Make Moves with Meriwether Group and Sawyer Howitt

The Meriwether Group is a full-spectrum consulting agency dedicated to growing startups and enhancing existing businesses. The company was founded with the vision of assisting disruptive companies to survive in the marketplace. They have growth and development plans for entrepreneurs with resources under their umbrella like marketing and sales, manufacturing, financing, and publishing. When a new business is born, it goes through a series of transformations with the founders as the catalyst.

The founder must also transform as the business evolves or else face certain demise. The Meriwether Group has created a framework for this path of evolution and will guide entrepreneurs along their journey. Interestingly enough, their model of evolution is similar to Nietzsche’s narrative of Zarathustra’s down-going. The owner faces the reality of the abyss and learns lessons of strategy and management for nurturing his new business.

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The Meriwether Group works in domestic and overseas industries. They offer their services to those in the Health and Wellness industries, food and beverage, and publishing. Their portfolio of happy clients includes large and small companies like Nike, AT&T, and Voodoo Donuts. David Howitt is the founder and CEO. Their motto is listed below the company logo: “fulfill your journey”.

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