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Fortress Investment Group

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group
Since Fortress Investment Group was acquired from a private equity firm in 1998, it has been showing tremendous improvements. This was first realized when by the 2007 Initial Public Offering (IPO) when it decided to go public and became the first Large Scale private equity firm to go public.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is an International investment firm that manages assets valued at $43 billion and has acquired more than 1,750 institutions and private investors. The headquarters of the firm is based in New York and has employed over 900 individuals. The management of Fortress Investment Group is run by three individuals namely; Randal Nardone (New York), Peter Briger (San Francisco) and Wes Edens.

The Investment group mainly focuses on managing investments in the form of capital markets, asset-based financing, operations management, and corporate mergers. Over the Years, Fortress has specialized with activities relating to capital markets. It has specialists and professionals who have vast knowledge in securing financial via equity markets. Additionally, the firm has developed profound professionalism in managing portfolio companies which have presented it with a great deal of experience regarding different industries.


The principal founders of the group are Wes Edens (current principals), Randal Nardone (New York principal), and the retired principal Rob Kauffman. The three found the firm with deep financial experience and expertise they had acquired from the previous firms they had worked with.
The key idea behind their founding is to create an investment group that would be raised by private equity firm. By the first five years after establishment, the firm had risen from $400 million to $3.9 billion in asset management. In 2007, the firm was evaluated to manage a net worth of $32 billion. The Trio had extensive expertise in finance.

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