Bernardo Chua Commercial Success Foundation

Bernardo Chua experienced childhood in the Philippines. He initially came to unmistakable quality in 1999 when he turned into the prime supporter and General Manager of Gano Excel Philippines and the Operations Officer of Gano Excel International. His organization built up a scope of wellbeing items which incorporated a sort of mushroom called Ganoderma.

This mushroom has been perceived in Asia for a considerable length of time as one that gives medical advantages. He sold these items through multi-level showcasing which utilizes self employed entities to offer an organization’s items.

Gano Excel items turned out to be extremely mainstream all through Asia. According to ZoomInfo, trying to develop this achievement, Bernard Chua emigrated to the United States in 2003 and lived in California. He at that point built up Gano Excel USA and filled in as President of the organization until 2008.

His organizations items were sold in both the United States and Canada utilizing the same multi-level showcasing methods as those he utilized as a part of Asia.

PR Newswire trusted that Bernardo Chua moved to Richmond, BC in Canada. He built up another organization called Organo Gold and is its Chief Executive Officer. Organo Gold likewise offers items that contain Ganoderma that are sold through self employed entities.

This organization has been extremely effective and now has self employed entities in nations around the world. Organo Gold produces moment espressos, tablets, and toothpaste containing Ganoderma.

Coordinate Selling News is an industry magazine covering the immediate promoting model. In 2013 they named Bernardo Chua’s organization as the 55th biggest one in the business. His accomplishments have been perceived in different courses too, including him and his organization getting grants given out by the Philippine’s National Consumers Affairs Foundation.

In 2015, Bernardo Chua flew back to the Philippines keeping in mind the end goal to have him and his group be given five People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards. These honors are given to those Filipinos who have made items that are effective all through the world.

The honors are intended to motivate other individuals in the Philippines by exhibiting somebody with universal accomplishment in the realm of business. The occasion was gone to by huge numbers of the self employed entities who offer Organo Gold’s items in the Philippines.