Arma 3 Jets Update v1.72 incl DLC-CODEX

Arma 3 Jets Update v1.72 incl DLC-CODEX

Arma 3 Jets Update v1.72 incl DLC-CODEX

Arma 3 Jets Update v1.72 incl DLC-CODEX

Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Release Name: Arma.3.Jets.Update.v1.72.incl.DLC-CODEX
Size: 5.19 GB

  1. Update v1.72 incl DLC:
  3. DATA:
  4. Added: Malden 2035 terrain
  5. Added: Combat Patrol multiplayer scenarios
  6. Added: Escape from Tanoa multiplayer scenario*
  7. Added: Escape from Malden multiplayer scenario
  8. Added: Zeus scenarios for the Malden terrain
  9. Added: Community-made billboards
  10. Added: New skins for several structures
  11. Added: Variants of the in-game whiteboard, sleeved map and paper map (for Tanoa and Malden)
  12. Added: Template for Data Link targeting systems (sensors)
  13. Added: HUD indication when using 12.7x108mm APDS magazines
  14. Added: A visibility condition for the Blackfish horizon indicator
  15. Added: Tigris and Cheetah now utilize Data Link
  16. Added: Preview video for Jets DLC in the DLC Browser (Shift+P)
  17. Added: A water impact effect to the 120mm APFSDS shells (
  18. Added: A new “Malden Sand” UI Color preset for Malden DLC
  19. Added: Jets Community Guide in-game implementation
  20. Added: Dynamic Loadout MFD information for the Neophron and Xi’an aircraft
  21. Added: A laser designator indicator for the Xi’an and Blackfish crews
  22. Added: Map symbols to several more objects
  23. Added: Vehicle turret indicators to the remaining ground vehicles
  24. Added: Audio-related memory points for certain structures
  25. * Restrictions apply to those who don’t own the Apex expansion.
  26. Tweaked: Flight model of the Gryphon plane (incl. fixed stall and better rudder authority)
  27. Tweaked: Flight model of the Shikra plane (it should now have improved stability and more correct AoA behavior)
  28. Tweaked: Flight model of the Sentinel UCAV (better stability, less maneuverability)
  29. Tweaked: Flight model of the Buzzard plane (slightly more power, stability and fun)
  30. Tweaked: Ambient animals now seek a hiding spot while it rains
  31. Tweaked: The Sentinel could explode when taking off in some cases
  32. Tweaked: Ejection is now available only to non-stationary planes (when the Get Out action is not available)
  33. Tweaked: Automated wing folding is now only active for planes with their engine(s) on and landing gear down and should be less performance demanding
  34. Tweaked: The inverted plane flag proxy was inverted in an incorrect way
  35. Tweaked: Spanish Welcome Screens now use a more appropriate separator style
  36. Tweaked: AA missile performance
  37. Tweaked: Automated tailhook operation for AI is now directly tied to the Landing and LandingCanceled events
  38. Tweaked: The Ejection system was refactored to resolve multiple issues
  39. Tweaked: Performance of AA missiles was improved
  40. Tweaked: AI gunners of the Praetorian were too inaccurate
  41. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_setPitchBank function will now restore a moving vehicle’s velocity after setting pitch and bank
  42. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_findSafePos function now has a better position selection and blacklisting now supports all area formats
  43. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger function now supports areas in array format and random distribution within an ellipse was improved
  44. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_getUnitInsignia and BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia functions should now work correctly in MP
  45. Tweaked: It is now possible to whitelist users able to access the debug console in multiplayer (
  46. Tweaked: When test_EmptyObjectForBubbles, test_EmptyObjectForFireBig and test_EmptyObjectForSmoke are deleted, all their emitters are now deleted automatically
  47. Tweaked: The Black Wasp is now more durable
  48. Tweaked: Spatial targeting symbology
  49. Tweaked: Credits and ORBAT credits were adjusted
  50. Tweaked: The hand animation for the Protector SMG was improved
  51. Tweaked: Carrier static defenses now partially rely on Data Link from the Praetorian turret (it’s the only one with a 360° scan coverage)
  52. Tweaked: Wrecks of the MQ-4A and KH-3A UAVs were hovering
  53. Tweaked: It is now possible again to mount bombs to the outer pylons of the Wipeout plane (
  54. Tweaked: The loadout of the Neophron was adjusted (more bombs can now be carried)
  55. Tweaked: The template for the NVSensor is now on par with the LaserSensor (180° / 6km)
  56. Tweaked: The Neophron now uses an improved canopy destruction system
  57. Tweaked: The LOM 250-G bomb model was resized
  58. Tweaked: Geometry of the Modular Bunker (Tall) was improved for better interior deployment
  59. Tweaked: The damage model of the Shikra plane was improved
  60. Tweaked: The head position of the Xi’an pilot was adjusted to make aiming with rockets easier
  61. Tweaked: The gun pod of the Buzzard plane was aligned with its HUD
  62. Tweaked: The flight model of the Buzzard plane was overhauled (
  63. Tweaked: Filtering of audio elements in the “Play Sounds” Zeus module was improved
  64. Tweaked: Planes called by the CAS module will now release counter-measures after finishing the strike (does not apply to bomb strikes)
  65. Tweaked: Military Base Wall debris is no longer tilting when destroyed
  66. Tweaked: Armor values of the Speedboat were lowered
  67. Tweaked: The UCAV Sentinel now unfolds its wings when taking off just like other planes
  68. Tweaked: Hitpoints for the Gryphon plane were improved
  69. Tweaked: Revive mode is now available in Zeus Game Master scenarios (customizable in the server parameters, off by default)
  70. Tweaked: Loudspeakers in the faction Showcase scenarios are now louder
  71. Tweaked: The flight model and overall performance of the Shikra jet were overhauled
  72. Tweaked: Reduced intensity for the Flora / Fauna / Wind layers in environmental sounds ( – will be further tweaked)
  73. Tweaked: Defining a module function as “” no longer triggers an error message
  74. Tweaked: Flight models of the Black Wasp and Shikra aircraft
  75. Tweaked: Some structures were reconfigured (audio-wise)
  76. Tweaked: Garage icons for several vehicles
  77. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_vectorDirAndUpRelative and BIS_fnc_weaponDirectionRelative functions are now optimized
  78. Tweaked: The Revive option on units is now disabled if Revive is disabled or non-existent
  79. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_initVehicle function now skips the change of mass when used with a simple object
  80. Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass function will now exit if the vehicle is a simple object
  81. Tweaked: Unarmed variants of the LSVs no longer display weapon info in the IGUI
  82. Fixed: Script error when using the side door of the CH-49
  83. Fixed: Footstep sounds on a specific wooden surface were incorrect
  84. Fixed: Some machine guns were incorrectly equipped with the FCS (
  85. Fixed: Building destruction sound could get delayed in some cases
  86. Fixed: Transporting the UGV in the Blackfish was visually incorrect
  87. Fixed: An incorrect LOD of the Blackfish was showing when looking via the co-pilot camera
  88. Fixed: Canopies from all planes should now float on water a little bit before sinking
  89. Fixed: Legs of MB 4WD passengers could clip through the floor
  90. Fixed: AI crew of the Cheetah and Tigris would refuse to attack infantry (
  91. Fixed: The Falcon UAV’s camera in the UAV Terminal was misaligned
  92. Fixed: Helicopter Time Trials involving Sling Loading did not always fail when the winch was destroyed
  93. Fixed: The Sport Fence was appearing twice in Zeus in some cases
  94. Fixed: Jets defense turrets were missing from the Field Manual
  95. Fixed: Pylon proxies were not visible in certain resolution LODs
  96. Fixed: Vehicle crew were headbanging too hard when firing the 40mm GM (
  97. Fixed: The stealth variant of the Black Wasp jet had external pylons available
  98. Fixed: Some HMDs were visible when turning to the sides
  99. Fixed: Several localization glitches (e.g. the Splendid Camera)
  100. Fixed: It was too difficult to shoot through the ruins of Church 02
  101. Fixed: The “scriptName” parameter of the BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass function was incorrect
  102. Fixed: The pilots of the WY-55 can now lock ASRAAM missiles
  103. Fixed: The grenade launcher of the AK12 would be open at incorrect moments
  104. Fixed: Brake lights on the Tempest trucks were not working correctly
  105. Fixed: The occluder of the Tent Hangar was inverted
  106. Fixed: The altitude indicator on the Blackfish was displaying incorrect values
  107. Eden Editor
  108. Fixed: A missing string error when placing a trigger with Jets DLC music as an Effects attribute
  109. Fixed: Eden Editor marker shapes had an incorrect tooltip text
  110. Fixed: The tutorial about scenario attributes contained an incorrect item
  111. The East Wind (potential spoilers)
  112. Fixed: There were some floating objects in the Moral Fiber scenario
  113. ENGINE:
  114. Added: Air friction parameters for planes (gearsUpFrictionCoef, airBrakeFrictionCoef, airFrictionCoefs2, airFrictionCoefs1, airFrictionCoefs0)
  115. Added: A new isVehicleRadarOn script command
  116. Added: New listVehicleSensors, listRemoteTargets, enableVehicleSensor, and isVehicleSensorEnabled script commands
  117. Added: A new getCompatiblePylonMagazines script command
  118. Added: New “turret” and “turrettoview” MFD animation sources
  119. Added: A new “projection” MFD parameter
  120. Added: A new “lineType” MFD line parameter (0 – full line, 1 – dotted line, 2 – dashed line, 3 – dot-dashed line)
  121. Added: New addForce and addTorque script commands
  122. Added: New vectorModelToWorld, vectorModelToWorldVisual, vectorWorldToModel, and vectorWorldToModelVisual script commands
  123. Added: A new “defaultUserMFDvalues” transport config variable
  124. Added: A new “nvg” MFD condition
  125. Added: ‘Malden DLC’ and ‘Malden 2035’ scenario Workshop tags
  126. Tweaked: The CallExtension interface was enhanced with a RVVersion function
  127. Tweaked: AI boat movement in shallow waters was improved
  128. Tweaked: AI plane path-finding at high altitudes was improved
  129. Tweaked: AI driving heavy vehicles should not stop for small obstacles anymore
  130. Tweaked: Precision of the IntersectWithGround functionality was improved
  131. Tweaked: It is now possible to mark Data Link targets using remote sensors
  132. Tweaked: The toFixed script command was extended
  133. Tweaked: The setUserMFDvalue now supports more parameters
  134. Tweaked: The count of “userXX” MFD user values was raised from 10 to 50
  135. Tweaked: The MFD variable color is now a simple expression
  136. Tweaked: Heavy gunfire situations should now be slightly less performance demanding
  137. Fixed: Automatic landing gear retracting was not consistent for players in all situations
  138. Fixed: Data Link could receive contacts even when it was disabled
  139. Fixed: Crash when using the FCS in some cases (
  140. Fixed: Crash to desktop (
  141. Fixed: Players could lock onto enemy laser designators
  142. Fixed: vectorWorldToModel did not work as expected
  143. Eden Editor
  144. Fixed: Layers were not enabled correctly after loading a scenario
  145. Fixed: Dynamic Loadouts check boxes in the Attributes were not working correctly in some cases
  146. LAUNCHER:
  147. Added: A mod counter for loaded / available mods
  148. Added: Escape game type support to Launcher’s Server Browser
  149. Added: Malden terrain as an option for the -world parameter
  150. Tweaked: Automatic re-scan of watched folders is now more specifically targeted and should ignore changes in those folders irrelevant to mods
  151. Tweaked: The background color for the Server Browser’s filter panel was changed
  152. Fixed: When all mods where unloaded while the Launcher was being closed, the mods from the last active preset were loaded (ignoring the unsaved modification done to it)
  153. SERVER:
  154. Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.72)
  155. Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.72)
  156. Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
  157. Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
  158. Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2 to your arma3server.exe shortcut

– Extract
– Run setup.exe and install
– Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
– Play

This patch requires:

DLC included with this Release:

Arma 3 Maps
Arma 3 Zeus
Arma 3 Karts
Arma 3 Helicopters
Arma 3 DLC Bundle
Arma 3 Marksmen
Arma 3 Samples
Arma 3 Apex
Arma 3 Jets
Arma 3 DLC Bundle 2
Arma 3 Malden

General Notes:

– Block the game’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
– If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead

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