Cold Waters Update v1.03b-CODEX

Cold Waters Update v1.03b-CODEX

Cold Waters Update v1.03b-CODEX

Cold Waters Update v1.03b-CODEX

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Killerfish Games
Publisher: Killerfish Games

Release Name: Cold.Waters.Update.v1.03b-CODEX
Size: 120 MB

  1. Update v1.03b:
  2. General
  3. Added in game recognition manual linked to Signature tab
  4. Fixed recognition manual anchor so as to say on screen when adjusting HUD scale
  5. Soviet mast textures fixed
  6. Kotlin now uses the newly added wp_sm2_shell naval guns.
  7. Changes to Default File Structure and Contents
  8. default/weapons.txt – removed weapon names and weapon description fields. Added wp_sm2_shell for Kotlin class.
  9. language_en/dictionary/dictionary_interface.txt – added new variables
  10. ReferenceSonar=Sonar
  11. ReferenceRadar=Radar
  12. ReferenceActive=Active
  13. ReferencePassive=Passive
  14. ReferenceTowed=Towed
  15. ReferenceVeryQuiet=Very Quiet
  16. ReferenceSemiQuiet=Semi-Quiet
  17. ReferenceQuiet=Quiet
  18. ReferenceSemiNoisy=Semi-Noisy
  19. ReferenceNoisy=Noisy
  20. ReferenceVeryNoisy=Very Noisy
  21. FrequencyAbbreviated=F
  22. language_en/sensors/sensors.txt – restructured the entire file to:
  23. sensor_reference=sensor_display_name=sensor_description
  24. language_en/weapon/depth_weapon_display_names.txt – this is a new file for other weapons using the format:
  25. weapon_reference=weapon_display_name=weapon_description
  26. hud/default.txt – added new variables
  27. [Other Panels]
  28. SignatureIconColor=65,173,77,255
  29. SignatureIconNext=hud/default/arrow_next.png
  30. SignatureIconPrev=hud/default/arrow_prev.png
  31. SignatureIconSelect=hud/default/checkbox_filled.png
  32. [Recognition Manual]
  33. UnitReferenceMain=hud/default/unit_ref_main.png
  34. UnitReferenceSecondary=hud/default/unit_ref_info_window.png
  35. UnitReferenceTab=hud/default/unit_ref_tab.png
  36. UnitReferenceTextColor=0,0,0,255
  37. UnitReferenceTextHighlightColor=maroon
  38. UnitReferenceIconColor=100,100,100,255
  39. UnitReferenceIconNext=hud/default/arrow_next.png
  40. UnitReferenceIconPrev=hud/default/arrow_prev.png
  41. UnitReferenceIconSelect=hud/default/checkbox_filled.png
  42. UnitReferenceIconHighlightMarker=hud/default/arrow_next.png
  43. [HUD LAYOUT]
  44. UpperRightRecognitionManual=0,0
  45. default/vessels/profile – new folder containing all ship profile images
  46. Update 1.02b:
  47. General
  48. Fixed more typos
  49. Fixed bad missile references for Delta III and IV
  50. Added missing whiskey, kilo and romeo profiles to all single missions
  51. hud/default.txt corrected TorpedoTube to TorpedoTubeUnselected
  52. Added Kresta I profile to Single Missions that were missing it
  53. Removed GUI camera depth swapping on opening Help which might solve unresponsive buttons in port
  54. Reykjavik materials fixed
  55. Terrain textures updated
  56. Winter trees updated
  57. Added “Apply” to resolution setting to refresh screen
  58. Truncated Andizhan Mod display name
  59. Combat
  60. Can no longer throw SEALs overboard by clicking on their icon in stores panel
  61. Reactor SCRAM should no longer cause player to continue at -7 knots
  62. Wire icon no longer disappears when opening panels
  63. Noisemakers on board decreases correctly when one dropped while stores panel open
  64. Restored warheads to original (higher) values
  65. Signature profile buttons moved out of profile and given icons
  66. Correct signature profile auto-displayed if contact classified
  67. Contact names keep their initial designation plus the vessel class
  68. Force all sensor data off for sunken AI vessels
  69. Fixed contact master contact names briefly displaying Los Angeles on master upgrade
  70. AI subs must maintain contact to continue wire guiding torpedoes
  71. Further optimised and improved missile pop-up
  72. Heavily flooding submarines should no longer fire torpedoes
  73. Merchants no longer considered a “nearby vessel” when leaving combat
  74. Campaign
  75. Fixed EnemyUnitMissionCritical parameters in LANDING_FORCE missions for 84 campaign causing sinking of all transports to not win the mission.
  76. “Mission deployment zone nearby” message added to briefings to clarify when you are on an actual insertion or land strike mission vs a general encounter
  77. SEALs can no longer be captured, if you deploy them, they succeed
  78. Home port locaton larger and marked in green on Strategic Map
  79. campaign_data new variable PlayerPositionOnLeavePort=-242,-154, places player sub at consistent position when leaving port
  80. Save hull status on enting port so as damage not re-applied of an event occurs while in port
  81. Archangel insertion mission fixed in order to generate terrain correctly
  82. Auto-enter port once in close proximity
  83. Added colour coding to INSERTION and LAND_STRIKE mission orders to prompt when required weapons/SEALs are on board
  84. Added Brief button to strategic map to open briefing
  85. Destroyed torpedo tubes not destroyed in next combat (works for us)
  86. Near deployment zone message in briefing displays only at actual combat misison (insertion or land strike)
  87. Update v1.01b:
  88. General
  89. Unit Reference and Vessel Selection navigation arrows
  90. Option: Hide Low Sol. Contacts, added “in 3D” to clarify
  91. Soviet weapon sprites added
  92. Updated Narwhal description
  93. Fixed numerous typos
  94. Combat
  95. Camera movement deactivated when in full screen tactical map
  96. Zoom out key no longer leaves periscope view
  97. Decoys no longer count as weapons when leaving combat
  98. Leave combat nearby vessels simplified to check < 15KYD, not sinking and not a whale
  99. Weapons.txt new variable: WireBreakOnLaunchProbability
  100. Weapons.txt new variable: WireBreakSpeedThreshold, 10% per kn over threshold, checked every 5 sec
  101. AI subs suffer wire break on launch
  102. AI weapon systems disabled on sunk
  103. Expanded depth mask width for ultra-wide displays
  104. Missile pop-up improved
  105. Firing VLS no longer subtracts from internal stores
  106. MADDetectionRangeInYards=1000 added to config.txt
  107. Fixed min-map proportions for various HUD scale values
  108. Weapon warhead sizes reduced
  109. config.txt added NearbyVesselMinDistance=15000 for leaving combat threshold
  110. config.txt added NearbyWeaponMinDistance=10000 for leaving combat threshold
  111. config.txt added NearbyAircraftMinDistance=10000 for leaving combat threshold
  112. Mini-map “zoomable” area now matches mini-map size
  113. Abandon ship now always available to leave combat, but no chance for survival if below escape depth
  114. Stores now correctly display number of weapons if open when firing
  115. Fixed a bug (screechSound) where ships would not get flagged as sunk causing them to still attack/move
  116. Fixed an internal error when empty tube got knocked out
  117. Knocking out an already KO’ed tube no longer generates generic tube damaged message
  118. Campaign
  119. Noisemakers replenished on entering port
  120. Hull damage auto-repaired on entering port (time = % damage * repairPenalty * difficultyModifier)
  121. Added black mask behind map for non- 16:9 aspect ratios
  122. Repairing Tubes in port restores tubes for use
  123. Fixed a bug where noisemakers in play at end of combat break next mission/event flow
  124. Fixed erroneous nautical mile range calculations for enemy recon planes and airbases
  125. Might have fixed port/briefing buttons not responding (needs verifying)
  126. Force task force de-activation immediately after Action Report to prevent possible re-engagement
  127. Pressing Continue Key (space) pauses strategic map
  128. Submarine only groups do not get escorting aircraft
  129. Combat start depths changed to 50,150,600
  130. Fixed general campaign missions with bad parameters
  131. Insertion missions removed fixed wing aircraft
  132. Sonobarriers removed from ports since undetectable and not fun

– Extract
– Run setup.exe and install update
– Play

You need the following releases for this :


– Block the game’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
– If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead

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