Daniel Taub Resigns Leaving Admirable Legacy in Trade

Trade has improved in the four years that Daniel Taub served as the ambassador for Israel to the United Kingdom. Taub is now resigning, but his legacy lives in the minds of the people he served.

Background Information

Daniel Taub served with diligence and resilience, hence doubling trade between the U.K. and Israel. In addition, cultural ties, business, and academic relations improved under his watch. The British Secretary for State and Business, Mr. Sajid Javid, commended Mr. Taub’s economic contribution. He said that the two nations were in a ‘golden bed’ of business.

Israel’s Economy

Israel’s improved participation in trade supports this claim. The country registered over 200 businesses in the United Kingdom. Reports from the chamber of commerce indicated that trade between the two states exceeds $5.5 billion. Mr. Javid’s approximation was $7 billion.


Taub is originally from the United Kingdom. He became the ambassador in 2011, and he has been constructive in developing viable, economic policies for both states. Before that, he served as a negotiator and peace ambassador in Northern Ireland.


Taub attended the Haberdashers Askes Boys Secondary School at Elstree, Hertfordshire. He later joined Oxford University College and the Harvard School before relocating to Israel in late 80’s. His career took a turn when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces. He served as a medic during combat.


Taub’s contribution to Israel Defense Forces led to his appointment as a reserve officer in international law division. He also worked as a speechwriter for Israel’s president, Chaim Herzog. Taub joined the ministry in 1991.


Taub has held multiple diplomatic posts in Israeli’s Foreign Ministry. An expert in law, he majored in counter-terrorism. That explains his appointment as the primary deputy legal advisor for foreign affairs. In addition, he served as Israeli’s legal advisor to the United Nations. In all aspects, he represented Israel in bilateral trade and academic ties.

Additional Information

In 2011, Daniel Taub landed the ambassadorial role at the Court of St. James’s. He used the position to strengthen trade and technology. That is why he introduced a startup competition titled Bizcamp, a partnership with Google.

Through the partnership, Daniel received the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative prize. The award is conferred to individuals who successfully promote business and trade. As he leaves the office this summer, Daniel Taub’s contribution to Israel’s economy will be remembered.

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For Its Latest Product Launch Beauty Company Lime Crime Goes With Shades of Nude

Everyone has a different relationship to beauty and makeup. There are as many different kinds of tastes and preferences with regard to beauty and fashion as there are individuals. Some people have tastes in beauty that are more classic. They prefer conventional shades of lipstick and muted colors that are versatile and can be worn in corporate environments. Other people may have tastes in beauty and makeup that might be considered to be completely outside of the box.

They might prefer to dye their hair pink and to stock their makeup bags with lipsticks that come in shades of orange, lime green and yellow. While many other traditional beauty companies might find that they have some difficulties serving these two very different kinds of customers, Lime Crime, a cruelty free beauty company that is based in Los Angeles in the United States, is able to serve beauty enthusiasts who love classic and experimental makeup as well as anyone else whose tastes fall somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum.

Lime Crime is best known for selling eye catching beauty products such as its Diamond Crushers lip topper line that allows the wearer to have the effect of wearing “crushed diamonds” on their lips. The Diamond Crushers line comes in colors that range from iridescent and pastel shades of pale pink, seafoam and lavender. The Diamond Crushers line is perfect for customers who are fans of Lime Crime’s ability to push the envelope where conventional beauty standards are concerned.

Recently however, Lime Crime has launched a new line of lip colors or soft focus lip veils that are known as Plushies that are designed to make the wearer’s lips full and lush (hence the name Plushie). The company’s brand new Plushie line is a bit of a departure from its usual fare of bold and eye-catching lip colors. They are the perfect segue for any customer who is new to Lime Crime and who might be interested in its products and want to start out with a lip color that can be worn in a variety of settings. Lime Crime’s new Plushie’s line will last all day and is a great choice for customers who want a more natural look.

How Barbara Stokes Took Her Manufacturing Experience To The Next Level

Green Structure Homes Delivers (also known as GSH of Alabama, LLC), is a manufactured housing company based in Huntsville, Alabama. It was founded by a married couple, Barbara Stokes, who serves as the chief executive officer, and Scott Stokes who is the firm’s chief operating officer. Their company generates over $2 million in annual revenue and has signed a number of contract with government entities such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

At Green Structured Homes Delivered, one of their primary focuses is on supplying housing and commercial buildings that can be used when an area has had a natural disaster destroy many structures. They create proprietary designs of buildings that they manufacture themselves and then deliver to anywhere in the United States that they are needed. At this company they use cutting-edge technology that is used to build structures that are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They mostly use materials processed right in the United States and their facilities can build structures very quickly as efficiency is something that the Stokes concentrate on. Read more about Barbara Stokes at crunchbase.com.

The safety of the occupants of these structures is one of the paramount concerns at Green Structure Homes Delivered. They can withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour, for instance, and are very resistant to mildew, mold, and pests. They are also quite flexible and can be easily customized to house one, two, or even more families depending on the need.

Barbara Stokes has years of experience in the manufacturing industry. She is a graduate of Mercer University, where she earned degrees in both physics and biomedical engineering in 2001. She went on to a career in manufacturing working for both the aerospace giant Boeing as well as another firm called Pisces Corporation before deciding to co-found her own company. During her career she garnered extensive experience with government contracting and how to best support government agencies such as FEMA.

Visit: http://myfolio.com/barbarastokes

When not working as the top executive of her company, Barbara Stokes enjoys spending time with her family. Her and Scott have three children that she loves spending time with. She is also a volunteer who helps several charities, most focused on children. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Dr. David Samadi’s Take on Surgery Versus Radiation Therapy to Treat Localised Prostate Cancer

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a traumatizing experience. Prostate cancer is a common cancer, ranking second to skin cancer regarding prevalence in American men. The American Cancer Society forecasts that 164,690 American men will receive the shocking news in the year that they have prostate cancer. Out of those who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, about 29 thousand of them will succumb to prostate cancer.

Researchers have established that over 90 percent of prostate cancer patients are diagnosed with localized cancer, affecting only the prostate gland. Such patients have to choose between radiotherapy and surgery treatment regimens. Surgery, however, is proving to be a more effective prostate cancer treatment method if the recent study by Canadian researchers is anything to go by. The study titled “Surgery Versus Radiotherapy for Clinically-localized Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis,” was concluded on the note that indeed surgery is more superior to radiation therapy at treating localized prostate gland.

Dr. David Samadi, a Lenox Hill Hospital-based urologist, agrees with the Canadian study, adding that radiation therapy fosters the development of secondary cancers. Rectal and bladder cancers arise primarily because of mutations at cellular level nurtured by radiation therapy sessions. Dr. David Samadi uses the cases of Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John Kerry, who were diagnosed with prostate cancers and each chose surgical prostate removal procedures. They are presently in good health, prostate cancer free. In fact, rumors are rife that Romney is considering running for the U.S Senate seat in Utah when Orrin Hatch retires.

However, even with studies heaping praises on the effectiveness of surgery as a prostate cancer treatment regimen, Dr. David Samadi warns a lot could go wrong if surgical procedures are not administered correctly. Some of the leading complications include loss of urinary continence and altered sexual functionality.

Dr. David Samadi

He is the leading champion of early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi is well versed in all matters prostate cancer including open traditional, laparoscopic, and robotic prostate surgeries.

Dr. David Samadi is known as a celebrity doctor, a title he earned owing to his extensive media exposure. He was the host of “Sunday Housecall” on Fox News Channel starting in 2011 to 2016. He regularly leverages his online presence to dispense medical advice to Americans not only on prostate cancer but also the state of the health care industry and other pertinent issues.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

George Soros Donates $18 Billion

New York Times reported in October 2017 that billionaire businessman and philanthropist George Soros made a donation of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. Soros created the first Open Society Foundation, known then as the Open Society Institute, in 1984. The Open Society Foundations have long been a champion in the fight for human rights and democracy. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Open Society Foundations operated throughout Central and Eastern Europe rebuilding ex-Soviet nations and peacefully replacing communism with democracy.

Soros has performed philanthropy in Africa as well. The Open Initiative for Southern Africa, which Soros funded, was responsible for promoting regime change in Zimbabwe. Soros also funds the Millennium Promise, a $50 million project aimed at reducing the devastating effects of poverty by educating impoverished people as well as providing them with modern medical supplies and sustainable agricultural methods. In the United States, the Open Society Foundations promote social rights. In recent years they have invested in programs designed to reduce police brutality, to protect LGBTQ citizens, and to end hate crimes.

Mr. Soros has also been active in politics in the United States since the 2004 election. After the election, he began funding the Democracy Alliance, a group which promotes progressive ideas. He was also one of the first donors to the Center for American Progress. George Soros, born in Hungary, received his higher education in England at the London School of Economics. He worked in London for a short time at a merchant bank before moving to America.

Once in New York Soros began to work for F.M. Mayer, dealing mostly with European stocks, which had become quite popular at the time. In 1959 Soros moved from F.M. Mayer to Wertheim & Co., this time working with European securities. In 1963 Soros was asked to act as the vice president for Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. In 1969, through money from the company’s investors and some of his own money, he formed the Double Eagle hedge fund worth $4 million. In 1970, while still vice president he created Soros Fund Management and become chairman.

In 1973, to avoid conflicts of interest, Soros left Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder as well as the Double Eagle hedge fund (now worth $12 million). In 1991, using market predicting methods he had developed, Soros foresaw a drop in the value of the British Pound, and invested heavily against it, making a large profit.

The $18 billion that Soros just donated, one of the largest donations in history, will go to the Open Society Foundations so that they can fund their work for years.

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The Career of Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well known physician who specializes in cosmetic surgery. Over the course of her career, she has helped a number of people revitalize their appearance as well as eliminate any blemishes. As well as being a top physician, Dr. Walden has also written a couple of books about medicine and cosmetic surgery. This has allowed her to establish herself as a leading author in the field of medicine as well. When she is not working as a physician, Jennifer spends a lot of her time with her two kids and family in Texas. Before Dr. Jennifer Walden got started in her career as a surgeon, she attended college in order to prepare for medical school.

After finishing up her undergraduate education, she would then attend medical school. At medical school, she would complete the curriculum and begin her residency. Her residency would allow her to get trained by some of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. As a result, she was well prepared to begin her career as an independent surgeon. Once she completed her residency, Dr. Jennifer Walden would begin practicing as a plastic surgeon. During this time, she would begin examining and treating patients.Once she completed her evaluation of a patient, she would then begin performing procedures to help them restore their appearance.

Over time, Jennifer would quickly establish herself as one of the most reputable surgeons in the field. This would prompt her to start up her own practice. Dr. Walden started up her own practice and would begin serving patients independently. As the owner of her practice, she would continue to counsel patients and give them recommendations on what can be done to help them eliminate undesirable blemishes to their face, torso of legs. She would also help them find ways to enhance their physical appearance as well. Similar to what she did early in her career, Dr. Walden would perform a number of procedures to help restore the appearance of her various patients. With her practice, she would further establish herself as a renowned plastic surgeon.

Market America Is Always Improving

With Market America, there are many happy customers. They are getting great deals when they shop through Shop.com with the company. The Market America company was founded in the year of 1992. They are based in NC, and they have other areas too. Since they have locations in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. This allows the people in these areas to enjoy shopping experience that this company gives to its clients.

People can shop for all sorts of home and garden, personal items, anti-aging formulas and automotive needs. There are many more products that they can choose from. The company calls themselves a product broker. It is also a multi level sales organization.

By shopping with Market America, people are able to find the things that they need for cheaper prices. They are also able to shop online, which gives them the convenience of never having to leave their own homes. Since they can shop at any time that they need to, whether it be during the day or during the night, they can do so comfortably. They don’t have to worry about what time of the year that they are shopping they will be able to do so, any day that they want to.

The company’s future looks really great. They will bring in more clients on a regular basis as they add more and more clients to their base. Since there will also be more products to choose from, people will find their shopping experience to be even better. All in all, the company is doing a great job in offering their services and products for a great price. This makes their customers happy, and they want to tell other people about it. It is a great way to shop, and the people know it. Market America is a great company that cares about its customers. People can’t go wrong when it comes to Market America.

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How a Bank Can Succeed By Providing Custom Solutions to Clients

Financial services provided to businesses and private entities all need to be backed by secure and sufficient funding that will last for decades, if not longer. Recently, the financial institute known as NexBank completed a debt offering that will secure proceeds and security to both its clients and its shareholders. Doing this is an important business tool for any financial institution because it guarantees a steady flow of income and interest for several years.

NexBank has focused much of its energy in the past two years on debt raising in order to ensure that it can carry on creating sound financial investments and partnerships. Shareholders need to see that the company they are invested in is regularly seeking out these opportunities and successfully acquiring accounts that are both safe and secure means of income. As these debt gains increase, so does the potential of the company, and more investors look towards the company as a smart business dealing.

NexBank focuses on business and commercial banking, mortgage services, and institutional services. Because it is centered in fast paced professional and nationwide arenas, the company has continued to focus on the best and most convenient ways of managing and providing access to financial services for all of its clients. With that understanding comes the knowledge that no two businesses are alike, and likewise their financial needs are going to be different.

So, NexBank works with many of its clients to help them setup and maintain a customized way of banking and managing their funds and investments based on what they need. This is what has set the financial institution apart from so many other options that fill the industry, and why they come so highly recommended among businesses and corporations in just about every industry on the globe. Through personal banking, NexBank has proven that it is capable of being a success for itself and the clients it serves.

Sussex Health Care, Extraordinary Care Home

Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani are the Chairman of Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a care home that is located in the United Kingdom. The home has been in business for many decades now. They have grown tremendously over the years, they now have more than 20 homes located throughout the country.

Sussex Health Care is an independent care home who is exceeding the expectations throughout their league. This care home is one of the only care homes who have obtained dual accreditation in the UK. The care home has also been licensed by The Health Quality Service.

Sussex Health Care is different from most care homes because they don’t just care for the elderly. Sussex Health Care also cares for people who have mental and learning disabilities, neurological disorders, and the elderly as well. Even though Sussex Health Care cares for numerous conditions, they still stay true to their mission which is to provide excellent care to all of their patients while giving them an excellent health care experience.

Sussex Health Care’s goal for all patients is to help them to be as independent as possible, no matter what condition that they may be in. Sussex Health Care has a variety of tools that are made to help patients reach their goals. For example, they have a pools, many gyms, different exercise classes, and many other classes as well. During these classes, Sussex Health Care helps the residents feel like they are welcomed and cared for very well.

Sussex Health Care even allows other senior citizens to come to the facility for gym time so that they can interact with the residents. Establishing active communication is very important for Sussex Health Care. No matter the condition, residents are always welcomed to use their voice, be active, and to communicate with people who are around them.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder how Sussex Health Care has been able to maintain their great reputation of being the best. Sussex Health great will continue to expand and help everyone local who is in need of their services. If you or someone you know may be in need of their services, give them a call, they are waiting to assist!

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How Kate Hudson Went From Close to Famous to Fabletics Fame

Most remember Kate Hudson for her endearing roles as a talented actress. While some have joked that this actress was just “Almost Famous” we know different. However, Kate is now a fully invested co-founder of the famous Fabletics fashion brand. This company uses the power of peer pressure, or the leverage of the crowd as insiders call it. They take time to input massive data amounts on what their customers are buying in stores and online. This is all uploaded to a computer format that analysis the results and reveals whether the company should change their inventory. The power that a crowd can have is powerful indeed.


The crowd of Fabletics customers have been instrumental in the massive profitable success of this fairly new on the fashion scene company. Their niche is althleisure wear that is not the kind your mama wore. Kate Hudson knows what high fashion looks and feels like. She determined to make this company sell items that rivaled athletic styled outfits found in high priced designer shops. The difference is that Fabletics sells their clothing for far less than other competitors. Kate oversees that every new design is made with finer fabrics, high end embellishments and good workmanship. This style is certainly working as Fabletics is a fast growing fashion retailer with unbelievable sales in such a short time.


Fabletics urges each valuable customer to fill out their almost eerily accurate Lifestyle Quiz that informs customers of their perfect styles, colors, types of design cuts, fabric options and which designs are best for their personal activity levels. This format has awed customers who realized that they have been shopping all wrong for years. Now, instead of having closets filled with expensive clothes that aren’t worn, customers are more choosy and stick to Fabletics optimal shopping tips.


Kate is loving her work that seeks to embolden and empower women with fashions that look fantastic on them. When women feel pretty in their attire, they are more confident and tend to be more social. These Fabletics outfits are cute enough to wear just to shop or walk the boardwalk. They are so comfy, that women almost always choose to wear one of these mix and match outfits any chance they get. Fabletics is giving every woman the chance to feel beautiful wearing casual attire stunning enough to turn heads. Kate hopes that every woman will take the quiz.