Sheldon Lavin’s Charitable Nature

Sheldon Lavin is chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC. The worldwide chief executive for foodstuffs first took part in the OSI Group when he was engaged in finance for Otto and Sons from Illinois, which turned into OSI Industries. In the end, he became the owner of this company, as he continued to do this. Sheldon Lavin started working in the food industry more than 43 years ago. Formerly, he had his financial consulting firm, where he had a prosperous profession in investment and banking.

Sheldon Lavin concentrates on across-the-board financial transactions that allow businesses to sustain multifaceted chains of the food supply. To efficiently handle these tasks, Lavin monitors a variety of aspects. Some of the elements are customer inclinations, lack of resources and changes in technology. These issues are hard to quantify the value system. How does Sheldon Lavin productively handle companies that have to contemplate the particulars? Lavin does not have a crystal ball, which gives him responses to the hardest questions in the world. As an alternative, he shares his duties with extremely qualified specialists in his firm. Through the designation, Lavin can deliberate many variables when conducting an insignificant study. This allows him to make well-versed resolutions about the company.

Besides giving financial consultation services, Sheldon Lavin provides a variety of governance and management skills. Currently, he is the OSI Group CEO. OSI Group is a prominent supplier of meat packaging and food processing services. This business has a weak reputation in Europe and North America, but Sheldon Lavin is changing this. Lavin comprehends that he is an inhabitant of the Earth, so he spends the company’s resources in the practice of sustaining the environment. Thanks to these ethical exercises, Lavin has turned into an inspiration for many perennial businesspersons.

Sheldon Lavin has been honored with various awards for management and business activity. He was also acknowledged for his charitable efforts. He on a regular basis gives large sums of cash to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. This charitable organization offers amenities and accommodation for families undergoing severe illnesses. Sheldon Lavin is passionately fond of assisting families around the world. During his leadership in OSI Group LLC as a Chairman and CEO, the corporation has turned it into a global food supplier operating in 16 countries and had more than 55 facilities. At 81, Lavin is still trying to expand this company. He believes the future holds wonderful things for the ompany.

Sweetgreen Aims To Revolutionize American Cuisines

About Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Restaurant

Sweetgreen was established in August 2007. It is a fast casual chain restaurant in the United States. The restaurant serves simple seasonal and healthy food in the whole of Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Nathaniel Ru is the founder of the restaurant. Sweetgreen restaurant attained its initial startup capital from major investors including the Washington’s Latino Economic Development Center, Joe Bastianich, and Seth Goldman. The restaurant also received startup capital from the Steve Case venture capital and the Revolution Growth. Sweetgreen accepted investment contributions from the T. Rowe Price.


Nathaniel Ru developed this groundbreaking company after his graduation from the Georgetown Undergraduate University Business School.  The seasonal cuisine at Sweetgreen is the collection of both global and regional dishes.


The Restaurant Offers Simple and Natural Cuisines

The restaurant is dedicated to community sustainability and transparency values. José Andrés, Erik Bruner-Yang, and Nick Wiseman are among the notable chefs at the restaurant. The restaurant acquires its food produce from a collection of farms across the country. The raw food is sourced from country-wide farmers who employ natural organic agricultural techniques. The poultry products are supplied from kindly developed, antibiotic-free, cage free, and vegetable fed poultry animals. The restaurant emphasizes on ordinary cuisines with natural flavors. It is important to note that the restaurant disfavors animal products. Sweetgreen made an alliance with Chef Dan Barber in 2015 to develop the wasTED salad café. The company uses disposed food to create excellent cuisines. The restaurant has the primary objective of helping the American population to discover the intensity of food wastage.


The Sweetlife Music and Food Festival

Sweetgreen also engages in some technology and philanthropic initiatives. The Sweetgreen Restaurant also features a music festival and the sweet life food festival. This celebration is intended to endorse the restaurants objective to serve music with excellent cuisines jointly. The festival is hosted at the MD Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion. It features presentations from various artists and famous chefs. The festival recently featured Kendrick Lamar who promoted the restaurant’s offerings through his music hits. The event will also host other well known American concert promoters and production companies.



Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Company

Nathaniel Ru is a co-CEO and one of the trio founders of the Sweetgreen established in 2007, an American fast casual restaurant chain. The other two founders include Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Nathaniel was awarded a BS in Finance on his graduation in 2007 from Georgetown University’s McDonough Business School. In 2010, Nathaniel with his cohorts launched Sweetlife which is the largest food and music festival. Nathaniel lives in his apartment in the New York City.


The trio came up with the idea back in the University when wondering what they would do after graduating from the University. Being children of entrepreneurs, they were not appealed by any standard appeal for where they would work. The closer they got to their graduation the more they hated the idea of being employed. Jammet’s parents were restaurateurs. The trio was pushed to start the Sweetgreen Company by their desire to start their own business and the desire to find better foods option in Georgia.


Over the past six years, Sweetgreen has consistently grown. The company owns 43 salad chains around the US and $75.5 million venture capital investment. Today Sweetgreen is a stopover for various kinds of delicious food not only healthy for you but also aligned with your values.The company sources local and organic materials from farmers they know and partners they have built trust in. This partnership helps to support the communities around and also create meaningful relationships with them.


The plans to expand Sweetgreen territories out of New York City lead to the setting up of an official home for Nathaniel Ru and Jon Neman in Manhattan and who already have other homes in Los Angeles and Washington DC.The two called Homepolish to help in the design of their new homes.


The Company works not only to benefit itself but also its customers and community. It strives to make sustainable decisions, cultivating for genuine relationships and making an impact.


Nathaniel said that they are working to create a brand that stands for something and to feed more people with better food. To the Sweetgreens, Technology is their DNA, a secret that all traditional chains should learn from them. The co-CEOs are tech pioneers, and 30 percent of the company’s transactions are made through its mobile app or its website. According to Ru, they don’t believe in the large corporate headquarters instead the company wants to decentralize its headcount. The Sweetgreen trio owners count their responsibility in offering education and healthy options.

Health Problems Caused By Fast Food


One thing that is certain about many fast food joints is that there are a lot of health problems that are caused by the offering of processed food. A lot of the foods that are offered by fast food joints have gone through plenty of processing which has resulted in not only removing a lot of the nutrients that the body needs, but also introducing bad chemicals into the body. As a result, many people who have been eating fast food have been made vulnerable to a multitude of health problems. Even the healthier items on the menu of many fast food joints can’t be trusted.


Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweetgreen has seen that first hand himself. He and his friends have sat down and discussed the different issues that have plagued society for the past couple of decades. Therefore, they have put together Sweetgreen as a way to introduce people to some of the more natural and organic foods on the market.


Nathaniel Ru and the other founders of Sweetgreen make sure that the ingredients that they receive are locally sourced and organic. They make sure that the items are free of pesticides and any chemicals that could cause problems in the body. This is one of the reasons that Sweetgreen is growing in popularity among the health conscious. The people that are conscious of their health are going to definitely enjoy this restaurant. Nathaniel Ru himself has seen how important that having a full set of nutrients is. Therefore, he does everything to make sure that people are getting the full range of nutrients that they need to function.


Sweetgreen might just be the lifesaver that people need in order to get their lives back on track. It is actually amazing how much a person’s health depend on his diet. When people are eating nothing but empty calories, it could impair the function of their body. Sweetgreen has the types of food that bring out the best function in their body.


Chickpeas: The Amazing Superfood Behind Hippeas Snacks

The chickpea is an amazing food. It is high in protein and fiber while being low in fat and the plant that grows it is also good for the earth. One of the three main nutrients for plant growth is nitrogen in the chickpea plant infuses the soil underneath it with nitrogen. This makes the soil more fertile for further plant growth, making the chickpea one of the most sustainable foods on earth. That’s why it will has been targeted by Green Park Holdings for its new snack product line — Hippeas.

Hippeas is a bagged snack. It’s a lot like the cheese puffs but it’s made solely out of chickpeas and it comes in a variety of flavors, not just cheese. Hippeas prides itself on being a food product that everybody can enjoy, so it’s white cheddar flavor is purely vegan, as well as the far out for fajita, sriracha sunshine, maple haze, pepper power and happenin’ hickory flavors.

Green Park Holdings and Hippeas are the brainchild of Livio Bisterzo. Italian born, Livio Bisterzo now lives with his family in Los Angeles in order to run Green Park, and the world is better off for it. Green Part has a mission — to make a positive impact on the world food and beverage industries. They worked hard to make Hippeas a reality, tweaking the recipe just right for the perfect flavor and texture in order to create a massively popular sustainable snack. Hippeas are not only good for the earth, they are good for you.

Green Park Holdings and Hippeas have partnered with Farm Africa, an organization that promotes sustainable farming practices in Sub-Saharan Africa. The educational outreach is aimed at helping organic farmers out of poverty through good farming practices that are good for the earth, too. That means you can feel good about every Hippeas purchase you make. And you might want to make a purchase next time you grab a coffee, as Hippeas are now sold in Starbucks nationwide.Not only is it sustainable and healthy, but the brand is being run by a very successful businessman with a track record for international sales.


livio bisterzo hippeas in box blue