Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Have the Best Job Around

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Love More than Just Wine

Wine is not the only passion of Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. In fact, the Wine Guides admit loving quite a few aspects of Napa Valley aside from the wine. They love the Napa Art Walk; they also take time to enjoy the Napa Valley Historical Society. They even explore the terrain of the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Yes, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are vivacious about many aspects of Napa Valley and life, but that does not detract from the love of their job and wine.

Benefits of Being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

One need not question why Wine Guides are so in- love with their jobs. Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have perhaps the best job around. This job provides ample flexibility allowing an employee to work as much or as little as they want depending upon the need. This is ideal for mothers caring for younger children. Another unconventional benefit of employment as a Wine Guide is the ability to sample and sell one of the best products the market. Who does not love wine? Sampling wine at work seems like ideal perk.

How does the model work?

Individuals interested in the position are paired with a local leader who provides information about Traveling Vineyards and the role of a Wine Guide. Once an individual has decided to accept employment he/she will visit the Traveling Room, an online training room, that teaches all about the business and how to market the product. Guides have opportunities to attend conferences to network and build skills. Wine Guides receive two kits essential to success. 1. The Summology Kit provides information about ways to taste wines, the ways wines are blended, and ways to combine wines with foods and festivities. 2. A Success Kit is sent to guides; it includes two sampling sets including 5 bottles of wine, tasting glasses, a case, a bottle carrier, forms and paperwork, and about Traveling information cheat sheet.

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