End Citizens United Marks Out Paul Ryan; Endorses Gary Trauner

End Citizens United was created to combat a Supreme Court decision in 2010. This decision changed the landscape of politics, enabling corporations to donate large quantities of funds to politicians of their choice. This Supreme Court decision was Citizens United v. F.E.C; End Citizens United was founded in 2015.

This organization is currently headed by Tiffany Muller. She is the President of End Citizens United, also serving as their Executive Director. Tiffany Muller became President of End Citizens United after a lengthy career in politics. She has served on the Topeka City Council and has served as chief of staff for congressmen. She made Kansas history when she was elected the state’s first openly gay politician. She earned an undergraduate degree from Washburn University and concluded her education at the University of Maryland.

One of the features of the End Citizens United political action committee is Big Money 20. This is a list of names who accept very generous political contribution. The list includes many prominent known Republicans who are currently in office. Dean Heller, Ted Cruz, and Rod Blum are just a few of the politicians on Big Money 20. Paul Ryan is also a member of the Big Money 20, but with his resignation announcement, Paul Ryan will not longer be a problem come election.

End Citizens United doesn’t limit their actions to opposing politicians though. They also provide support to politicians who have vowed to not accept large corporate donations.

Gary Trauner is one of the politicians supported by End Citizens United. Trauner is currently campaign for a Senate seat for Wyoming.

“Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business, and they’re demanding reform,” said Tiffany Muller.

The fact that Trauner isn’t accept corporate money means he will have a much harder path towards Capital Hill. With End Citizens United backing him, Trauner will have a real chance at a successful campaign.

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George Soros Donates $32 Billion Towards Open Society Foundation

George Soros is one of the most well-known philanthropists in the world, who has donated billions of dollars in efforts to improve the conditions of people all over the world. A hedge fund investor by profession, George Soros made a name for himself by investing in a number of risky currency trades when he started out in the financial field. Today, he is one of the richest hedge fund investors in the entire world and uses the money that he earns to do good in society.

One of the organizations that Soros is known for supporting is the Open Society Foundation. The organization was founded by Soros himself and was formed to be able to support political parties in the establishment of democracies that are working towards the aid of the people. Today, the organization is functional in over a hundred countries all over the world. George Soros has donated a total of $32 billion towards the organization and its efforts.

The reason Soros is so focused on improving political systems across the world is that of the experience that he had growing up. When he was younger, Soros lived in Budapest, which at the time was under the control of the Nazi party. Being a jew, he and his family had faced a lot of oppression and discrimination. He also witnesses the society crumble around him, with countless people dying every day at the hands of the party. His family managed to escape the concentration camps by forging papers, thereby sealing their identity. They did this for countless other Jewish families, thereby helping them escape the clutches of the Nazi Party. Seeing this, Soros decided that when he got older, he would work hard to ensure that no one has to go through this kind of a situation ever again. But he knew that the world revolves around money, and he would need to make a lot of it to be able to make even a small difference, which is why he choose the field of finance to help him reach his goal.

He has also played a significant role in shaping the political situations in the United States. He is an active supporter of the democratic party and has openly stated on multiple occasions that they are the better party to lead the country. In 2004, Soros donated a total of $25 million towards the party so that they could have the resources to win against President Bush. After the loss, Soros decided that he would take a break from the American political scene, but came back once again to help the party, this time, against President Trump. Even though the democratic party once again was not able to win, Soros decided that he would make active efforts to improve the drawbacks that the country is currently facing.

Soros has also donated millions to numerous other charities that are dedicated to helping people with a number of social issues. Most recently, Soros established an organization that helped rehabilitate people that were escaping war-torn countries and starting up their lives afresh in Europe.

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