Mighty Fortress Church and Other Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Minnesota is definitely one of the most beautiful states in the entire United Sates of America. Situated in the mid-western US, bordering the great Lake Superior and Canada, Minnesota boasts of not only having breathtaking recreational facilities and activities but also some of the most beautiful churches globally. The state is mostly inhibited by Christians and this explains the reason behind the high number of churches in the region. Below are the top x most beautiful churches in Minnesota:

Church of the Sacred Heart, Freeport

Located in Freeport town, this house of worship has one of the most unique interiors in the entire Stearns County. Even though Church of the Sacred Heart is relatively smaller, it’s structurally amazing with outstanding interior finishing of its kind. The church is strategically positioned for ease of access by all Christian believers in the region. Watch this video on Youtube.

Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis

This magnificent historical structure was built in the 1990s. Heckled as the most beautiful church in the entire Minneapolis, Basilica of St. Mary depicts the Baroque and Baux-Arts architectural designs. The church’s interior has a unique blend of décor that adequately brings out the elegant details.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel

Constructed in 1990 in the middle of Lakewood cemetery, this church serves as the main landmark in the Minneapolis region. Listed in the national register of important historical places, Lakewood Memorial boasts of its unique chapel dome measuring 65 feet high. The structure displays a perfect blend of stained glass windows, colored stones as well as glass, gold and silver infusion into a single uniform architecture. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church

It is one of the most unique houses of worship in the region. The church presents a good environment for spiritual development. Mighty Fortress Church is an ideal place for you to build a healthy relationship with God, and with individuals just like you.

Unlike several other places of worship, the services here are informal and accommodate everyone regardless of your background. This house of Worship has helped a huge number of believers build their faith as well as overcome daily life challenges.

Under the leadership of Bishop T.R. Williams, founder and president of the ministry, this church I open to all and have continued to support all its members. Be part of the ever growing Christian family here.

Visit: http://myktis.com/venue/excell-academy-mighty-fortress-church/