How Is Wen By Chaz Unique in The Hair Care Industry?

WEN Hair by Chaz is one of the most-unique products in the cosmetics industry, and they are taking over the hair care world with a simple bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Chaz Dean built the shampoo from scratch, and he is asking women to trust him with a new brand of shampoo that he knows is well-worth their time. This article on explains how Wen by Chaz will change a woman’s life when she may wash her hair without fear.

#1: Hair That Sheds

Women with hair that sheds are simply not in a position to do anything with their hair, and they feel as though their hair will not get any better. The hair they have must be treated with something new, and they will find what they need when they are using Wen by Chaz. WEN Hair by Chaz has created a product that will stop hair from shedding, and a lady who sees her hair shed every day must begin using the shampoo as soon as possible. She may wash daily, and she will see fewer instances of her hair shedding in the shower or when she is brushing.

#2: Styling

Women do not style their hair when it is weak as they are afraid it will fall out, and they do not want to be in a position where their hair is falling out because they tried to make it look nice. Women on Twitter see their hair become stronger with help from Wen by Chaz, and they will learn Chaz Dean put in a conditioner that will stop hair from shedding. The follicles are much stronger, and hair does not fall out when the roots are strong as they are.

#3: Helping Hair Settle

Hair that is frizzy and out of control is often blamed on a head of problems on Women believe it is a problem they must deal with, and they may use Wen by Chaz to learn their hair may be tamed. They will see their hair come under control, and it will fall as it should every day. Their hair will settle quite a lot, and styling becomes that much easier.

The woman who wants to see her hair improve must find a way to wash with purpose. WEN Hair by Chaz gives women a purposeful shampoo that will condition their hair at the same time. They will feel their hair grow stronger, and they will see it become thicker every day. Source:

Sweetgreen offers its Customers with a Healthful and Sweet Deal when it Comes to Munching on Delicious Greens

Sweetgreen represents an exceptional casual salad chain. The consumers, actually stand in line, in order to crunch upon the tasty greens offered by the stylish fast food, healthful establishment. Persons, who experience the Sweetgreen style, find the food delicious, and the restaurant sensational. One consumer made the remark that the inside of the casual fast food restaurant is much like a place that sells iPhones. It is sensationally clean and fresh—appearance-wise.


When the lines are long it is best to make use of the Sweetgreen app. The long-line is avoided when the app is engaged. The result? A delightful lettuce concoction, complete with tasty dressing, and cheesy crumbles.


There is a magic that surrounds the Sweetgreen establishment. The foods are so healthy; however, are preferrably delicious, too. On top of that: it is priced, categorically, in a ballpark that does not break anyone’s budgetary constraints. The plate of greens at the Sweetgreen restaurant is so inviting and satisfying that it does not leave the hungry consumer experiencing hunger-pangs, less than an hour later—after eating the healthful selection. The preceding is good news since the consumer who engages in the Sweetgreen eating experience attains food which is far more nourishing than many other fast food choices.


The first Sweetgreen restaurant was estblished in Washington, DC, in 2007. The Sweetgreen food chain, since that time has increased to forty sites, inclusive of the New York area, and the state of California. There are other Sweetgreen sites in the Chicago and Boston areas.


A well-known media source recently mentioned the food chain in its publication. It stated that if legacy restaurant companies could start from square one, most of them would want to review the Sweetgreen business model. The co-founder of Sweetgreen is Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel Ru provided explanation of how the stylish restaurant chain went about finding its food sources; how it devises a design with respect to service, and why it is important to eat more of important leafy greens—that is, more interesting greens–not easily recognizable to the average consumer.


Nathaniel intimated that in order to launch a store, within a certain market, there was much more to it than reviewing demographics. A very important function of proper launching is the timing of the opening of the retail establishment. The preceding way is how Sweetgreen has performed introducing itself to a new market. It is a given, then, that timing is very fundamental with regard to introduction to store success. He stated that entry into the market was as significant as how many locations were launched. Nathaniel said, too, that inside the New York area, the initial Sweetgreen store was situated at 28th and Broadway. This is a very happening and trendy location. He pointed out that this stylish neighborhood was well beyond the average strip comprised of fast food stores, which are located along the 23rd Street area. Too: the 23rd Street area is full of media and techy type of establishments.


Nathaniel made the point that location sets Sweetgreen distinctly apart from other similar types of establishments. Sweetgreen, in keeping with its stylish locations, made it a point to set up stores in the neighborhoods of Nolita, Tribeca, and Williamsburg. Ru, stated that the location concept, allowed Sweetgreen to get past the idea of simple convenience. He added that Sweetgreen is not only interested in the lunch set but also the weekender and the dinner crowd.


As somewhat suggested in the text above: Walking into a Sweetgreen location is similar to walking into an Apple computer store. It provides its consumer with amazingly clean lines and a staff that welcomes its consumer with a smilingly sincerity. The restaurant experience is one that leaves the consumer well-satisfied. The diner is abundantly happy he or she made the decision to pay a visit to the Sweetgreen location. Ru mentions that this form of keeping the consumer experience, well above average, is referred to, by the staff at the Sweetgreen establishment, as service design. The components of service design are that of telling a story, a sense of technology and the distinctive design that comes with the Sweetgreen dining experience. By making use of service design, Ru states that there is more going on than merely selling a product. What is being offered, too, is a personal, service, relative and unique to each Sweetgreen customer.


When a person visits Sweetgreen, it is a reliable and friendly restaurant experience. The preceding is true, regardless if the consumer places his or her order inside of the store, or by making use of the handy Sweetgreen app—which thirty percent of the Sweetgreen customer base do.


Ru mentions, that the first sight, the consumer, hopefully, notices is the casual dining establishment’s open kitchen concept. He states that the idea behind the open kitchen is so that the Sweetgreen customer may witness, firsthand, the food processes involved, in getting that particular person’s order ready. He further conveyed that Sweetgreen, makes all of its dressings from scratch and its food dishes. The preceding is continual: and happens daily. Fresh produce is delivered to the door of the Sweetgreen location, each and every morning. He thinks that it is best to show the Sweetgreen customer what it is they do; as opposed to just saying they do it.


Ru admits there is a fifteen minute wait—approximately—once a person gets in line for the Sweetgreen experience. Once it comes time to order, the casual diner is provided with a nice row of fresh ingredients—which to choose. A member of the Sweetgreen team is available to walk each casual diner through the entirety of the order process. The process is friendly, in that it provides the customer with one-on-one interaction, with the team member employed by the nutritional food chain location. The style of interaction, just mentioned, is a change made within the recent time-period. Where the one-on-one communication is preferred, even though it takes a bit more time, according to Ru, is that it provides the customer with an order that is precise. The process—as it pertains to ordering-takes about two to three minutes, per Sweetgreen customer.


Next: Sweetgreen wanted to assure the app mimicked the in-store experience. Ru said that the Sweetgreen Company spent a great deal of time on photographing the food items; when creating the app. The in-store visual experience was accomplished. When the app is used; a consumer can skip the lines and go straight to a handy pickup location.


He stated, where Sweetgreen remains unique, in comparison with other similar specialty food establishments: It inquires of the farming specialist what it is he or she grows, rather than specifically asking for a particular crop. The preceding practice minimizes food waste, to a large extent. Too: the practice makes it possible for the Sweetgreen customer to engage in tasting vegetables that he or she may not have, otherwise, considered. Ru provided an interesting example of what he was referring. He stated that around one and one-half years, prior, the company went to the Salinas Valley area within the Northern, California region. He stated that his team met with a farming specialist who showed them his broccoli crop. Ru mentioned that the majority of individuals, familiar with broccoli, recognize the vegetable by way of its florets. However, the preceding stated—broccoli grows very similar to that of a winter green or kale. In other words, there is a mass amount of leaves which surround the crown of the vegetable. The Sweetgreen team inquired, of the farming specialist, what it is he did with all of the leaves; once the crown was extracted. They asked if he sold the leaves. The farming expert said he did not—since it was his presumption—the leaves were of no use to anyone. The leaves ended up being tilled back into the land. The Sweetgreen team, next asked the farming expert, if the leaves were edible. He assured them that the leaves were very edible, and were reasonably healthier than most lettuces on the market. When the team heard the news—they immediately made a deal with him—as it applied to the broccoli leaves. Rue states, in conclusion of the story—that Sweetgreen wants to assure its customer there are more healthful foods, in the way of greens to eat, than just kale. And, assuredly, when anyone makes note of the long lines of Sweetgreen, it is a given, there is more to a fast food lunch than what is considered typical fare.


Notes Regarding Nathaniel Ru—Co-Founder of Sweetgreen and the Sweetgreen Legacy:


Nathaniel Ru was in his senior year at Georgetown University inside of Washington, D.C. Ru mentioned that he and some of his college friends were experiencing difficulty in locating healthful places which to attain reasonably-priced, veggie styled lunches. One day, the co-founders of Sweetgreen, brought forth the idea that maybe, they could collectively create such a place. They noticed a nice five-hundred sixty foot spot on M Street—inside an area downtown. Later the area became the start of the dining establishment of Sweetgreen. The three entrepreneurs found financial backers and an architect. Timing according to Ru was essential and they had fortunately succeeded in the precision of it. Again, the preceding event was the starting point, relative to the three launching the fast food models, later on.


Ru readily admits that it is not what you do; however, how a matter is executed that gets people’s attention. The chain is now located in many major metropolitan areas and suburban locations such as Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Boston. The food is fresh and healthful—as is indicated above. Ru, with his unique business model and style, has made the Sweetgreen name one of dependability and provided his consumer base with foods that are not only extremely nutritional, at an affordable price point, but, exceptionally crispy and delicious.

Covers.Com: Football Odds For All

A lot of times when people think of NFL odds, they think that only the experts can do it and it is not for them. They might be a casual fan and they might think that too much goes into it for them to have any success with it. They only watch it here and there, and they don’t know enough. They might get involved with Super Bowl odds, as everyone watches that, but as as far as overall football odds, that is too much stress and too much pressure for them. Here is the good things: it doesn’t have to be anymore. It can actually be fun and quite profitable.

It doesn’t take an expert and it doesn’t take a diehard fan to use While that helps and increases the odds of winning, they have made the website where it is easy to use, fun, and interactive. One of the many things people love about the website is the fact that it has videos. Some people are visual learners and when they visit the website, they learn a lot from watching the videos and hearing it from their experts. Even if the bettor does not feel like they are an expert, they feel more comfortable listening to an expert and what they have to say. They feel like their NFL odds are more in their favor.

They truly rely on them when it comes to Super Bowl odds. A lot of people might think it is 50/50 odds on the game, but there can be some little things that picks up on, as they are in full throttle right now when it comes to week 17. They are really doing their homework and putting in the extra time for NFL week 17 football odds. They know this is their busy time, and they want to provide for the bettors.

As mentioned previously, is friendly for all types of bettors, and they make it the site filled with columns, expert predictions, and everything that could need and want to have success and knock it out of the park. That is why they are growing in popularity by the day and more and more people are catching on with the website. They are seeing a website that is taking everything and everyone into consideration when it is being put together for the public and they appreciate that.

Career Success Spans Many Decades For Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a well known name in the 21st century as he has developed his own business and reestablished the AmWay Group as a successful company ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Over the course of his career I have watched as Dick Devos began his career in his family’s business of the AmWay Group before entering his retirement with a commitment to new investments found through The Windquest Group he developed alongside his wife Betsy.

The career of Dick DeVos began in 1974 at the age of 19 when he entered the AmWay Group in a minor position that allowed him the chance to explore the many different departments of the company and learn about how best to lead the company in the future; the first major challenge faced at management level by Dick DeVos is one I believe he made a success of in a very short space of time.

The DeVos family business saw just five percent of its sales come from international trade in the mid 1980s when Dick DeVos was given the job of heading the department, by the end of his six year period in charge Dick DeVos had transformed international sales to reach over 50 percent of the overall sales of the company.

Entering the 1990s I was impressed to see Dick DeVos take on a new adventure in life as he departed the traditional areas of the AmWay Group to become the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.

I believe the success Dick found in the NBA as the Magic finished in high positions led directly to the decision to appoint him as President of the AmWay Group in 1993. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

Dick looked for new ways of finding success with the AmWay Group and put into motion the plan that would lead to a restructuring designed to increase the profits of the company; the creation of the Alticor group as a parent for the AmWay Group increased profits and led to the company returning to its most successful periods of the company.

The Windquest Group has been at the heart of the work of Dick and Betsy DeVos ever since I heard Dick planned to retire from Alticor in 2004. Over the life of The Windquest Group, Dick DeVos has been looking for new areas of success for the Grand Rapids, Michigan area that the DeVos family still call home.

Covers.Com: Now Is The Time To Get In On The Action

While there is no doubting the popularity of the NFL, there is just something different about college football. It seems to bring out the best in the fans and really get them excited. One of the major reasons for that is a lot of people have their favorite college football teams based on where they went to college. Because of this, it holds a very special place in their heart and it really matters to them. They feel a connection with the school and they remember all of the good memories they had there. It is a sense of school pride in many ways.

It is also one of the most popular and exciting sports to place bets on when it comes to NCAAF odds. They are the go-to website around bowl season and with the college football playoff system now in place. People truly rely on the predictions, the views from the experts, the updated daily columns, and the videos on the website. is the only website that people need for football odds. If they have any question marks or anything they are unsure about, will have an answer on it right away.

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As of right now, on their website, they have 80 things to know about 80 college football bowl teams. This shows that every game and every team gets their time to shine on this website. They look at every possible angle from coaching to injuries to the mismatches. On paper, one team might seem like a lock, but like most things in life, it is never that simple. will help you uncover something that a lot of people are missing and overlooking and help you succeed with flying colors.

The Midas Legacy: They Can Handle It All

A lot of people are learning about The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, and the more they learn about it, the more they like it. They are also telling their friends about it and passing along the word. Whenever a company has that many clients and that many smiles on the faces of their clients, it is clear they are doing something right. One thing that sticks out with The Midas Legacy is their personal touch when it comes to someone’s present and their future. They really take the time to get to know someone and find out what they are looking for out of retirement.

Here is the thing: everyone is different and that is a good thing. What makes one person happy might not make another person happy. Everybody finds joy in different things in life. That is the beauty of everyone being different. The way the Midas Legacy gets to know people is by simply asking questions and getting to know them. People feel comfortable opening up to them and telling them what they want and how they want it. They are very clear about that when it comes to their health, well-being, and money.

Once the Midas Legacy has all of that information under their belt, they can get to work on working for the client. That is what they specialize in and that is what they are great at as a company. No one does it better than them and they have earned all of their positive reviews and all of the positive feedback they have received. That does not happen by accident and it does not happen by mistake. People are brutally honest and if they are unhappy about something or someone, they are going to post about it online.

However, all of the reviews for the Midas Legacy are happy customers and happy people. They have seen first-hand what The Midas Legacy can do and how they do it. They want the world to know about it because they appreciate the effort and dedication that the Midas Legacy puts into this. This is their job and they take it with the utmost seriousness. When people are counting on them and relying on them, they see that as an honor and the last thing they want to do is let them down. They have never let the people down and they never will.

Securus Technologies Is Making A Christmas Impact This Year

There is nothing like watching a child express happiness on Christmas morning. This happiness comes from seeing a parent, who is incarcerated, face to face. Securus Technologies has made it possible for this young boy to speak to his father on Christmas morning. Despite the young boy opening up several different presents that morning, it is evident that having a face to face conversation with his incarcerated father is the best present of all.


The father is able to watch his son open his gifts and assemble them without being rushed off the phone or asked to add more money into a machine. The father is also able to talk to his son about how it was when he was a child on Christmas morning. Sadly, the father told his son to be good so that he doesn’t have to be in this same situation when he gets older.


Securus Technologies is gearing up for an unforgettable Christmas this year. Actually, there is gear resides in prisons throughout the United States and other parts of the world. This gear has made it able to for people in jail to communicate with their children and other family members.


Securus Technologies is a great company because they have products and services for both inmates and prison staff. Evidently, the face to face video conversation program is the best benefit offered to inmates from Securus Technologies. Not only is this a benefit to inmates, but it’s a benefit to family members and friends of inmates, too. Family members and friends can sign up for a free account with Securus Technologies. They can then speak to their family members and friends from the comfort of their own home. The best thing about this program is that it’s free. It does not even cost the jail money.


When it comes to the prison staff, there are several different programs offered by Securus Technologies. One of the most popular programs would be the investigation solution system. This is a system that tracks criminals who routinely visit inmates, especially more than one inmate. The system does everything. All detectives and prison employees have to do is study the data, which is depicted in the simplest way using the best digital products.


This year alone, the investigation solution system has solved thousands and thousands of crimes. Securus Technologies hopes this number can even rise higher as the technology becomes more advanced.


George Soros Attends Recent Meeting of Democracy Alliance

After Donald Trump’s election win, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, and Warren Buffet as well as other liberals are trying to figure out what they will do next. The rich liberals met for a 3-day closed door meeting, recently to plan how they will fight back against Trump. The meeting was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club. It included leaders of labor unions and major liberal groups. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairman Keith Ellison were expected.

This was the first gathering of its kind, since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election. They plan all out warfare on Trump, starting immediately. Many liberals are beginning to re-access their approach to politics after the shocking results of this year’s election. Many are starting to worry about upcoming elections for the House and Senate races and how they can regain seats.

Read more:
George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

George Soros has recently backed off his involvement in campaigns, however committed $25 million to helping Hillary Clinton get elected in this year’s campaign. Soros typically doesn’t attend DA meetings, so his attendance at the most recent one, shows that he is committed to opposing Trump. The Democracy Alliance was started in 2004 by George Soros and the late Peter Lewis. They combined their funds and efforts to promote the Democratic Party and liberal causes.

Although, George Soros bid to get Clinton elected failed, he also pushed to unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He contributed $2 million to a group working to defeat Arpaio Soros was involved in this election, because he disagreed with Arpaio’s enforcement of immigration laws. This was his single largest investment in a local race during 2016. Many believe that Soros will become more active in the political scene after Trump takes office, because of his strong stance on immigration laws.

Soros has contributed millions of dollars to fund efforts to defeat local prosecutors and bring in new people who support criminal justice reform. He is currently spending large amounts in Harris County, in Houston. He is supporting campaigns in Gilpin and Jefferson Counties near Denver. In the same region, Maricopa County where George Soros funded campaigns against the sheriff, he funded campaigns against the Republican District Attorney, Bill Montgomery. It is fair to say that Soros name will be appearing as part of the political scene for some time to come, especially with the new administration preparing to take charge.

Learn more about George Soros at

Holistic Hair Solution

The amount of time spent in the morning on fighting, stressing, and coaxing hair to get it just the way we want is unreasonable. As a busy society, the last thing we want to worry about it waking up extra early because of the battle with our locks we have to face.

As cosmetic researchers are beginning to discover, the way that we have been taught to treat our hair may actually be harming it. The common shampoo, as it turns out, is full of chemicals and soaps that not only rid hair of dirt and debris, but the typical shampoo is also stripping hair of natural oils and vitamins it needs for the healthy shine and manageability that everyone wants.

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A solution to this problem is already out there, though, and it takes the form of cleansing conditioner. Cleansing conditioner, such as those found in the WEN hair care line, is a product that combines elements of several products into one easy to apply product. It does the cleaning job of shampoo, moisturizing like a conditioner, healing and preventing damage like a deep conditioner, created manageable hair that a detangler is needed for, and the shine and complete touch of a leave-in conditioner. Not only does it save time when trying to do your hair, but it also saves money, having to buy only one product instead of five or more.

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Though the cleansing conditioner is the solution to many styling and hair health problems, it is still possible to buy one with synthetic chemicals that can damage your hair long term. There is cleansing conditioner from WEN hair care that uses natural herbs and oils to achieve hair perfection that your crave.

WEN hair care, in general, is always looking for new an creative solutions to bring customers the hair that they want, without the hassle or harm.

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Sweetgreen Aims To Revolutionize American Cuisines

About Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Restaurant

Sweetgreen was established in August 2007. It is a fast casual chain restaurant in the United States. The restaurant serves simple seasonal and healthy food in the whole of Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Nathaniel Ru is the founder of the restaurant. Sweetgreen restaurant attained its initial startup capital from major investors including the Washington’s Latino Economic Development Center, Joe Bastianich, and Seth Goldman. The restaurant also received startup capital from the Steve Case venture capital and the Revolution Growth. Sweetgreen accepted investment contributions from the T. Rowe Price.


Nathaniel Ru developed this groundbreaking company after his graduation from the Georgetown Undergraduate University Business School. The company has an extensive network of employees who support the company mission to present seasonal menus. The seasonal cuisine at Sweetgreen is the collection of both global and regional dishes.


The Restaurant Offers Simple and Natural Cuisines

The restaurant is dedicated to community sustainability and transparency values. José Andrés, Erik Bruner-Yang, and Nick Wiseman are among the notable chefs at the restaurant. The restaurant acquires its food produce from a collection of farms across the country. The raw food is sourced from country-wide farmers who employ natural organic agricultural techniques. The poultry products are supplied from kindly developed, antibiotic-free, cage free, and vegetable fed poultry animals. The restaurant emphasizes on ordinary cuisines with natural flavors. It is important to note that the restaurant disfavors animal products. Sweetgreen made an alliance with Chef Dan Barber in 2015 to develop the wasTED salad café. The company uses disposed food to create excellent cuisines. The restaurant has the primary objective of helping the American population to discover the intensity of food wastage.


The Sweetlife Music and Food Festival

Sweetgreen also engages in some technology and philanthropic initiatives. The Sweetgreen Restaurant also features a music festival and the sweet life food festival. This celebration is intended to endorse the restaurants objective to serve music with excellent cuisines jointly. The festival is hosted at the MD Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion. It features presentations from various artists and famous chefs. The festival recently featured Kendrick Lamar who promoted the restaurant’s offerings through his music hits. The celebrations of the year will mark the seventh annual festival since the inauguration of the restaurant. The event will also host other well known American concert promoters and production companies.