Roberto Santiago Providing Comprehensive Recreational Space to the City of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago’s success as a real estate developer in the state of Paraiba is not only awe-inspiring, but also an example to showcase that anything is possible with passion and determination. Having started in the field of manufacturing and packaging, Roberto Santiago soon moved to the real estate field in his birth city of Joao Pessoa. It is here he purchased a substantial empty plot, which he later used to develop Manaira Shopping Mall. It is the most significant shopping mall in the state and one of the biggest in the country. There are numerous shopping malls in the state and the nation, but Manaira Shopping Mall continues to be the example of luxury, finesse, and elegance.


Roberto Santiago has ensured that he leaves no stone unturned in the development of Manaira Shopping Mall and has used only the best raw materials to develop the mall for both interiors and exteriors. Not only the Manaira Shopping Mall looks excellent, Roberto Santiago spends a considerable amount annually in the maintenance of the mall to ensure that the mall continues to maintain the high standards it is known for. When people enter Manaira Shopping Mall, they expect nothing but the best shopping and recreational experience and Roberto Santiago has vowed to give that to the residents of the city of Joao Pessoa.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is filled with lots of activities and people can spend hours over here without getting bored. Roberto Santiago has ensured that there are enough places to enjoy for both children as well as the adults. There is a huge bowling alley that is always filled with adults as well as the teenagers trying their hands on bowling. There is also a gaming zone that has a section for kids so that the adults, as well as the kids, can spend some quality time enjoying some mind-boggling games. There are new additions to the games now and then to ensure that the people have something to look forward to. Roberto Santiago is a man with a vision, and he assured that Manaira Shopping Mall has everything that the people of the city of Joao Pessoa were looking for. Moreover, the Manaira Shopping Mall also has a unique gourmet space in the mall where there are several specialty restaurants. These restaurants are some of the best in the city and serve global as well as traditional cuisines of Brazil.


Roberto Santiago is proud of the success of Manaira Shopping Mall and continues to work for the success of Manaira Shopping Mall rigorously. The mall also has a famous Domus Hall, which is primarily used for holding concerts and large-scale industry exhibitions as well as private parties and conferences. The Domus Hall has the maximum capacity of 8,000 people and is one of the biggest halls in the city.



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