One that stands above many

There is an endless of colleges that exist in the world of education and society today. But very few live up to the caliber and standard that is exhibited by the Orange Coast College of California. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

A place where not just the minds of its students are grown and nurtured, but their bodies as well. Thus allowing students to excel at both their studies and their love for various sports and activities.

Unlike many places today that just use empty words to entice the interests of both possible students and parents alike, OCC has the history to prove that they are the best at what they do. Producing great a large number of athletes year after year as they capture quite the number of victories. Whether it be baseball, track or swimming, the OCC Pirates always live up to the standard they have set. And have done so for many years.

However, Orange Coast College didn’t become the largest and finest community colleges in California just because of its athletics program. The academic and career programs that are provided are just as efficient and consistent.

Having a variety of over 135 choices for programs that cater for the ideas, goals and opportunities of its students. For a place that receives over 25000 enrollments per semester, no less should be expected or provided.

And it’s all housed on a 164 acre campus. With its up to date and well kept facilities, academic and athletic programs, and consistent results throughout the years. Orange Coast College has proven that it is worthy of being called the best community college in California and one of the best in the modern society of education.

And has done nothing but develop and grow since its founding in 1947. When it comes to shaping your future as a student, OCC is definitely a choice to consider and is worth a choice to make. And will continue to be no less than that for many years to come.