Barbara Stokes: The Leader of the Revolution of Budget Homes

Barbara Stokes and her team is on a revolution to offer budget homes for achieving the homes-for-everyone goal. The CEO of GSH is known for her proven leadership in ruling the disaster relief construction sector with highest quality solutions. Under her leadership, GSH offers innovative steel and modular wood frame homes that are energy-efficient and environment-friendly combined with the most modern technology. The team also structured construction of houses with faster build times and minimal imported workforce. Combined with lower insurance premiums, energy costs, and maintenance charges, the homes of GSH are ensuring reduced life-cycle costs. Read this article at


Stokes ensures that GSH is offering a wide range of services depending on the specific needs of the customers. The company provides on-site construction solutions along with build and delivery services for various residential, modular commercial, and mobile structures across the United States. The solutions of GSH are proven to offer qualities such as modular transport erection, customizable homes, mold and mildew resistant, and storm structural reliability up to 130 mph. Its custom design option helps the customers to get their homes with one or multiple bedroom homes. The leadership of Barbara Stokes ensured that GSH is searching for ways to innovate and provide better solutions to the large customer base of the company.


Barbara Stokes completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from the reputed Mercer University in 2001, before starting her career journey. During her years at Mercer, she also learned Structures and Properties of Construction Materials, Technical Communication, Thermodynamics applications, and Manufacturing and Management, which helped Stokes in her future endeavors. In the initial years of her career, Stokes collaborated with Boeing and Pisces Corporation and served in a number of managerial positions. She is highly experienced in government contracting, project management, project engineering, manufacturing, and construction. These added skills significantly capitalized the growth journey of GSH including in its diversification of product solutions.



Stokes joined GSH in 2011 as the CEO, and since then, she is giving vision and strategies for the long-term growth of the firm. She led the firm in supporting the initiatives of the U.S. Federal government and the missions of FEMA, the disaster management agency of the United States. Stokes is also a member at the American Institute of Architects and National Fire Protection Association. In the midst of her busy life, Barbara Stokes finds time to support the society to make a difference. She collaborates with the Huntsville community as an active volunteer in its various missions. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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