ClassDojo Fosters Positive Culture in the Classroom

The age we live in ins very fast-paced and technologically-advanced, and it can be hard to lose sight of what is important at times. Like communication and connections to real people. Social media is a great way to stay connected but can also have the opposite effect. ClassDojo is an app geared towards strengthening communication ties, and it has spread throughout many schools not only in the U.S., but throughout countries all over the world as well.

ClassDojo is connecting schools all over the world and is opening up class discussions. It is also improving communication skills among students and is helping them to think more critically and to grow their empathy for those who may need help.

Teachers in a Facebook group started to use ClassDojo. David used its technology to help impoverished Nigerian students. Stacy used it to share experiences to drive home the concept of compassion and kindness to fifth-grade students in Illinois. ClassDojo makes it possible to connect people all over the world with similar mindsets and who are seeking out a better form of communication. The app is bringing about awareness and even change and is also an effective tool for teaching. When students in Mrs. Weber’s class wanted to help fellow students in Nigeria, they found that shipping costs would be too costly, so they came up with the solution to create a GoFundMe campaign instead. The ClassDojo app goes far beyond just a communication platform but is a powerful learning tool for all who use it.

ClassDojo has made it possible for teachers to connect with students and parents. With the app, it is possible to create groups of students, display activity directions, turn on background music, and more with its nifty Toolkit feature.

ClassDojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools and is giving students the chance to showcase their hard work. Students can even create their very own digital portfolios complete with photos and videos. It’s easy for parents to join and quiet hours can be set to avoid interrupted learning. Today, 2 in 3 schools have chosen ClassDojo.

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