Attorney Jordan A. Thomas Represents The SEC

Just before the year 2011, the Unites States was in a very bad state financially. To some, this financial state was worse than the Great Depression era. This situation caused congress to enter into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This act was put into place for all citizens. Individuals were able to report any and all violations of the federal securities law to the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission).

When individuals would engage in this whistleblower act, they were given many benefits. Some of these benefits included things like promise of employment for a long period of time, money, and even health benefits. Many people began contacting the government, and the government kept their word.

Up to this point no law firm supported this. Then came along Labaton Sucharow. They were the first law firm in the United States to work side-by-side with the government in obtaining reports from whistleblower participants. This law firm was established to help the government get the right information and for the whistleblower to receive the proper incentives. This caused many more whistleblowers to come forth because people like dealing with a law firm better than directly dealing with the government. Learn more:

This law firm is run by Attorney Jordan A. Thomas. Before starting this private firm project, Attorney Thomas worked for the Security and Exchange Commission. In fact, Attorney Thomas was responsible to give the final okay concerning the whistleblower act.

When individuals would go directly to the government, they would get something like 10% of whatever the government collected from those who committed the crime. With Attorney Thomas on their side, most people have been collecting up to 30% and even more. Going further, When an individual goes directly to the government, he/she must give their full name. When an individual goes to an attorney, they attorney can then go to the government while keeping the whistleblowers name confidential.

Anyone is able to contact Attorney Jordan A. Thomas online or by phone. Attorney Thomas gives every potential client a free consultation. When finished with this consultation, individuals will have all of the information they need to make their final decision. Attorney Thomas also has very low fees, which are usually collected when the case is settled.