Sussex Health Care, Extraordinary Care Home

Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani are the Chairman of Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a care home that is located in the United Kingdom. The home has been in business for many decades now. They have grown tremendously over the years, they now have more than 20 homes located throughout the country.

Sussex Health Care is an independent care home who is exceeding the expectations throughout their league. This care home is one of the only care homes who have obtained dual accreditation in the UK. The care home has also been licensed by The Health Quality Service.

Sussex Health Care is different from most care homes because they don’t just care for the elderly. Sussex Health Care also cares for people who have mental and learning disabilities, neurological disorders, and the elderly as well. Even though Sussex Health Care cares for numerous conditions, they still stay true to their mission which is to provide excellent care to all of their patients while giving them an excellent health care experience.

Sussex Health Care’s goal for all patients is to help them to be as independent as possible, no matter what condition that they may be in. Sussex Health Care has a variety of tools that are made to help patients reach their goals. For example, they have a pools, many gyms, different exercise classes, and many other classes as well. During these classes, Sussex Health Care helps the residents feel like they are welcomed and cared for very well.

Sussex Health Care even allows other senior citizens to come to the facility for gym time so that they can interact with the residents. Establishing active communication is very important for Sussex Health Care. No matter the condition, residents are always welcomed to use their voice, be active, and to communicate with people who are around them.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder how Sussex Health Care has been able to maintain their great reputation of being the best. Sussex Health great will continue to expand and help everyone local who is in need of their services. If you or someone you know may be in need of their services, give them a call, they are waiting to assist!


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