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A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group
Since Fortress Investment Group was acquired from a private equity firm in 1998, it has been showing tremendous improvements. This was first realized when by the 2007 Initial Public Offering (IPO) when it decided to go public and became the first Large Scale private equity firm to go public.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is an International investment firm that manages assets valued at $43 billion and has acquired more than 1,750 institutions and private investors. The headquarters of the firm is based in New York and has employed over 900 individuals. The management of Fortress Investment Group is run by three individuals namely; Randal Nardone (New York), Peter Briger (San Francisco) and Wes Edens.

The Investment group mainly focuses on managing investments in the form of capital markets, asset-based financing, operations management, and corporate mergers. Over the Years, Fortress has specialized with activities relating to capital markets. It has specialists and professionals who have vast knowledge in securing financial via equity markets. Additionally, the firm has developed profound professionalism in managing portfolio companies which have presented it with a great deal of experience regarding different industries.


The principal founders of the group are Wes Edens (current principals), Randal Nardone (New York principal), and the retired principal Rob Kauffman. The three found the firm with deep financial experience and expertise they had acquired from the previous firms they had worked with.
The key idea behind their founding is to create an investment group that would be raised by private equity firm. By the first five years after establishment, the firm had risen from $400 million to $3.9 billion in asset management. In 2007, the firm was evaluated to manage a net worth of $32 billion. The Trio had extensive expertise in finance.

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End Citizens United Marks Out Paul Ryan; Endorses Gary Trauner

End Citizens United was created to combat a Supreme Court decision in 2010. This decision changed the landscape of politics, enabling corporations to donate large quantities of funds to politicians of their choice. This Supreme Court decision was Citizens United v. F.E.C; End Citizens United was founded in 2015.

This organization is currently headed by Tiffany Muller. She is the President of End Citizens United, also serving as their Executive Director. Tiffany Muller became President of End Citizens United after a lengthy career in politics. She has served on the Topeka City Council and has served as chief of staff for congressmen. She made Kansas history when she was elected the state’s first openly gay politician. She earned an undergraduate degree from Washburn University and concluded her education at the University of Maryland.

One of the features of the End Citizens United political action committee is Big Money 20. This is a list of names who accept very generous political contribution. The list includes many prominent known Republicans who are currently in office. Dean Heller, Ted Cruz, and Rod Blum are just a few of the politicians on Big Money 20. Paul Ryan is also a member of the Big Money 20, but with his resignation announcement, Paul Ryan will not longer be a problem come election.

End Citizens United doesn’t limit their actions to opposing politicians though. They also provide support to politicians who have vowed to not accept large corporate donations.

Gary Trauner is one of the politicians supported by End Citizens United. Trauner is currently campaign for a Senate seat for Wyoming.

“Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business, and they’re demanding reform,” said Tiffany Muller.

The fact that Trauner isn’t accept corporate money means he will have a much harder path towards Capital Hill. With End Citizens United backing him, Trauner will have a real chance at a successful campaign.

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Jordan Lindsey: His Accomplishments Over The Last Few Years

As the current chief executive officer and initial founder of JCL, Capital Jordan Lindsey has created quite a name for himself in the foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency trading industries. Today Jordan Lindsey spends the majority of his time programming trading algorithms and producing content for his YouTube channel in which he informs his viewers on recent trends in the foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency markets.

He originally grew up in New York and had a fondness for physical activity, particularly such sports as tennis and ice hockey. This fostered a love for competition in him from an early age. Jordan Lindsey recalls that as a child he always felt that he thought as an entrepreneur should. He was continually looking for new opportunities and the different ways that he could create things that would improve the way the world worked.

If you asked Jordan Lindsey how he would describe himself, he would respond that he is a veteran algorithm trader and is an experienced individual in the financial services and technology industries. While Jordan Lindsey has received a formal education from both Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College he believes that the most valuable skills that he has have been self-taught. He has taught himself the fundamentals of both programming and the design of systems architecture.

He has recently created his own cryptocurrency which he was inspired to do from the success of a trading algorithm that he launched in 2017 that experienced significant levels of success in the foreign-exchange markets. The foreign-exchange markets are actually the largest markets in the entire world with over $5 trillion in value traded on a daily basis. The success of his algorithm in the foreign-exchange markets told Jordan Lindsey that if he used his algorithm in the cryptocurrency market, he would be able to generate a demand for a new cryptocurrency which he created himself.

By influencing the supply and demand of his token, he would be able to cause it to appreciate in value. Near the end of 2017, he was able to launch his own cryptocurrency which he has named Nucleus. Additionally, he was able to launch the first third-party verified trading algorithm in the cryptocurrency industry.


Financial Guru David Giertz Dispenses Some Information To Start Accumulating Money For Retirement

David Giertz started working in the financial industry in 1989. He began his professional career at Financial Horizons Security Corporation where he was a financial adviser for four years. He then joined Citicorp Investment Services where he spent the next decade climbing the corporate ladder. In 1999 he moved from Florida to Dublin, Ohio, in order to work for Nationwide Investment Services as one of their top executives.

A lot of younger workers put off starting to save for retirement, he says. They usually want to pay down their student loan debt, save for a house, and go with other financial priorities. While saving for retirement isn’t sexy David Giertz says that the earlier you get started the better off you will be. He has adviced his clients for many years to start maxing out their retirement accounts as their #1 priority. The best way to do so is to have this money taken out of your paychecks automatically so that you never even miss the money.

Everyone should live below their means, David Giertz says, and this is especially true for young people. The money they put away now will be amplified after 40 years into much more money. They also get into good financial habits which will help them throughout their lives. People want to spend more when they earn more but he says this is a huge mistake which ends up with people having no retirement savings and living paycheck to paycheck no matter how much money their bringing in.

Davi also says that younger people need to establish an emergency fund as quickly as possible in case they lose their job or an unexpected large expense occurs such as a medical bill. Most people should have six months worth of income in this emergency money and as their annual wages go up the emergency fund should also go up to half of those wages.

Another thing he stresses to clients is to not claim social security as soon as they are eligible. Instead, wait until at least full retirement age as each year you don’t claim this benefit it goes up 7% in value.

Sheldon Lavin’s Charitable Nature

Sheldon Lavin is chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC. The worldwide chief executive for foodstuffs first took part in the OSI Group when he was engaged in finance for Otto and Sons from Illinois, which turned into OSI Industries. In the end, he became the owner of this company, as he continued to do this. Sheldon Lavin started working in the food industry more than 43 years ago. Formerly, he had his financial consulting firm, where he had a prosperous profession in investment and banking.

Sheldon Lavin concentrates on across-the-board financial transactions that allow businesses to sustain multifaceted chains of the food supply. To efficiently handle these tasks, Lavin monitors a variety of aspects. Some of the elements are customer inclinations, lack of resources and changes in technology. These issues are hard to quantify the value system. How does Sheldon Lavin productively handle companies that have to contemplate the particulars? Lavin does not have a crystal ball, which gives him responses to the hardest questions in the world. As an alternative, he shares his duties with extremely qualified specialists in his firm. Through the designation, Lavin can deliberate many variables when conducting an insignificant study. This allows him to make well-versed resolutions about the company.

Besides giving financial consultation services, Sheldon Lavin provides a variety of governance and management skills. Currently, he is the OSI Group CEO. OSI Group is a prominent supplier of meat packaging and food processing services. This business has a weak reputation in Europe and North America, but Sheldon Lavin is changing this. Lavin comprehends that he is an inhabitant of the Earth, so he spends the company’s resources in the practice of sustaining the environment. Thanks to these ethical exercises, Lavin has turned into an inspiration for many perennial businesspersons.

Sheldon Lavin has been honored with various awards for management and business activity. He was also acknowledged for his charitable efforts. He on a regular basis gives large sums of cash to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. This charitable organization offers amenities and accommodation for families undergoing severe illnesses. Sheldon Lavin is passionately fond of assisting families around the world. During his leadership in OSI Group LLC as a Chairman and CEO, the corporation has turned it into a global food supplier operating in 16 countries and had more than 55 facilities. At 81, Lavin is still trying to expand this company. He believes the future holds wonderful things for the ompany.

What Led George Soros to Donate $18 BILLION to Charity?

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager that is as well known for his work in the financial industry as he is for his work as a champion of progressive politics. Soros has become something synonymous to the boogeyman according to members of the right wing of the political spectrum, but the truth is that he is closer to a financially borne Bill Gates. Soros has spent the bulk of his career establishing one of the most prolific charities in the world, the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is focused on bringing about social justice, democratic change, and transparent governance to as many countries as possible. Soros recently made headlines with a stunning $18 BILLION donation to his charity. Let’s learn a little bit about George Soros see just why his charity means so much.

To fully appreciate the donations that George Soros has been pushing toward the Open Society Foundations, you should at least know a little bit more about the man himself. George Soros currently lives in New York City and he has been in the United States of America for over 60 years now. Soros was actually born and raised in Hungary but he was forced to flee his home-country during the dreadful tragic Nazi occupation of 1944. Over the span of a single year, Nazi forces managed to kill and capture over half of a million Hungarian born Jews. Soros and his family were lucky to escape, but they only left after helping others to flee persecution. Soros and his family would emigrate to London and it would be there that Soros would go to school and learn the different facets of Karl Popper’s Open Society.

As a hedge fund manager, George Soros is nearly unrivaled. As a philanthropist and progressive idealist, there are no people more well known than Soros. Soros found success throughout his life as an investor but his most monumental decision was made in the ’70s when he decided to found the Open Society Foundations. The goal of the OSF was to help bring about social justice, freedom of expression, and democracy to every corner of the globe. Soros and the OSF have focused on helping places like Africa during Apartheid, the entire world during the 2014 Ebola scare, and even the United States in its march toward marriage equality. For an organization like the Open Society Foundation to have success, it needs to have capital. Soros decided to take fundraising under his own wing as he has, over the past two years, donated nearly $18 billion to his philanthropy.

The first of George’s big donations came in the wake of Donald Trump’s shocking win on election night in 2016. Soros said in November of 2016, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” Soros went on to explain that “dark forces” had been awakened while citing the dramatic surge in hate crimes throughout the country. Now, Soros has donated so much that he has actually fallen down Forbe’s list for the wealthy. The OSF will continue to operate at a high capacity and the future is brighter because of it. and Follow him Twitter.com