage scaling with rank
  134. Heavy Ordnance: increased Lightning damage scaling with rank, now also affects The Big One
  135. Stun Jacks: increased Physical and Lightning damage scaling with rank
  136. Quick Jacks: increased % Damage Modified penalty to -50% by rank 3, increased % Energy Cost Reduction by 5% at all ranks
  137. Full Spread: increased Internal Trauma and Electrocute damage scaling with rank
  138. Thermite Mines: increased Burn damage scaling with rank
  139. Hellfire Mines: increased Chaos damage scaling with rank
  140. Ulzuin’s Chosen: replaced % Damage bonuses with a single % All damage bonus
  141. Occultist
  142. Bloody Pox: added flat Vitality damage. Reduced spread interval, causing the debuff to spread to additional enemies more rapidly. Reduced energy cost scaling with rank and removed the cooldown.
  143. Wasting: reduced energy cost scaling with rank
  144. Black Death: increased Poison damage scaling with rank, added % Bleed Duration scaling with rank
  145. Fevered Rage: no longer removes the cooldown. % Damage Modifier increased to 40% .
  146. Storm Spirit: is now a large aura around the Familiar, rather than a cast buff
  147. Nightblade
  148. Amarasta’s Blade Burst: significantly increased Cold damage scaling with rank
  149. Anatomy of Murder: added % Vitality Decay Duration scaling with rank
  150. Blade Spirit: increased Pierce and Cold damage scaling with rank
  151. Blade Trap: increased radius by 1 and reduced cooldown to 2s
  152. Devouring Blades: increased Vitality damage scaling with rank
  153. Dual Blades: increased Pierce damage scaling with rank
  154. Elemental Awakening: reduced Frostburn damage scaling with rank
  155. Execution: reduced % Weapon damage scaling at ultimate ranks to 330% by max ultimate rank
  156. Phantasmal Blades: increased Bleed/Pierce damage scaling with rank
  157. Frenetic Throw: increased Conversion ratio to 75% and Mana Cost Reduction to 55%
  158. Heart Seeker: now also increases % Bleed Duration scaling with rank
  159. Nether Edge: added % Crit damage scaling with rank
  160. Shadow Strike: reduced % Weapon damage scaling at ultimate ranks to 360% by max ultimate rank. Reduced Cold and Pierce damage scaling with rank, primarily at ultimate ranks.
  161. Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends: reduced % Crit damage to 35% by rank 12, 45% by max ultimate rank
  162. Arcanist
  163. Inferno: replaced Armor Reduction with Physical Resistance Reduction
  164. Panetti’s Replicating Missile: increased damage scaling with rank
  165. Star Pact: reduced Frostburn damage scaling with rank
  166. Shaman
  167. Brute Force: increased Lightning damage and % Physical damage scaling with rank. Added % Internal Trauma damage and duration.
  168. Emboldening Roar: increased Offensive Ability scaling at ultimate ranks, to 120 by max ultimate rank
  169. Primal Strike: increased % Weapon damage to 110% base, 250% by rank 16, 300% by max ultimate rank
  170. Thunderous Strike: increased % Damage Modified penalty to -38%
  171. Storm Totem: increased fire rate by 20%, increased the number of chained targets by 1, added Electrocute damage (this turns into Vitality Decay with the transmuter)
  172. Wendigo Totem: now casts Blood Pact without a delay
  173. Wind Devil: increased damage scaling with rank and slightly increased move speed
  174. Raging Tempest: increased Cold damage scaling with rank

– Extract
– Run setup.exe and install update
– Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
– Play

You need the following releases for this:


– Block the game’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
– If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead

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