Paul Mampilly Shares Secrets Of Financial Success

Profits Unlimited newsletter, written by Wall Street veteran Paul Mampilly, provides the average person with a way to gain valuable insights into the stock market. It is one of several such newsletters written by Mr. Mampilly, and published by Banyan Hill. His advice is considered to be quite reliable, which of course explains why it is not free! Naturally, one cannot blame a person for not simply giving such useful information away. Visit the website to learn more.

Through his newsletter, he advises people regarding investments and business strategies, but where does his credibility come from? Well, mainly from his own experience as a successful investor and businessman. According to Paul Mampilly, he has devised a unique proprietary investment system that generates reliably good results.

Paul Mampilly immigrated to the United States from India at a young age. He started his career in 1991, working for a Wall Street company called Banker’s Trust. From there, he moved on to positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. Before long, he rose through the ranks and became one of their most trusted executives, managing multi-million dollar accounts on a daily basis. From there, he has held a variety of positions, all adding up to about 25 years in the world of investment. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

These days, most of what Paul Mampilly does involves helping other people to enjoy the same kind of success. Through his newsletters and consulting services, he does a lot to help private investors of all levels to make more informed decisions about where to invest. He maintains a pretty strong presence on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc., and can be reached with relative ease. He actually gives out a lot of market advice on these pages, so it’s not a bad idea to keep up with them. For instance, he seems to be of the opinion that there is a “bull market” for sneakers at present (especially collectible sneakers). His thoughts on the cryptocurrency market are much more cautious, as he is of the opinion that the cryptocurrency “bubble” is going to burst very soon. He had the intelligence and foresight to invest in Netflix when they were still a very small company, and the huge profit he realized is proof that he knows what he’s talking about.

Mr. Paul Mampilly is the founder and CEO of Capuchin Consulting, a private company involved in all sorts of financial consultation. You may have seen this man on TV a time or two, whether you remember it or not. He has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and other outlets as a top financial expert. For those who want to learn the world of investment from a certified master, this is the man to listen to.