Get Wen Cleanser For Your Fine Hair

Chaz Dean is the individual who created WEN conditioning cleanser. Dean is an individual who has a true love for beauty and for hair. Dean wanted to be able to create a hair product that could work on any type of hair. WEN conditioning cleanser is a product that promises to give body and health to any type of hair. Dean wanted to be able to give women the opportunity to have beautiful clean hair without having to have a lot of products. WEN hair conditioning cleanser is a cleanser, a conditioner and a styles.

Dean got his idea to make his own hair care products when he found that the majority of hair care products on the market were lacking. Many of these products included ingredients that were damaging to hair, and he did not want to have to use those on his clients. Dean decided that he would get together with other individuals and create his own haircare products. Dean experimented on himself, and then he presented the products to his client’s. His client’s absolutely loved the products.

Emily McClure from The Bustle wanted to do her own experiment on WEN condition cleanser. She wanted to see if she would get the results that WEN claims to give on their QVC infomercial. She followed all the instructions for the product, and she found that she really liked the way that her hair felt the first day. McClure thought that her hair felt more thick and it had more body. McClure has thin hair, so that can be an issue when it comes to products. McClure found that if she did not wash her hair every day with the WEN conditioning product, her hair would be greasy and flat. Even though that was the case, McClure does believe that her hair was more bouncy, shiny, and healthy. Since that is the case, McClure does recommend WEN products ( for women who have fine hair like her.


Bruno Fagali – A Reputable Brazilian Attorney

If you are in need of top notch legal representation in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Bruno Fagali – one of the most reliable and experienced Brazilian lawyers.

You may be wondering how to go about choosing the right lawyer or law firm for your situation. With so many lawyers and law firms to choose from, some people find it difficult to decide which one is just right for their business dispute or other legal problem they may be dealing with.

If you have relatives, friends or colleagues, who have used the services of a law firm or attorney in Brazil, you may be able to get recommendations from them. Even accounts and real estate professionals may be able to recommend a good lawyer to you

Keep in mind that not all lawyers provide the same quality of legal solutions. After getting recommendations from people you know, it’s advisable to research the lawyers before ultimately making a choice. Have a consultation with each candidate and compare them based on experience, costs and reputation

During a consultation with an attorney you will definitely be able to know whether the lawyer has what it takes to represent your effectively.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil and a firm believer in the “Code of Conduct” policy. Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Anti-corruption Law, and several other legal issues and laws. Bruno Fagali has inspired local firms and organizations to develop and establish consented lawful structure and comply with all rules and regulations in their respective industries.

Bruno Fagali has rendered outstanding representation to various high-profile individuals and companies. He is well known for fighting zealously for for the people and organizations he represents, and ensures the best possible outcome in the cases he handles.



Susan McGalla: Beating All Odds to Succeed in Business

Susan P. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1964. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a consultancy firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The firm specializes in offering expert consultancy services in marketing, talent management, branding, and operational efficiency. Susan is an alumnus of Mount Union College from where she holds a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She sits on the Boards of Mgee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, Mount Union College, and HFF Inc. She is also the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan is married to Stephen McGalla.


Work Experience


Susan McGalla’s long and fruitful career can be traced back to1986 when she started working at Joseph Horne Company. She served as a marketer as well as holding several departmental managerial positions in the firm, before quitting in 1994. In 1995, she became a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at American Eagle. McGalla was then promoted to become the president and chief merchandising officer for the firm’s American Eagle Outfitters brand. Her hard work paid off as she was later promoted to become the overall CMO and president of the firm. She left the firm in 2009.


Upon quitting the American Eagle, Susan started offering private consultancy services to retail and financial investment businesses. In January 2011, West Seal Inc. appointed McGalla to serve as the firm’s CEO, a position she held until July 2012. She later founded P3 Executive Consulting firm.


Her Role in Women Empowerment


Susan McGalla is dedicated to encouraging women in business. She believes that women will only succeed in business the moment they will stop playing the woman card, and instead work hard to compete with men for any positions. She has given public lectures on how to succeed in business as a woman in different forums, including the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.



How Eric Pulier Got to The Board of Innovation at XPrize

Eric Pulier is on the Board of Innovation at XPrize, a foundation that offers incentives for anyone who can find a solution to an important cause using technology. Pulier has always been active in political and social causes and has brought his technological expertise to the table in each situation, and now he’s helping young people do that through XPrize. His career has largely consisted of software and computer systems development, though he’s also working with mobile applications as well now. He’s the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a popular college textbook that discusses business relationships and technology’s role in them.

He began programming while still in high school, though he was also very proficient in English studies as well. He earned acceptance to Harvard where majored in both English and American literature, but he also attended MIT to pursue his technological career. He graduated magna cum laude and not long after started working with a non-profit group in Los Angeles called People Doing Things. A couple years later he started his first software and digital media company, Digital Evolution which later became US Interactive. In addition to that company, he also is the founder of Media Platform, Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh which was merged into a product suite at the Computer Sciences Corp.

Pulier brought his technological expertise to the healthcare industry as well when he joined the team at Starbright World. This event was launched at several children’s hospitals to help children with chronic illnesses learn about those illnesses, take a virtual reality tour into the world of medicine and even communicate with other children across an internet platform. In addition to Starbright World, the Presidential Technology Exhibition was another signature event for Pulier. As part of then President Clinton’s campaign team, Pulier was chosen to launch the Bridge to the 21st Century at the event in Washington D.C.