Don’t Worry! Find Out If You Have A Problem

Some health problems give no symptoms even as they silently wreak their havoc. Pre-diabetes and hypotension are diseases that fall into this category. Other diseases start out with symptoms that can have any number of causes. Leg pain could be from overdoing it at the gym, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. It could also be a sign of a blood clot. In some cases, it might be a sign of peripheral arterial disease.

Cardiologists often have posters explaining this condition in their offices. Someone who suffers from any of these conditions knows the complications. They can undergo treatment and medication. Because these cardiovascular diseases often sneak up on someone, screening services can alert someone to a developing problem.

Where can a person or employer go to find such screening services? Lifeline Screening can do many of these tests in a single office visit. Customers do not go through a comprehensive physical, but they do undergo a series of simple tests that can detect the conditions listed above. Ultrasound screenings can detect even more conditions.

No one likes the idea of going through medical tests. Patients worry about the invasiveness of the procedures. They may not use the word invasiveness, but they worry about being opened or having things inserted into them. The screening tests offered by Lifeline Preventative services do not require much more than a prick of the finger. It only takes a few seconds to pick up the phone and be pointed in the right direction. The screeners will tell people who test positive what steps they need to take next.

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