A Brief Look At Richard Mishaan And Some Of His Projects

Richard Mishaan is a famous interior designer and home decorator. He is also the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design and home decoration firm. In addition Richard Mishaan has written two books. They describe how to incorporate different elements into home decor regardless of your budget, theme or time period. You can order and find more information about his books on his official website.


Mr. Mishaan was born in Columbia and grew up in both Italy and Columbia. In addition to design and decor with Richard Mishaan Design, he owns a home decor and furniture store in New York City. The store is called Homer Design and it is located in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.


Mr. Mishaan has decorated numerous high end homes and hotels through work at Richard Mishaan Design. One of the famous projects undertaken by Richard Mishaan Design was the renovation, interior design and decoration of a vacation home in Cartagena, Columbia. In this project, Richard Mishaan Design helped to restore and furnish a 16th century Spanish style villa near the ocean. This villa was also Richard Mishaan’s own Colombian vacation house so he takes great pride in this project of his.


In his work with the 16th Century Spanish villa in Cartagena, Richard Mishaan added a roof deck that had sweeping views of the ocean. He also created a courtyard on the Villa’s property that added appeal and additional recreational space. The interior was furnished to feel like a small, boutique hotel. This was done to make the villa feel more like a getaway place where people come to relax. On the exterior, Richard Mishaan Design chose a yellowish exterior to add some brightness and character to what used to be a dull looking structure. The light color also helps reflect the sun’s rays in the hot tropical climate of Columbia.



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