A Look At How Patty Rocklage Has Dedicated Her Life To Helping Others

Patty Rocklage is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She earned her degree as a Psychotherapist at USC in 1981 and now practices as a Marriage & Family Therapist in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is known for her warm style of communication which puts her clients at ease and in the frame of mind to work on their issues and life struggles. Patty Rocklage helps all sorts of clients including individuals, couples, and families who are going through troubled times and need somebody like Patty Rocklage to help them identify issues and get them back onto a better path.

Even outside of her practice, Patty Rocklage enjoys helping others. A recent example of this occurred when she and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., were visited by a former head of the chemistry department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were approached by Sylvia Ceyer because Dr. Scott Rocklage is a graduate of their chemistry Ph.D. program. MIT needed help renovating two of the labs at the university, those for nanotechnology and chemistry. As both Patty and Scott knew of the important, life-saving work they do at these labs they didn’t hesitate in offering to pay for the needed renovations. When the project was completed in July 2016, both Patty and Scott were given a tour of the new labs and then led into their vestibule. At the vestibule, Patty and Scott’s contribution was acknowledged by speeches and a plaque was unveiled which acknowledged their charity that made the renovation possible.

Patty Rocklage also enjoys taking care of her family. She recently agreed to have their entire pattyrocklage.yolasite.com featured on the blog of the company who did the work. There were a number of issues in their home that needed to be corrected, one of which was that guests could never find the front door and usually ended up walking into their barn. Another big issue was that the kitchen felt completely detached from the rest of the home. Patty watched over the project as a large part of their home was ripped down to the studs and replaced.


JeanMarie Guenot, The President of Amphivena Therapeutics

Jeanmarie Guenot has a portfolio with twenty years of experience. She has been in the field of the biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical acquiring vast experience. Guenot got her Ph.D. from the University of California. She also attended the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her MBA from The Wharton School. Her experience is in many areas. She has worked in private sectors and public areas. She has helped in Venture Capital, Corporate, Project Management and Alliance Management and Pharmaceutical R & D.

She has worked in various positions before giving her first class services to Amphivena Therapeutics. Guenot has offered her advisory services to Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai. She is also a businesswoman, and she is the founder a startup company called SKS Ocular. She worked with the company in many areas such as release and delivery of ocular drugs, macular degeneration, glaucoma and inflammation of ocular. She is a winner of several awards and recognitions on guenotllc.com. For example, she was awarded the Bio Network Award for innovation in 2005.

At the moment she made a decision to offer services to Amphivena Therapeutics. Jeanmarie Guenot is also the president of the firm. It is a company that has succeeded for now. It has specialized in researching and coming up with ways to combat blood cancer. The firm began in 2013, and its headquarters are in San Francisco California. The business was established to ensure that patients can have healthy lives since cancer is a disease that is life-threatening. Therapies are contacted so as to do away with the blood cancers.

Through the services, the immune system of the patient can destroy the cells that are cancerous. The organization has achieved a lot since it began. It is because of excellent leadership of passionate and strong willed lady that the company has helped many cancer patients who would have died if they were not given the proper attention. The company also made a deal with Janssen Biotech, and it became successful on amphivena.com. Janssen Biotech was pleased with the achievements and released payments to the enterprise. With the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot, there is no doubt that the corporation will continue excelling.

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Honey Birdette Successfully Launches eCommerce Markets in the US Ahead of Growing Their UK Portfolio

Honey Birdette is a lingerie trademark having their roots in Australia. Over time, they have been committed to boosting their US eCommerce platform. Recently, the brand revealed about their intention to grow their UK stores from three to forty. The vision is to be implemented by the end of 2018. Eloise Monaghan is the great mind behind the fantastic startup. Eloise started the brand in Brisbane in 2006 but later launched the US site after realizing 374% increase in their online sales to the US. That was a significant increase considering that it was achieved in a span of one year. As Eloise says, they intend to use the new portfolio to improve the customer’s experience through faster delivery and special delivery offers for consumer’s purchasing products worth above $50.


What the Future Holds for Honey Birdette


As at now, Honey Birdette is devoted to implementing their vision for the US and UK markets. As well, they are working hard to grow more of their Australian markets. More of their concentration is on customer satisfaction, which is the way through which they develop potential clients and maintain those in existence. Through ideal site maintenance, Honey Birdette attracts several customers. The website is crisp in details and easy to navigate through, making it perfect for the users.




The brand is leading in the production of lingerie sets. They stock bras, thongs, knickers, suspenders, robes and chemises, among several others. Their mode of customer service is equally unmatched. They have an exceptional customer service that serves excellently. You only need to make a call or contact them through the website. For the shoppers buying products above $50, delivery is to be made free of charge. It is kind of interesting to transact with Eloise’ Honey Birdette.

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Make Moves with Meriwether Group and Sawyer Howitt

The Meriwether Group is a full-spectrum consulting agency dedicated to growing startups and enhancing existing businesses. The company was founded with the vision of assisting disruptive companies to survive in the marketplace. They have growth and development plans for entrepreneurs with resources under their umbrella like marketing and sales, manufacturing, financing, and publishing. When a new business is born, it goes through a series of transformations with the founders as the catalyst.

The founder must also transform as the business evolves or else face certain demise. The Meriwether Group has created a framework for this path of evolution and will guide entrepreneurs along their journey. Interestingly enough, their model of evolution is similar to Nietzsche’s narrative of Zarathustra’s down-going. The owner faces the reality of the abyss and learns lessons of strategy and management for nurturing his new business.

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The Meriwether Group works in domestic and overseas industries. They offer their services to those in the Health and Wellness industries, food and beverage, and publishing. Their portfolio of happy clients includes large and small companies like Nike, AT&T, and Voodoo Donuts. David Howitt is the founder and CEO. Their motto is listed below the company logo: “fulfill your journey”.

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Finding Cassio Audi

When it comes to investment management, Brazil is very strict about the rules and regulations for this industry. The government has tight rules that need to be followed by all the different companies under this sector. The players are encouraged not to use any unfair practices and to ensure that their clients are benefitted from their service. In a recent turn of events, the Securities Commission proposed a new set of rules that would regulate the industry and will apply to all the investment advisors and managers. It will ensure that best practices are adopted by them in their profession. Among the many new regulations, some of the highlights include having to follow strict procedures to obtain authorization for making an investment, allowing managers to distribute shares and to have more internal control on fund management.

Most of the investment management advisors have welcomed the new regulations. One of the top executives to have openly praised them is Cassio Audi. He is one of the top senior management in the industry that has proven his excellence by carrying out some of the top investment deals for his clients. He has worked with many public as well as private companies throughout his 23-year long association in the industry. From established companies to start-ups, he has worked with many different clients that have allowed him to learn and hone his skills in the investment sector.

Cassio Audi has a strong academic background and has a zest for learning. He earned his BA degree from Pontifical Catholic University and then received his MBA degree from Sao Paulo University. After his studies, he knew that he wanted to be an investment manager and help others invest in the right way. During his students days, he was aware that a lot of people who lost money as they got trapped in fraudulent schemes. He wants to help those kinds of individuals to invest profitably and earn good returns n their hard earned money.

Beneful is Goodness Plentiful

Since 2006, Purina has been creating and perfecting their prepared meals line. In that time they have finessed their recipes, ingredients, and serving sizes, priding themselves on their products. Here are a few facts about their prepared meals.

Do Beneful Prepared Meals Have Real Meat?

Yes. Beneful Prepared Meals are made with real chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, and liver. By using real meat, Purina ensures that your dog is getting the necessary protein he needs for his active day. The inclusion of vegetables and rice adds fiber and vitamins to his diet, which aids in digestion. This is a great benefit for dogs with sensitivity issues.

Which Flavors Of Beneful Prepared Meals Are Most Popular?

The classic beef stews and chicken stews are the most widely preferred variety, but there are so many other choices, each as carefully prepared as the next. Dry kibble every day has to get boring. Just because dogs see in black and white does not mean their food needs to be as bland. Why not flip dinnertime into flavor time with a different selection each day?

Where Can I Find Coupons?

If you have never given your dog Beneful Prepared Meals before, Coupon Grabber often has Beneful coupons available in printable or mobile forms. You can also go to the website and search the coupons tab. This is a great way to introduce your dog to great taste without expense.

Where Do I Find It?

You can find Beneful at most retailers such as Walmart and Kmart, and also at discount stores like Dollar General. If you just do not have the time to stand in line, you can also shop online with Amazon or directly from the Purina Beneful site. No matter how you get it, your dog will just be happy you did.

Don’t Worry! Find Out If You Have A Problem

Some health problems give no symptoms even as they silently wreak their havoc. Pre-diabetes and hypotension are diseases that fall into this category. Other diseases start out with symptoms that can have any number of causes. Leg pain could be from overdoing it at the gym, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. It could also be a sign of a blood clot. In some cases, it might be a sign of peripheral arterial disease.

Cardiologists often have posters explaining this condition in their offices. Someone who suffers from any of these conditions knows the complications. They can undergo treatment and medication. Because these cardiovascular diseases often sneak up on someone, screening services can alert someone to a developing problem.

Where can a person or employer go to find such screening services? Lifeline Screening can do many of these tests in a single office visit. Customers do not go through a comprehensive physical, but they do undergo a series of simple tests that can detect the conditions listed above. Ultrasound screenings can detect even more conditions.

No one likes the idea of going through medical tests. Patients worry about the invasiveness of the procedures. They may not use the word invasiveness, but they worry about being opened or having things inserted into them. The screening tests offered by Lifeline Preventative services do not require much more than a prick of the finger. It only takes a few seconds to pick up the phone and be pointed in the right direction. The screeners will tell people who test positive what steps they need to take next.

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Samuel Strauch – Real Estate Businessman With Extensive Experience In Miami Real Estate Sector

The sphere of real estate has been witnessing a downtrend for long, but lately, things are picking up pace. It applies primarily to the housing space of Miami and its suburbs, where the low property price has increased drastically in the last couple of quarters. Moreover, the demand for the real estate properties, especially the luxury villas have increased soared, thanks to the many Mexican investors focusing their real estate investment in Miami.

Samuel Strauch earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York. He then went on to earn degrees from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the Harvard University. Samuel Strauch first started a career in banking after he graduated, but then joined the family real estate business to learn about the industry. From a young age, he had a passion for learning and ensured that his clients were happy with the results so that they would keep coming back to them. He did not believe in the one-time sale and started to offer many diverse services to its customers. It is his passion for the real estate industry that has made him successful in the Miami area.

If you are looking for investments in Miami or need any other real estate services, Samuel Strauch can help you tremendously. He is one of the most prominent figures in the housing space of the region and has closed many large property deals in the area. Moreover, his experience in the real estate and his extensive network helps his clients get what they are looking for with ease. Samuel Strauch is well-connected in the field of land and starting from rental management to finding the tenants for investment properties and finding the buyers and sellers for properties; he is the one man who can help you with all things real estate.

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Get Wen Cleanser For Your Fine Hair

Chaz Dean is the individual who created WEN conditioning cleanser. Dean is an individual who has a true love for beauty and for hair. Dean wanted to be able to create a hair product that could work on any type of hair. WEN conditioning cleanser is a product that promises to give body and health to any type of hair. Dean wanted to be able to give women the opportunity to have beautiful clean hair without having to have a lot of products. WEN hair conditioning cleanser is a cleanser, a conditioner and a styles.

Dean got his idea to make his own hair care products when he found that the majority of hair care products on the market were lacking. Many of these products included ingredients that were damaging to hair, and he did not want to have to use those on his clients. Dean decided that he would get together with other individuals and create his own haircare products. Dean experimented on himself, and then he presented the products to his client’s. His client’s absolutely loved the products.

Emily McClure from The Bustle wanted to do her own experiment on WEN condition cleanser. She wanted to see if she would get the results that WEN claims to give on their QVC infomercial. She followed all the instructions for the product, and she found that she really liked the way that her hair felt the first day. McClure thought that her hair felt more thick and it had more body. McClure has thin hair, so that can be an issue when it comes to products. McClure found that if she did not wash her hair every day with the WEN conditioning product, her hair would be greasy and flat. Even though that was the case, McClure does believe that her hair was more bouncy, shiny, and healthy. Since that is the case, McClure does recommend WEN products (http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589) for women who have fine hair like her.


Bruno Fagali – A Reputable Brazilian Attorney

If you are in need of top notch legal representation in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Bruno Fagali – one of the most reliable and experienced Brazilian lawyers.

You may be wondering how to go about choosing the right lawyer or law firm for your situation. With so many lawyers and law firms to choose from, some people find it difficult to decide which one is just right for their business dispute or other legal problem they may be dealing with.

If you have relatives, friends or colleagues, who have used the services of a law firm or attorney in Brazil, you may be able to get recommendations from them. Even accounts and real estate professionals may be able to recommend a good lawyer to you

Keep in mind that not all lawyers provide the same quality of legal solutions. After getting recommendations from people you know, it’s advisable to research the lawyers before ultimately making a choice. Have a consultation with each candidate and compare them based on experience, costs and reputation

During a consultation with an attorney you will definitely be able to know whether the lawyer has what it takes to represent your effectively.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil and a firm believer in the “Code of Conduct” policy. Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Anti-corruption Law, and several other legal issues and laws. Bruno Fagali has inspired local firms and organizations to develop and establish consented lawful structure and comply with all rules and regulations in their respective industries.

Bruno Fagali has rendered outstanding representation to various high-profile individuals and companies. He is well known for fighting zealously for for the people and organizations he represents, and ensures the best possible outcome in the cases he handles.

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