Dogs Deserve Beneful

Dogs deserve the best, especially when it comes to what they eat. Purina’s Beneful provides just that. Beneful gives dogs the opportunity to be happy, healthy, and energized with many options from grain free to calorie smart foods, and much more. This top-quality dog food is always made with real meat, like chicken and beef, and essential vitamins and nutrients from superfoods like blueberry, pumpkin, spinach, and carrots. Any dog is sure to love the taste of real food, rather than the usual processed dog food filled with chicken and beef by-product. Not only does Beneful Walmart create health promoting dog food, but also treats that are, like other Beneful products, infused with vitamins, nutrients, and real meat. When dogs eat Beneful by Purina they become energized and playful, they are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, and a happy dog makes for a happy owner.

Life Line Screening Has Been Relentless In Improving the Lives of Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases and Those at Risk

Life Line Screening is a firm that focuses on vascular diseases screening. It is one of the leading organizations in the industry. The facility has handled over eight million people. The results are well grounded, having been reviewed by qualified physicians. CEO Dr. Andrew Manganaro ensures that quality services are offered. His experience as a cardiovascular surgeon has had a hand in his dedication at Life Line Screening. He has seen several cases of heart diseases that have caused many untimely deaths. Situations that he notes could have been avoided by catching the disease early through screening.

Screenings Offered

Life Line Screening has a system that uses a special algorithm tests if an individual is fit for screening. This system has enabled people with risks of contracting heart diseases but do not show any symptoms to get screened. These risks include diabetes, high blood pressure, family statistics, high cholesterol, and old age. Life Line Screening offers several screening procedures that are non-invasive. They include carotid arteries and abdominal aorta ultrasounds and ankle brachial index measurement. The company also offers blood tests as well as EKG and Osteoporosis screenings. Life Line Screening has continued to be innovative and has added other screenings to its catalog. Such tests include testing the lungs health and functionality and a program designed for the improvement of type 2 diabetes patients. The firm has managed to reach many people through strategic marketing and public awareness. Judging by the number of people accessing the services, it is evident that the public appreciates the screenings to learn more: click here.

Contribution to Growth of Science

Advancement in technology has been of help at Life Line Screening. The firm has invested in modern technology machine to enhance its services. The company has been able to contribute to the development of science in the area of cardiovascular diseases through its research.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a respected institution that has been providing screening services since 1993. The firm’s headquarters are based in Austin, Texas but provide its services across the United States.

Life Line Screening has always endeavored to fulfill its mission of detecting diseases early enough. The firm also encourages follow-ups to ensure patients stay in check.

Nathaniel Ru’s Philosophy Of Community Around Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru, along with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet are proud to run a company that is making changes for the better in the food service industry. Their company, Sweetgreen has become one of the top salad chains with locally grown produce and information on all their products’ ingredients available at the individual restaurants.

Ru and his friends started this company with the goal of not only bringing healthy foods in place of most fast food chains, but also educating others on healthy eating. So far Sweetgreen has done well because it embodies several values that Ru, Neman and Jammet all believe in.

Ru said first that he wants every decision that Sweetgreen makes to be a winner for the company, customer and community. Second, he believes that every decision regarding the direction of the company will have a lasting impact, and he wants that impact to be for the better.

And then he also wants the company to be about authenticity in treating customers with respect and taking a real interest in their needs. And he believes that everything that’s done at Sweetgreen is done together between the company and its employees. So how did the three men build a company founded on these values?

It began in 2007 while they were attending Georgetown University and looking for an angle in their efforts to start a business. They had often discussed the lack of healthy eating options at the university, so then they decided to start their own healthy eating restaurant.

It began with a little help from their families and other investors, and their original restaurant was a little shop at a quaint corner on campus. But they realized it would succeed when they managed to stay open all through the winter break of that year. They wanted to add a new location in the following year, but this new restaurant struggled to attract customers. So that’s when they began a new pitch with music.

Their music ideas led to the formation of Sweetlife, a music festival commonly held outside Sweetgreen locations. In time Ru and his friends started generating revenue that allowed Sweetgreen to expand and open locations in many more cities.

Soon they moved out to Los Angeles where they spend a lot of time, but Sweetgreen has no central headquarters and Ru says that’s by design. But they have brought in new app to combine the latest technology trends and social media into their restaurant chain.

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Michael Lacey, the Great mathematician

Born in 1959, Michael Thoreau Lacey is a Mathematician from the US. He attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where he acquired his PhD in 1987. Michael studied at the university during the time of Walter Philipp as the director.

The thesis of Michael touched in the probability area in Banach spaces where he managed to solve a problem that was related to the iterated logarithm law for the empirical characteristic functions. Over the years, Michael Lacey’s work has been in the areas of ergodic theory, probability and also harmonic analysis.

After acquiring his PhD, Michael first worked at the Louisiana State University after which he went on to serve at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It was at the University of North Carolina that Michael and Walter Philip demonstrated the proof about the central limit theorem.

The period from 1989 to 1996, Michael lacey served at the Indiana University where he managed to receive a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Michael also started study about the Hilbert transform bilinear at the tenure of the postdoctoral fellowship. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

In 19996, Michael and Christoph Thiele solved the conjecture subject by Alberto Calderon and were awarded with the Salem Prize for this success.

Michael Lacey became the Professor of mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996. He got the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for the joint work he did with Xiaochun Li. Michael lacey became an American Mathematics Society member in 2012. He was once a lecture at the University of Arkansas where he taught the subject of Mathematics.

A researcher of mathematics, Michael has written many papers, most of which are sponsored by National Science Foundation. He has acquired a reputation as a hard working and reliable mathematician. His works are also recognized the world over and is termed as one of the greatest mathematicians of his time.

Michael Lacey always had a passion for mathematics since he was young. He worked hard to achieve his goal of becoming a great mathematician. Michael serves as a mentor to young and upcoming mathematicians. He attributes his success to discipline, commitment and above all passion.

A Brief Look At Richard Mishaan And Some Of His Projects

Richard Mishaan is a famous interior designer and home decorator. He is also the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design and home decoration firm. In addition Richard Mishaan has written two books. They describe how to incorporate different elements into home decor regardless of your budget, theme or time period. You can order and find more information about his books on his official website.


Mr. Mishaan was born in Columbia and grew up in both Italy and Columbia. In addition to design and decor with Richard Mishaan Design, he owns a home decor and furniture store in New York City. The store is called Homer Design and it is located in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.


Mr. Mishaan has decorated numerous high end homes and hotels through work at Richard Mishaan Design. One of the famous projects undertaken by Richard Mishaan Design was the renovation, interior design and decoration of a vacation home in Cartagena, Columbia. In this project, Richard Mishaan Design helped to restore and furnish a 16th century Spanish style villa near the ocean. This villa was also Richard Mishaan’s own Colombian vacation house so he takes great pride in this project of his.


In his work with the 16th Century Spanish villa in Cartagena, Richard Mishaan added a roof deck that had sweeping views of the ocean. He also created a courtyard on the Villa’s property that added appeal and additional recreational space. The interior was furnished to feel like a small, boutique hotel. This was done to make the villa feel more like a getaway place where people come to relax. On the exterior, Richard Mishaan Design chose a yellowish exterior to add some brightness and character to what used to be a dull looking structure. The light color also helps reflect the sun’s rays in the hot tropical climate of Columbia.

Imran Haque Of Asheboro Assures the Best Patient Experience


Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine physician licensed to work in North Carolina. He holds offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. Dr. Imran attained his medical doctor degree at the Universidad Ibero Americana in the year 1998. The good doctor then attended the University of Virginia where he studied internal medicine under the Roanoke-Salem program. Dr. Imran Haque is also registered with Internal Medicine Maintenance Program. In his over 15 years of practice in medicine, Dr. Imran has been collaborating with various hospitals. These hospitals include the Southern Regional Medical Center, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital among others. He is also associated with the Horizon Internal Medicine Medical Group.


Areas of Practice


Dr. Imran Haque has cut a niche in the internal medicine sector. His ability to value his patients and offer customized services to them has made him one of the highly regarded doctor. To him, patients are always a priority. His hospital website details various conditions in a bid to enlighten his patients. He boasts of massive experience in various diagnoses and treatments. The services that he offers cover physical medicine and cosmetic medicine as well as laboratory services. The treatments include laser hair removal, ultrasound, Botox, dermal fillers, 360 resurfacing and Venus body contouring. He also offers extensive programs on diabetes treatment and weight management. He goes a long way in recommending the most appropriate diets and nutrition as well as lifestyle changes.


More on His Practice

His practice is equipped with the state of the art equipment that guarantees the best experience in cosmetic procedures. He is also very knowledgeable in non-invasive treatments. Dr. Imran Haque is bold enough to refer complex conditions to other doctors. This trait makes him a commendable doctor. He treats his patients under various health insurance plans such as ChoiceCare, Medicare, Multiplan, Medicaid and Cigna Humana among others.


The CEO Of IDLife, Logan Stout, Talks About His Entrepreneurial Career

Logan Stout is a revered entrepreneur. He has extensive skills that enables him to instantly know if an idea is good and worth investing in or not. This ability enabled him to create ID Nutrition. According to the entrepreneur, one day after doing an interview with Fox Business News about his book and other ventures, he was approached by a gentleman who recognized him from the interview. He told the former athlete that Zig Ziglar’s personal doctor had created the world’s first customized vitamin program. The individual talked about the product in detail to Stout, who instantly knew the product had a great potential in the market. He contacted the doctor and acquired the product from him. Stout branded it ID Nutrition.

Stout notes that his days are pretty similar. From Monday to Friday, he wakes up early in the morning and starts his day by drinking an IDLife Shake, his morning vitamins, and an IDLife Energy drink. Instead of reading news online, the entrepreneur prefers reading the actual newspaper followed by a session of reading about personal development. Stout spends his morning hours working from his home office before going to work. He also takes a few minutes to interact with his twin boys.

Logan Stout loves brainstorming. Whenever he has an idea, he holds a brainstorming session with a team of colleagues and friends. For him, no idea is bad. Every thought can lead to another idea that has huge economic potential. At IDLife, ideas do not belong to specific people but to the team.

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The former athlete is interested in health and wellness trends. For instance, he notes that older people are striving to look younger and the millennials are putting loads of efforts towards eating clean and taking care of themselves. The public is also curious about transparency and authenticity of the health and wellness-related information and products.

About IDLife
IDLife has extensive experience on offering personalized nutrition services. The company contends that the populace is aware of the effects of unhealthy eating, thus they are cautious about their well-being. In addition, more information on the medical care-related costs has been disseminated to the public. This awareness has enhanced the demand of their products in the market.

The shrewd entrepreneur, Logan Stout, posits that IDLife generates over $23 billion annually. Under his visionary leadership, the company has succeeded in maintaining its competitive advantage in the health and wellness industry. Over the years, the executive has been working with other thought leaders to enhance the growth of IDLife. Some of these experts are Len Critcher, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason.

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Using Failure to Achieve Success in Business, Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American venture capitalist based in Dallas, Texas. Known to many as a “serial entrepreneur,” Sparks strives to create successful businesses for himself as well as his clients. His success comes as a result of his dedication towards delivering results and practical solutions. Currently, he’s the CEO of an investment capital firm called Timber Creek Capital. Marc is a disciplined businessman who believes in having a strategic plan. Also, he understands the importance of running a business professionally. Learn more:


Mr. Sparks has worked in the finance industry for almost 5 decades. He has invested in many companies, during his career. Marc has had an adventurous professional journey that has allowed him to meet business leaders from other industries and gather a lot of knowledge. He’s passionate about what he does and strives to learn more about the world of finance –every day. Learn more:


Marc Sparks encourages other entrepreneurs to take risks and learn from their mistakes. He credits most of his success to his failures. Mr. Sparks has authored a book titled “They Can’t Eat You,” documenting his entrepreneurial journey ( The book also doubles up as an investment guide for those who want to venture into business. According to Marc, an investor can’t learn much from success. In his book, he discusses how his failures contributed towards his success story. Although he has built companies worth millions, Sparks believes that he wouldn’t have done it if he never failed at one point or another.


Recently, the offices of Timber Creek Capital were remodeled to suit the company’s brand. Marc Sparks understand that every business requires a favorable environment. He hired contractors to renovate his workspace so that it can include tech advancements. Also, he wanted to create a comfortable environment for his clients as well as the employees. Timber Creek Capital’s newly renovated offices provide startups with support solutions. Marc mentors young business owners and teaches them about capital, investments, banking and marketing. He aims at equipping his clients with resources that can help them build their businesses.


When Sparks isn’t working, he takes part in various charitable activities. As a business leader, he considers this as one of the best ways of giving back to the community. He works with non-profits that offer shelter to the homeless. One of the organizations that Marc Sparks works with is The Samaritan Inn, which offers free accommodation, vocational training and healthcare to the less fortunate. In addition, Sparks is passionate about the wellbeing of women and children.


One that stands above many

There is an endless of colleges that exist in the world of education and society today. But very few live up to the caliber and standard that is exhibited by the Orange Coast College of California. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

A place where not just the minds of its students are grown and nurtured, but their bodies as well. Thus allowing students to excel at both their studies and their love for various sports and activities.

Unlike many places today that just use empty words to entice the interests of both possible students and parents alike, OCC has the history to prove that they are the best at what they do. Producing great a large number of athletes year after year as they capture quite the number of victories. Whether it be baseball, track or swimming, the OCC Pirates always live up to the standard they have set. And have done so for many years.

However, Orange Coast College didn’t become the largest and finest community colleges in California just because of its athletics program. The academic and career programs that are provided are just as efficient and consistent.

Having a variety of over 135 choices for programs that cater for the ideas, goals and opportunities of its students. For a place that receives over 25000 enrollments per semester, no less should be expected or provided.

And it’s all housed on a 164 acre campus. With its up to date and well kept facilities, academic and athletic programs, and consistent results throughout the years. Orange Coast College has proven that it is worthy of being called the best community college in California and one of the best in the modern society of education.

And has done nothing but develop and grow since its founding in 1947. When it comes to shaping your future as a student, OCC is definitely a choice to consider and is worth a choice to make. And will continue to be no less than that for many years to come.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Have the Best Job Around

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Love More than Just Wine

Wine is not the only passion of Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. In fact, the Wine Guides admit loving quite a few aspects of Napa Valley aside from the wine. They love the Napa Art Walk; they also take time to enjoy the Napa Valley Historical Society. They even explore the terrain of the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Yes, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are vivacious about many aspects of Napa Valley and life, but that does not detract from the love of their job and wine.

Benefits of Being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

One need not question why Wine Guides are so in- love with their jobs. Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have perhaps the best job around. This job provides ample flexibility allowing an employee to work as much or as little as they want depending upon the need. This is ideal for mothers caring for younger children. Another unconventional benefit of employment as a Wine Guide is the ability to sample and sell one of the best products the market. Who does not love wine? Sampling wine at work seems like ideal perk.

How does the model work?

Individuals interested in the position are paired with a local leader who provides information about Traveling Vineyards and the role of a Wine Guide. Once an individual has decided to accept employment he/she will visit the Traveling Room, an online training room, that teaches all about the business and how to market the product. Guides have opportunities to attend conferences to network and build skills. Wine Guides receive two kits essential to success. 1. The Summology Kit provides information about ways to taste wines, the ways wines are blended, and ways to combine wines with foods and festivities. 2. A Success Kit is sent to guides; it includes two sampling sets including 5 bottles of wine, tasting glasses, a case, a bottle carrier, forms and paperwork, and about Traveling information cheat sheet.

To learn more check out the Traveling Vineyard Facebook, and become one of the 35,000 followers.