Sentient AI Technology

Encouraged by the way the brain works, Intelligence Technology Sentient analyzes interaction images to fully understand motives and preferences based. Then simply he cares about content and recommends actions structured on that understanding. Merging profound knowledge and branded technology, Sentient is modifying the user experience across, from e-commerce to cultural networks.

The core of the experience is a search engine of content objective and care, unlike any other artificial intelligence available today. It continually refines, organizes and provides experience focused on the specific needs of an end user at that time. Immediately detects the intention of the user rather than relying on search, metadata, and historical data from earlier sessions or marketing cohorts. The result is an improved customer experience and more relevant content.

Maintained the use of inactive or dark GPU cycles that will make our exclusive and greatly distributed processing resource, this aims at engine diagnosis and content retention by using visual perception to consume numerous images and easily integrate into avenues existing work, that makes it suitable for a variety of markets beyond digital commerce. As you add more sensory receptors for this engine, you will understand many different types of content, including comprehensive aesthetic media (pictures and videos), sound (voice, music), and text.

Imagine applying technology-based intelligence to the motion pictures, where our system can you know what a person desires to see. In travel where our system can accurately identify the holiday package which a person is most likely to choose. The possibilities of these systems are unrestricted and we are competent to see innovations and results, creating for our customers and their consumers.

State-of-the-art intelligence techniques require great computing power. In Sentient, we certainly have created an unique distributed computing network that allows us to resolve complex problems, create progressive products and progressive unnatural intelligence patents in all disciplines.

Our computing facilities connects more than two million CPU core and 5, 000 GPU greeting cards to a large number of locations around the world. But really not merely the size that runs it. It is the middleware owner that allows us for taking good thing about our IT resources in different ways for every single issue our company is working on.

For example, in our evolutionary calculation, our infrastructure permits us to distribute a variety of data to prosperity of resources and allow everyone to evolve and change into possible alternatives. This middleware also allows you to gather successful solution generations, redistribute more resources, and further develop intelligent and intelligent codes.

And that is just an example. The scale permits all of us to pack massive data sets. It allows all of us to investigate new pathways in our favorite professions. It gives our AJE the liberty to make more observations, try new ideas and, ultimately, make better decisions. The size is the backbone of the artificial intelligence platform.

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