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Wessex Institute of Technology’s Elibrary is located in England. It serves the international scientific community. They offer many activities organized by the staff and the facility and its other companies. They offer short courses, and many seminars, and also have several conferences each year. Many of the conferences are in Spain, but also are in the UK, CZech Reupublic, Italy, and Estonia. Their conferences are about all sorts of things, some including air pollution, disaster management, water and society, and timber structures. It looks like they have been doing conferences since 2008, and are still doing many to this day. It is an independent research institution. Wessex Institute of Technology’s Elibrary won the Prigogine award in 2009, 2015, and 2017. They seem to have been in the new several time for many different things. Some including awards, and some of their students have even won medals. They are very easy to contact for any questions, and the also offer tours.

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