How Susan McGalla Has Helped in the New Era of Women’s Empowerment

While there are a ton of efforts in empowering women, this whole effort is nothing new. Women have been trying to gain equality for decades now. While they have made progress initially, there have been times when the movement has been slowing down. This is the case when it comes to many movements. There are times when it is gaining momentum. Then there are times when it is slowing down. The one factor that helps women gain momentum is the leadership. This is especially the case when it comes to business. Women are often treated with disrespect and disregard in the workplace.

One person who has paved the way for women leaders is Susan McGalla. One thing that she has done to make sure that women get a chance to be leaders is make sure that they are aware of the type of environment they are in. One thing that Susan does is help women learn the battle so that they can fight it and win it. She has taught women through her example of what to do. One thing that she stresses is to make sure that one sees her as a person. At the same time, she makes sure that women have the mindset to see everyone as people,

When Susan McGalla speaks, she gives women tips on what can be done so that they can actually move forward in the business world. She also makes sure that women know where to go when they are facing unfair treatment. One thing that she has definitely encouraged women with is going into business for themselves so that they can own their business and not have to worry about dealing with inappropriate advances from their male superiors. Susan shows women a really good example of leadership and gaining respect from peers.

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