Samuel Strauch – Real Estate Businessman With Extensive Experience In Miami Real Estate Sector

The sphere of real estate has been witnessing a downtrend for long, but lately, things are picking up pace. It applies primarily to the housing space of Miami and its suburbs, where the low property price has increased drastically in the last couple of quarters. Moreover, the demand for the real estate properties, especially the luxury villas have increased soared, thanks to the many Mexican investors focusing their real estate investment in Miami.

Samuel Strauch earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York. He then went on to earn degrees from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the Harvard University. Samuel Strauch first started a career in banking after he graduated, but then joined the family real estate business to learn about the industry. From a young age, he had a passion for learning and ensured that his clients were happy with the results so that they would keep coming back to them. He did not believe in the one-time sale and started to offer many diverse services to its customers. It is his passion for the real estate industry that has made him successful in the Miami area.

If you are looking for investments in Miami or need any other real estate services, Samuel Strauch can help you tremendously. He is one of the most prominent figures in the housing space of the region and has closed many large property deals in the area. Moreover, his experience in the real estate and his extensive network helps his clients get what they are looking for with ease. Samuel Strauch is well-connected in the field of land and starting from rental management to finding the tenants for investment properties and finding the buyers and sellers for properties; he is the one man who can help you with all things real estate.




Get Wen Cleanser For Your Fine Hair

Chaz Dean is the individual who created WEN conditioning cleanser. Dean is an individual who has a true love for beauty and for hair. Dean wanted to be able to create a hair product that could work on any type of hair. WEN conditioning cleanser is a product that promises to give body and health to any type of hair. Dean wanted to be able to give women the opportunity to have beautiful clean hair without having to have a lot of products. WEN hair conditioning cleanser is a cleanser, a conditioner and a styles.

Dean got his idea to make his own hair care products when he found that the majority of hair care products on the market were lacking. Many of these products included ingredients that were damaging to hair, and he did not want to have to use those on his clients. Dean decided that he would get together with other individuals and create his own haircare products. Dean experimented on himself, and then he presented the products to his client’s. His client’s absolutely loved the products.

Emily McClure from The Bustle wanted to do her own experiment on WEN condition cleanser. She wanted to see if she would get the results that WEN claims to give on their QVC infomercial. She followed all the instructions for the product, and she found that she really liked the way that her hair felt the first day. McClure thought that her hair felt more thick and it had more body. McClure has thin hair, so that can be an issue when it comes to products. McClure found that if she did not wash her hair every day with the WEN conditioning product, her hair would be greasy and flat. Even though that was the case, McClure does believe that her hair was more bouncy, shiny, and healthy. Since that is the case, McClure does recommend WEN products ( for women who have fine hair like her.


Bruno Fagali – A Reputable Brazilian Attorney

If you are in need of top notch legal representation in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Bruno Fagali – one of the most reliable and experienced Brazilian lawyers.

You may be wondering how to go about choosing the right lawyer or law firm for your situation. With so many lawyers and law firms to choose from, some people find it difficult to decide which one is just right for their business dispute or other legal problem they may be dealing with.

If you have relatives, friends or colleagues, who have used the services of a law firm or attorney in Brazil, you may be able to get recommendations from them. Even accounts and real estate professionals may be able to recommend a good lawyer to you

Keep in mind that not all lawyers provide the same quality of legal solutions. After getting recommendations from people you know, it’s advisable to research the lawyers before ultimately making a choice. Have a consultation with each candidate and compare them based on experience, costs and reputation

During a consultation with an attorney you will definitely be able to know whether the lawyer has what it takes to represent your effectively.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil and a firm believer in the “Code of Conduct” policy. Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Anti-corruption Law, and several other legal issues and laws. Bruno Fagali has inspired local firms and organizations to develop and establish consented lawful structure and comply with all rules and regulations in their respective industries.

Bruno Fagali has rendered outstanding representation to various high-profile individuals and companies. He is well known for fighting zealously for for the people and organizations he represents, and ensures the best possible outcome in the cases he handles.



Susan McGalla: Beating All Odds to Succeed in Business

Susan P. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1964. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a consultancy firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The firm specializes in offering expert consultancy services in marketing, talent management, branding, and operational efficiency. Susan is an alumnus of Mount Union College from where she holds a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She sits on the Boards of Mgee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, Mount Union College, and HFF Inc. She is also the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan is married to Stephen McGalla.


Work Experience


Susan McGalla’s long and fruitful career can be traced back to1986 when she started working at Joseph Horne Company. She served as a marketer as well as holding several departmental managerial positions in the firm, before quitting in 1994. In 1995, she became a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at American Eagle. McGalla was then promoted to become the president and chief merchandising officer for the firm’s American Eagle Outfitters brand. Her hard work paid off as she was later promoted to become the overall CMO and president of the firm. She left the firm in 2009.


Upon quitting the American Eagle, Susan started offering private consultancy services to retail and financial investment businesses. In January 2011, West Seal Inc. appointed McGalla to serve as the firm’s CEO, a position she held until July 2012. She later founded P3 Executive Consulting firm.


Her Role in Women Empowerment


Susan McGalla is dedicated to encouraging women in business. She believes that women will only succeed in business the moment they will stop playing the woman card, and instead work hard to compete with men for any positions. She has given public lectures on how to succeed in business as a woman in different forums, including the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.



How Eric Pulier Got to The Board of Innovation at XPrize

Eric Pulier is on the Board of Innovation at XPrize, a foundation that offers incentives for anyone who can find a solution to an important cause using technology. Pulier has always been active in political and social causes and has brought his technological expertise to the table in each situation, and now he’s helping young people do that through XPrize. His career has largely consisted of software and computer systems development, though he’s also working with mobile applications as well now. He’s the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a popular college textbook that discusses business relationships and technology’s role in them.

Eric Pulier is originally from New Jersey and as a young man he had a keen interest in computers. He began programming while still in high school, though he was also very proficient in English studies as well. He earned acceptance to Harvard where majored in both English and American literature, but he also attended MIT to pursue his technological career. He graduated magna cum laude and not long after started working with a non-profit group in Los Angeles called People Doing Things. A couple years later he started his first software and digital media company, Digital Evolution which later became US Interactive. In addition to that company, he also is the founder of Media Platform, Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh which was merged into a product suite at the Computer Sciences Corp.

Pulier brought his technological expertise to the healthcare industry as well when he joined the team at Starbright World. This event was launched at several children’s hospitals to help children with chronic illnesses learn about those illnesses, take a virtual reality tour into the world of medicine and even communicate with other children across an internet platform. In addition to Starbright World, the Presidential Technology Exhibition was another signature event for Pulier. As part of then President Clinton’s campaign team, Pulier was chosen to launch the Bridge to the 21st Century at the event in Washington D.C. The event was televised and Pulier showed how new technological discoveries would change everyday life in the next 20 years.

Using Cleansing Conditioners – WEN by Chaz

Most women have spent years using traditional shampoos in hopes of keeping their hair healthy. Unfortunately, these standard shampoos are loaded with harsh detergents and chemicals that strip the hair of precious moisture and natural oils.

The Healthier Alternative to Standard Shampoos

To counteract the damage caused by bubbly shampoos that use a harsh lather to cleanse hair, Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist, developed a new system – WEN – that utilizes gentle cleansing ingredients to renew and pamper strands. Rather than relying on damaging ingredients such as sulfates, WEN uses natural ingredients and botanical extracts that offer a thorough but gentle clean.

How to Use WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Most likely, you are used to using a bubbly shampoo that creates a significant lather when you use it. Instead of bubbles, WEN creates a rich, creamy, luxurious cleansing experience free from lather and bubbles. To use WEN, simply pump a generous amount into your palm, apply to hair that has been thoroughly saturated with water, massage WEN into hair for several minutes, and rinse well.

Typical shampoos strip strands of any natural, beneficial moisture and need to be immediately followed by conditioner in order to try repairing hair’s hydration balance. Since WEN features such a gentle, conditioning formula, there is no need for a separate conditioner.

What Features Make WEN Unique?

WEN is packed with gentle, nourishing, high-quality ingredients that promote healthier, more moisturized hair. The natural formula focuses on potent botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol, aloe leaf juice, wild cherry bark extract, rosemary leaf extract, matricaria flower extract, and sweet almond oil.

Final Words

Overall, if you are struggling with dry, parched strands that are damaged from harsh shampoos, consider trying a gentler, healthier option such as WEN.

AXA Group Services with Vincent Parascandola

For many years, AXA has managed to be the best insurance company in the world specializing in many services such as global insurance as well as investment management. Over the years, AXA has also managed to compete with other financial companies in the industry such as State Street Corporation and Barclays. In the last eight years, the AXA Group has recorded a 14 percent brand value growth every year. Its services are available across the globe as it has offices in Western Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Since it operates from several nations, the company has mastered the art of learning and understanding laws and regulations of these nations.

AXA has been in operation since the year 1816 when it was established as Mutuelle de L’ assurance centre L’ incendie. Where the tactic of first mover advantage cannot be applied, the AXA results to mergers and acquisitions. Some of the firms that the company has managed to acquire over time include Winterthur Group, Guardian Royal Exchange, the Equitable and the Drouot Group. One of the latest advancement by the AXA ceasing to trade in tobacco related products including their bonds.

The name AXA is not an acronym. The name was chosen for pronunciation purposes. The owners of this firm wanted a name that would be pronounced by people of all nations. This was back in the year 1985. In different nations, the company operates under different names. The firm does not keep all the money it makes and donates some for good causes. For instance, the firm has two causes known as the AXA Heart in Action and the AXA Research Fund.

Vincent Parascandola is the current senior executive vice president of AXA operations in the United States of America. Vincent Parascandola is a graduate of the Pace University-Lubin School of Business where he specialized in computer science.

Among his most notable skills are asset management, retirement planning, and estate planning and financial services. Prior working with the XAS US, he used to work with the MONY Group and Prudential Insurance as an agent.



Institution Information

Wessex Institute of Technology’s Elibrary is located in England. It serves the international scientific community. They offer many activities organized by the staff and the facility and its other companies. They offer short courses, and many seminars, and also have several conferences each year. Many of the conferences are in Spain, but also are in the UK, CZech Reupublic, Italy, and Estonia. Their conferences are about all sorts of things, some including air pollution, disaster management, water and society, and timber structures. It looks like they have been doing conferences since 2008, and are still doing many to this day. It is an independent research institution. Wessex Institute of Technology’s Elibrary won the Prigogine award in 2009, 2015, and 2017. They seem to have been in the new several time for many different things. Some including awards, and some of their students have even won medals. They are very easy to contact for any questions, and the also offer tours.

Check for more info here.

Career and Achievements of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella, the chief executive officer of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC, is a successful businessperson who serves many interests. Mr. Rotella is not only the CEO of StoneCastle but also the chairperson of LIFT’s National Board and a celebrated philanthropist. He is committed to the society, helping on many boards such as The Seattle Foundation and YouthCare. Through his workings with LIFT, he will be aiding communities to a greater extent thus assisting in fighting poverty cycles in the United States. Rotella has extensive experience and links in the retail, marketing, banking, and development.


In 1975, Rotella acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the prestigious Stony Brook’s State University of New York. He, later on, went to gain his MBA in Information Systems/Finance from the renowned State University of New York in 1978. Stephen Rotella in his entire adult life has been involved in business activities. Although been famous for his function as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC, Rotella is associated with various other well-established businesses, and these include JP Morgan Chase and Company, WMIH Corporation, and the school he graduated from, the University of New York and Stony Brook.


Stephen Rotella who is now well established was at the time faced with a bit of disputation. In 2011, when Rotella was functioning as the COO and the president of Washington Mutual Inc., the company was litigated for gross negligence by the FDIC. In an official complaint, the FDIC put forward that Rotella and CEO Kerry Killinger had concentrated on short-term gains that would increase their own compensation, with a reckoning neglect for WaMu’s longer term safety and soundness. When Killinger was apoplectic and issued various public statements concerning the matter, Rotella only pointed out on his deject that his wife and family would now be pulled along through the media.


Finally, Rotella alongside Killinger and David Schneider, a business partner, settled for a $64 million settlement, which was arguably a far cry from the amount that FDIC had initially sued for. After the incident with Washington Mutual Inc. Rotella moved on to proceed with his business career. In 2015, Rotella was elected to the LIFT’s National Board, and he currently holds the position of CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. He committed his free time to charitable acts by assisting the underprivileged with a special concern in home ownership.

The One Planet Gold Award Goes to Troy McQuagge from USHEALTH Group Inc.

The good news came to USHEALTH Group Inc. as well as its President and Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge on 10th January 2017 through a press release at Fort Worth, Texas. One Planet, which is considered as one of the biggest awards programs in the USA has chosen Troy McQuagge for their Gold Award in their 2016 Business and Professional Excellence category. This is indeed a great news for Troy and USHEALTH Group Inc.



One Planet has been evaluating and awarding excellent executives, entrepreneurs and companies for their outstanding performance and achievements for last few years. This is truly a prestigious and tough award as it receives nominations from hundreds of top executives and organizations throughout the globe in different categories including but limiting to not for profit, corporates, marketing, sales, public relations and so on. Hence, winning Gold award from One Planet was truly a big news for Troy and everyone at USHEATH Group Inc.



In a meeting with the media, Troy has expressed his gratitude to everyone and told that this award actually belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc. He also added that this award is actually a testament to their hard work and dedication to developing new and affordable health care solutions for the under 65 market segment. In addition, he mentioned that they are going to introduce a number of new health care solutions for their clients very soon.



Troy has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEATH Group Inc. since 2014. Within his tenure, USHEATH Group Inc. has secured unprecedented success in terms of market growth and profit. It has also introduced a number of health care solutions for self-employed individuals and small business owners. Under the strong leadership of Troy, USHEATH Group Inc. has become one of the leading insurance holding companies in Texas and other parts of the country.



Before his role as President and Chief Executive Officer, Troy has been working as the President & CEO of USHEALTH Advisors from July 2010 where he hiked its market shares in Health Insurance Market focusing “Under 65” segment. He also developed a proprietary Agency Platform for USHEALTH Advisors that transformed this company into the largest captive career sales organizations in the insurance market. He also served as the President Agency Marketing Group of HealthMarket from 1996 till 2008. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the prestigious University of Central Florida and has won numerous awards for his excellent professionalism and achievements. With more than 20 years of hand-on expertise on sales and insurance as well as successful and rich portfolio, he was the worthiest nominee for this award. Troy is currently based in Texas and involved with a number of voluntary organizations.