IT entrepreneur in the healthcare sector Mr. Drew Madden that’s set to make a difference

Two reports set the healthcare community abuzz. The first one being that is was uncovered that the CVS is thinking about purchasing the health insurance giant Aetna. The second buzz is that Amazon has gained the pharmacy license for multiple states. After a closer look in the license, it was revealed that it covered the supply of healthcare related equipment’s, but not as people speculated that it was supplying prescription medications, but there are preparing to acquire such licenses. The two movers are somehow related. The apparent connection comes in because numerous investors have been shedding shares of pharmacy stock following the report Amazon made.

In the year 1900, the life expectancy is 47 years. Hospitals in the U.S. are nonprofit like all of them, and the religious organizations found them. The cause of the death in war is infections and not the battle. Fasting forward to the situation today, the healthcare industry has changed and ballooned into a huge industry worth $3 trillion. The United States will spend on per person approximately $9237 when compared with other countries it’s roughly three times more. And yet, even if the U.S. is spending more, it has not resulted in any outcomes.

Mr. Drew Madden has been in the business of managing, advising optimizing projects and implementing for over ten years. Also, he has a passion for building unique company cultures that’s why he is an IT entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. He believes that a team should be made of professional of the highest caliber. And those are the kind of people that will be able to help entrepreneurs in creating a partnership that’s is trusted by the clients. With the ability, he has in bring together the consulting operation, and technical skill has assisted the IT leader in the healthcare to come up with major implementation teams, which have led to the success of the companies. In 2010, that was when Mr. Madden joined Nordic consulting partners. For the five years he worked there he was the president of the company and that was from 2011 to 2016. He has been able to make the company the largest epic consulting company that has been able to maintain the high level of consulting excellence.

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