IT entrepreneur in the healthcare sector Mr. Drew Madden that’s set to make a difference

Two reports set the healthcare community abuzz. The first one being that is was uncovered that the CVS is thinking about purchasing the health insurance giant Aetna. The second buzz is that Amazon has gained the pharmacy license for multiple states. After a closer look in the license, it was revealed that it covered the supply of healthcare related equipment’s, but not as people speculated that it was supplying prescription medications, but there are preparing to acquire such licenses. The two movers are somehow related. The apparent connection comes in because numerous investors have been shedding shares of pharmacy stock following the report Amazon made.

In the year 1900, the life expectancy is 47 years. Hospitals in the U.S. are nonprofit like all of them, and the religious organizations found them. The cause of the death in war is infections and not the battle. Fasting forward to the situation today, the healthcare industry has changed and ballooned into a huge industry worth $3 trillion. The United States will spend on per person approximately $9237 when compared with other countries it’s roughly three times more. And yet, even if the U.S. is spending more, it has not resulted in any outcomes.

Mr. Drew Madden has been in the business of managing, advising optimizing projects and implementing for over ten years. Also, he has a passion for building unique company cultures that’s why he is an IT entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. He believes that a team should be made of professional of the highest caliber. And those are the kind of people that will be able to help entrepreneurs in creating a partnership that’s is trusted by the clients. With the ability, he has in bring together the consulting operation, and technical skill has assisted the IT leader in the healthcare to come up with major implementation teams, which have led to the success of the companies. In 2010, that was when Mr. Madden joined Nordic consulting partners. For the five years he worked there he was the president of the company and that was from 2011 to 2016. He has been able to make the company the largest epic consulting company that has been able to maintain the high level of consulting excellence.


Matt Badiali’s education and career journey.

Matt Badiali is the editor of the S&A resource report, which is a monthly investment advisory that focuses on the oil, energy and mining sectors as an investment. It focuses on natural resources such as water, gold, silver, oil, copper, and uranium. He is a professional geologist.

Matt began his career as a scientist. He studied at the Penn state university where he graduated with in earth science then joined Florida Atlantic University and acquired masters of Science in geology He has toured many countries such as Iraq, Turkey, India, during his research and investment programmers. He visits mines and wells and holds discussions with CEO’S about the wellbeing of the particular companies and works with them to make profitable investments.

Mr. Badiali taught geology at the University of North Carolina and the Duke University due to his 20 years’ experience. He also spent 11 years working as an editor for the Stanberry research resource report. Read this article at Banyan Hill.

What Matt Badiali had to say in his interview with ideamensch

His role at Banyan Hill Publishing

Matt Badiali joined Banyan hill publishing as a natural resources expert, and his work will include carrying out researches and pointing out investment opportunities which are about agriculture, energy, natural resources, and metals.

About real wealth strategists

After joining Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali launched his newsletter the ‘real wealth strategist” in 2007. This helped him build strong connections with readers who eagerly anticipated his natural resource stock recommendations.

Matt Badiali said that the idea of writing the newsletter came from his understanding of financial markets, companies, and science. This was aided by his B.s in earth science and a master of science in geology.


What he writes on his page “”

He also owns a writing page known as where he writes about the natural resources like metals, which bare on demand, their prices, predictions on their sales and giving statistics on the sales of the products.

Matt’s view on why gold miners are so hot right now

Giving his opinion on why gold miners are so hot right now, Matt discussed on how prominent gold mining corporations are offering the best value on gold prices. He talked about the rising of interest rates and gold prices and advised investors to buy gold mining stocks at the right peak time because they will have a lot of profit to enjoy. Visit the website to learn more.

Roberto Santiago Providing Comprehensive Recreational Space to the City of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago’s success as a real estate developer in the state of Paraiba is not only awe-inspiring, but also an example to showcase that anything is possible with passion and determination. Having started in the field of manufacturing and packaging, Roberto Santiago soon moved to the real estate field in his birth city of Joao Pessoa. It is here he purchased a substantial empty plot, which he later used to develop Manaira Shopping Mall. It is the most significant shopping mall in the state and one of the biggest in the country. There are numerous shopping malls in the state and the nation, but Manaira Shopping Mall continues to be the example of luxury, finesse, and elegance.


Roberto Santiago has ensured that he leaves no stone unturned in the development of Manaira Shopping Mall and has used only the best raw materials to develop the mall for both interiors and exteriors. Not only the Manaira Shopping Mall looks excellent, Roberto Santiago spends a considerable amount annually in the maintenance of the mall to ensure that the mall continues to maintain the high standards it is known for. When people enter Manaira Shopping Mall, they expect nothing but the best shopping and recreational experience and Roberto Santiago has vowed to give that to the residents of the city of Joao Pessoa.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is filled with lots of activities and people can spend hours over here without getting bored. Roberto Santiago has ensured that there are enough places to enjoy for both children as well as the adults. There is a huge bowling alley that is always filled with adults as well as the teenagers trying their hands on bowling. There is also a gaming zone that has a section for kids so that the adults, as well as the kids, can spend some quality time enjoying some mind-boggling games. There are new additions to the games now and then to ensure that the people have something to look forward to. Roberto Santiago is a man with a vision, and he assured that Manaira Shopping Mall has everything that the people of the city of Joao Pessoa were looking for. Moreover, the Manaira Shopping Mall also has a unique gourmet space in the mall where there are several specialty restaurants. These restaurants are some of the best in the city and serve global as well as traditional cuisines of Brazil.


Roberto Santiago is proud of the success of Manaira Shopping Mall and continues to work for the success of Manaira Shopping Mall rigorously. The mall also has a famous Domus Hall, which is primarily used for holding concerts and large-scale industry exhibitions as well as private parties and conferences. The Domus Hall has the maximum capacity of 8,000 people and is one of the biggest halls in the city.



Eric Lefkofsky innovative fight against cancer

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Groupon, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorking has announced the other company he co-founded, Tempus has received another $ 80 million investment. New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, Kingship Trust Co and T.Rowe Price Associates are the latest investors to provide funding according to Mr. Lefkofsky. Tempus has received $ 210 million, since 2015, and including the latest investment of $ 80 million brings the value of Tempus to $ 1.1 billion. Breaking the $ 1 billion mark, makes Tempus one of the few startups to successfully make the short list of Unicorn. Any startup that is worth $ 1 billion of higher is considered a Unicorn startup company. Eric Lefkofsky says the funding is used to hire talented new employees. Tempus adds about 30 new hires each month and currently employees about 400 people. Eric Lefkofsky thinks the slew of investors rushing to invest recognize the potential data analytics has on healthcare.

The global healthcare industry is experiencing a revolution in how healthcare is delivered. Technology has enabled healthcare to be administered in ways that was impossible only a few years ago. Specifically data collection, is the key to unlocking life changing solutions in the fight against cancer. Tempus is a data analytical company, that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify data trends in order to create personalized healthcare plans, based on past medical history, current health states, and data from various healthcare related devices. Tempus has the potential of fight cancer at the molecular level specifically to fit the needs of each cancer patient. We are for the first time in human history at a point where technology and healthcare are integrating in way we to truly change the way we fight diseases, specifically cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan, and also has a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan. In 2006 Liz and Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable organization that seek to add value to the lives of people in the community. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation attempts to delivery adequate education to, stimulate medical research, ensuring basic human rights for underserved communities, focusing on women and girls.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Facebook Page:

The Generous Tony Pretrello

Tony Petrello is one of the richest CEO’s known in the country. Tony was born in Newark, New Jersey. With a scholarship, he went to Yale University and obtained a BS and MS degree in mathematics. Afterwards, he attended Harvard Law School and obtained a law degree.

In 1991, Tony received a job offer from Nabors Industries and became president and CEO shortly after. Nabors Industries supplies drilling rigs internationally. Houston and Bermuda is where the companies headquarters are located. It employs about 30,000 people and has helped oil and gas companies grow. His company, Nabors Industries Ltd. earned over $15 million dollars in 2016 from things like, stock options.

Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist. Him and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, are known for passionately donating to the medical community. Their daughter, Carena Petrello, was born with periventricular leukomalacia. A brain injury that is common in premature infants, that has an impact on the way she eats, walks and speaks. They’ve donated over $50 million dollars to help researchers find a cure for their daughter’s illness.

During Hurricane Harvey, Nabors Industries employees received paid time off to help whoever was in need. They went to multiple places on The Gulf Coast.The employees donated over $170,000 and Tony Petrello matched that amount.

Recently, Tony Petrello invited Tommy Tune, a broadway star, to his home in Houston. Tony Petrello and his wife held a welcome home party for Tommy. They had 50 of his friends to join them at the Petrello house.

Tony Petrello gave back to Yale University after the death of his mentor, Professor Serge Lang. Professor Serge Lang was a mathematician and well respected person. He wanted to honor his professor and made a donation of $150,000 and even decided to give $150,000 more to match alumni donations.

Jobs Available At Sussex Healthcare, Leading Providers Of U.K. Independent Care Homes

Sussex Healthcare is a group of award-winning UK care homes located in and around the Sussex area. They were founded in 1998, and they currently operate 20 different assisted living homes. The Sussex Healthcare care homes are equipped to provide for people with a variety of needs. Aside from offering assisted living for the elderly, their care homes also assist those suffering from dementia, severe neurological disorders and physical or learning disabilities.

In order to meet the individual needs of each patient, Sussex Healthcare’s team includes employees who fill a wide variety of roles. The staff includes nurses of all kinds, especially mental health nurses, assistant nurses elder care specialists, but they also need activity assistants, kitchen workers and domestic assistants (primarily cleaners). In addition, Sussex Healthcare employs payroll supervisors, Residential Home Managers and Home Administrators, among other administrative/management positions.

This February, Sussex Healthcare appointed a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has years of experience as a mental health nurse, and she has also acted as Managing Director, Quality Development Director and Service Manager in the field of independent healthcare. She plans on visiting each of Sussex’s locations in the near future to meet with patients, their families and other partners of Sussex care homes.


In the past, Sussex Healthcare has been honored with a variety of awards and certifications. They are the only independent care home operator in the U.K. to be accredited by both the Health Quality Service (HQS) and the International Standard ISO. They have also received the Hospitality Assured accreditation, which is given in recognition of a business’ hospitality and smart business management strategies.

In particular, elder care has become a specialty of Sussex’s care homes. Each home is equipped to assist people suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and they can also provide quality end-of-life care for those living with terminal illnesses. Sussex Healthcare has already become one of the most renowned independent care home providers in the U.K., and they continue to build new homes and equip their facilities to deal with the needs of new patients.


Jordan Lindsey: His Accomplishments Over The Last Few Years

As the current chief executive officer and initial founder of JCL, Capital Jordan Lindsey has created quite a name for himself in the foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency trading industries. Today Jordan Lindsey spends the majority of his time programming trading algorithms and producing content for his YouTube channel in which he informs his viewers on recent trends in the foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency markets.

He originally grew up in New York and had a fondness for physical activity, particularly such sports as tennis and ice hockey. This fostered a love for competition in him from an early age. Jordan Lindsey recalls that as a child he always felt that he thought as an entrepreneur should. He was continually looking for new opportunities and the different ways that he could create things that would improve the way the world worked.

If you asked Jordan Lindsey how he would describe himself, he would respond that he is a veteran algorithm trader and is an experienced individual in the financial services and technology industries. While Jordan Lindsey has received a formal education from both Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College he believes that the most valuable skills that he has have been self-taught. He has taught himself the fundamentals of both programming and the design of systems architecture.

He has recently created his own cryptocurrency which he was inspired to do from the success of a trading algorithm that he launched in 2017 that experienced significant levels of success in the foreign-exchange markets. The foreign-exchange markets are actually the largest markets in the entire world with over $5 trillion in value traded on a daily basis. The success of his algorithm in the foreign-exchange markets told Jordan Lindsey that if he used his algorithm in the cryptocurrency market, he would be able to generate a demand for a new cryptocurrency which he created himself.

By influencing the supply and demand of his token, he would be able to cause it to appreciate in value. Near the end of 2017, he was able to launch his own cryptocurrency which he has named Nucleus. Additionally, he was able to launch the first third-party verified trading algorithm in the cryptocurrency industry.

Jeunesse Global helps keep people going strong all day with AM PM Essentials

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long been fixtures on the North American direct-marketing scene. But when the veteran entrepreneurial couple decided to form Jeunesse Global in 2009, they had no idea of the heights to which their latest enterprise would soar.

Ray and Lewis had long ago stopped needing the money. The couple had founded a string of businesses that were successful enough to make them millionaires by the age of 30. But when the industrious pair decided to finally leave the shark-infested waters of the business world, they had no idea how much they would miss being in the middle of the action. It didn’t take the couple long to succumb to boredom. Ray and Lewis started selling a few health and beauty items out of the garage of their Florida estate. This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global.

Today, Jeunesse has blown the prior successes of the couple clean out of the water. The business is now valued at more than $1 billion and it has tens of thousands of worldwide distributors selling its products and proselytizing new people over to its business philosophy, a concept that Ray and Lewis have dubbed Generation Young.

One of the company’s most successful products has been its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. The vitamin comes in two distinct formulations. AM Essentials is designed to get people going in the morning and stay productive throughout the day while PM Essentials is specially formulated to help people wind down at night, ensuring that they get a full night’s restful sleep.

AM PM Essentials has proven to be a favorite of busy professionals, who say that the multivitamin helps them stay at peak productivity throughout the day while helping them fight off the insomnia that is often caused by too much stress and caffeine consumption.

As part of the Youth Enhancement System, AM PM Essentials plays an important role, helping people feel alert, healthy and operating at peak performance throughout the day. The multivitamin contains vitamins A through F, including B6 and B12. It also contains a number of other essential elements, allowing people to get a full load of required nutrients without fail.

How Susan McGalla Has Helped in the New Era of Women’s Empowerment

While there are a ton of efforts in empowering women, this whole effort is nothing new. Women have been trying to gain equality for decades now. While they have made progress initially, there have been times when the movement has been slowing down. This is the case when it comes to many movements. There are times when it is gaining momentum. Then there are times when it is slowing down. The one factor that helps women gain momentum is the leadership. This is especially the case when it comes to business. Women are often treated with disrespect and disregard in the workplace.

One person who has paved the way for women leaders is Susan McGalla. One thing that she has done to make sure that women get a chance to be leaders is make sure that they are aware of the type of environment they are in. One thing that Susan does is help women learn the battle so that they can fight it and win it. She has taught women through her example of what to do. One thing that she stresses is to make sure that one sees her as a person. At the same time, she makes sure that women have the mindset to see everyone as people,

When Susan McGalla speaks, she gives women tips on what can be done so that they can actually move forward in the business world. She also makes sure that women know where to go when they are facing unfair treatment. One thing that she has definitely encouraged women with is going into business for themselves so that they can own their business and not have to worry about dealing with inappropriate advances from their male superiors. Susan shows women a really good example of leadership and gaining respect from peers.

Waiakea Water Strives for Uniqueness

Bottled water is water that is bottled. Across America most people can find this product freely running from their own kitchen sinks. It may be packaged differently, labeled with various names, produced from different sources, and sold by various companies, but at the end of the day water is water. So how does a company, operating in an industry currently valued a hundred billion dollars, set themselves apart from the competition? They make the product unique.

Most bottled water companies follow 3 tenants to create uniqueness. Those tenants are as follows; the water has to come from an exotic location, has to be beneficial to the health of the person drinking it, and it has to care for the environment around it. Waiakea Water is a Hawaiian based bottled water company founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. Its water is sourced from the Southwest side of the Big Island. This Source produces naturally filtered water that passes through the volcanic rock of Mama Loa. Situation makes it naturally alkaline, rich in electrolytes, and posting the perfect amount of silica. Exotic location, and health benefits of its filtration make Waiakea water stand out. But it does not stop there. Waiakea water happens to be the world’s greenest bottled water. Waiakea Water plant is 100% sustainable.

Waiakea Water plant is powered by sustainable energy, retrofitted to the greenest aspects imaginable, and actually benefits the environment around it rather than destroy it. It has also used since 2018 a revolutionary technology that increases the decomposition of its bottles. A Waiakea Water bottle is fully biodegradable. Whereas most water bottles will take a hundred years or so to completely break down, Waiakea water bottles break down in 15 years. In the world currently struggling with massive ecosystem problems as a result of water bottles being dumped carelessly, the fact that a company is producing bottles it will disappear within one person’s lifetime is incredible.,18.htm