A Look At How Patty Rocklage Has Dedicated Her Life To Helping Others

Patty Rocklage is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She earned her degree as a Psychotherapist at USC in 1981 and now practices as a Marriage & Family Therapist in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is known for her warm style of communication which puts her clients at ease and in the frame of mind to work on their issues and life struggles. Patty Rocklage helps all sorts of clients including individuals, couples, and families who are going through troubled times and need somebody like Patty Rocklage to help them identify issues and get them back onto a better path.

Even outside of her practice, Patty Rocklage enjoys helping others. A recent example of this occurred when she and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., were visited by a former head of the chemistry department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were approached by Sylvia Ceyer because Dr. Scott Rocklage is a graduate of their chemistry Ph.D. program. MIT needed help renovating two of the labs at the university, those for nanotechnology and chemistry. As both Patty and Scott knew of the important, life-saving work they do at these labs they didn’t hesitate in offering to pay for the needed renovations. When the project was completed in July 2016, both Patty and Scott were given a tour of the new labs and then led into their vestibule. At the vestibule, Patty and Scott’s contribution was acknowledged by speeches and a plaque was unveiled which acknowledged their charity that made the renovation possible.

Patty Rocklage also enjoys taking care of her family. She recently agreed to have their entire pattyrocklage.yolasite.com featured on the blog of the company who did the work. There were a number of issues in their home that needed to be corrected, one of which was that guests could never find the front door and usually ended up walking into their barn. Another big issue was that the kitchen felt completely detached from the rest of the home. Patty watched over the project as a large part of their home was ripped down to the studs and replaced.


JeanMarie Guenot, The President of Amphivena Therapeutics

Jeanmarie Guenot has a portfolio with twenty years of experience. She has been in the field of the biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical acquiring vast experience. Guenot got her Ph.D. from the University of California. She also attended the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her MBA from The Wharton School. Her experience is in many areas. She has worked in private sectors and public areas. She has helped in Venture Capital, Corporate, Project Management and Alliance Management and Pharmaceutical R & D.

She has worked in various positions before giving her first class services to Amphivena Therapeutics. Guenot has offered her advisory services to Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai. She is also a businesswoman, and she is the founder a startup company called SKS Ocular. She worked with the company in many areas such as release and delivery of ocular drugs, macular degeneration, glaucoma and inflammation of ocular. She is a winner of several awards and recognitions on guenotllc.com. For example, she was awarded the Bio Network Award for innovation in 2005.

At the moment she made a decision to offer services to Amphivena Therapeutics. Jeanmarie Guenot is also the president of the firm. It is a company that has succeeded for now. It has specialized in researching and coming up with ways to combat blood cancer. The firm began in 2013, and its headquarters are in San Francisco California. The business was established to ensure that patients can have healthy lives since cancer is a disease that is life-threatening. Therapies are contacted so as to do away with the blood cancers.

Through the services, the immune system of the patient can destroy the cells that are cancerous. The organization has achieved a lot since it began. It is because of excellent leadership of passionate and strong willed lady that the company has helped many cancer patients who would have died if they were not given the proper attention. The company also made a deal with Janssen Biotech, and it became successful on amphivena.com. Janssen Biotech was pleased with the achievements and released payments to the enterprise. With the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot, there is no doubt that the corporation will continue excelling.

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Malini Saba: An Advocate For Women

Humanity has had a history of being oppressive. For one thing, they are very oppressive to people that are in lower places. The world is especially oppressive to women. Malini Saba knows first hand the oppression that she has faced from the power hungry and others that are on a power trip. Malini Saba did not let her financial situation or her gender decide on what she is able to do. She has taken the time to seek out professional advice from investment bankers. She has learned as much as she can from them so that she can make her first investment.

She has eventually made enough from her investments in order to set up a nonprofit organization for women. Her organization is called Stree: Global Investments In Women. She uses the financial institution in order to help women gain the tools and the resources they need in order to move forward with the goals they have. One thing that she wants to do is help women build up their lives. Among the tools that she offers women is knowledge.

She has fought hard to bring her life to a more comfortable level. For this reason, she has the desire to let other women know that it is possible for them to rise above their circumstances even if there is fierce opposition against them.

One thing that is certain is that certain groups of people have to fight harder in order to succeed. Women are a prime example of hard fighters when it comes to success. For one thing, a lot of men in the industries tend to be power hungry. Women often have to put up with a lot of incidents which include sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination on the basis of their gender. While this is frustrating, women could overcome and make a successful life for themselves.

The Career & Philanthropy Of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is one of the world’s top investors and philanthropists of the South Asia origin.

She serves as the current chairmen at Saban and has been with the company for over 20 years. Saban has retained varied investment interests in technology companies in the United States, oil and gas in China and real estate in Australia and India.

Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia, and grew up in Austrailia. When she was 19, she moved to the United States – with just $200.
She married a Stanford student and was able to attend lectures at the university for free. She was interested in investment and business. She made her way into gatherings – where investment bankers were around. She started saving up money over the years and eventually, got to take some of the investment bankers’ advice, to slowly start investing in sectors like telecommunications, commodities, and real estate. After which, she became one of the most respected and successful investors in her field.

In 2000, Saba started Stree – a Palo Alto, California, based, non-profit organization to help battered women and young girls around the world. At its launch, Bill Clinton was the guest of honor. Stree is aimed at changing the way low-income and at-risk women and children see themselves, and their roles in society. It provides a means for a woman to access healthcare, legal empowerment and provide a forum for the grassroots movement to connect with public policy in Africa, Central America, Inda and Eastern Europe.
Over the next 10 years, her career has ventured in real estate at the next level.

She has been honored to receive the Ambassador of Peace award in 2007, the Philanthropist of the Year award in 2005, 2004, the Kalpana Chawla Outstanding Woman of the Year Award in 2005, the Mother Theresa Award in 2004, and the Entrepreneur of the year award in 2001.
Saba is a board member of the Stanford Cancer Center, Relief Foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation, and ARC.
She stands up and fights for children, civil rights & social action, economic empowerment, human rights, and poverty alleviation.

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